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Elda Dagmar, Enter travel mode.
Spanish Inquisit...
post Dec 19 2011, 06:34 PM
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NOBODY expects the Spanish Inquisition! >:D
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Expect the unexpected

Name: Elda Dagmar
Age: 18
Hometown: Fidona, Furoh

With or without shoes on, Elda stand a little taller than the average female with her 180 cm when she doesn't slouch. She rarely does, though, at least not while standing up - in fact, Elda carry herself with that certain, lithe posture that comes from having physical exercise as part of ones daily life for a long time. For this reason, she is also very lean, not exactly skinny, but she have very little in the way of visible body fat or overly bulging muscles. With this in mind, her wardrobe isn't entirely unflattering - she will typically wear tight tops and loose bottoms, but favors practicality over fashion. She only carry a few sets of clothing with her, consisting of two t-shirts (one black with a print featuring a band apparently called Amon Amarth, the second is a muted gray with a white sword printed on it. That last one is pretty old, though, and the print is beginning to fade away), and two pants along with a military-green paracord belt (one pair of cotton cameo trousers, and one black pair with a zip-off function at the calves and the knees). She only carry one hoodie with her, a black, sacky one with a large Tauros skull printed on the back. She also wears a black pair of split-toe shoes, a pair of red fingerless gloves, and a red bandanna tied around her neck. For cold weather, she'll wear an additional dark blue jacket along with a pair of fur-lined hiking boots, and a red, proper, knitted scarf. She keep all that and a little more in a sacky backpack - that looks a little military-inspired - with a muted green cotton canvas exterior and leather frame- and strap details.

As for everything above her shoulders, Elda doesn't have 'hair', she's got a freaking MANE of wavy brown reaching down to her shoulderblade area. It is rather.. fluffy, kind of, but surprisingly well cared for considering her lifestyle. A bit sunbleached, though. She's a caucasian, and though she's got a slight tan this is due to sunlight rather than any dark skin in her close ancestry. Her eyes are a yellow-blue color if you look closer, but from a distance they appear to be dark gray rather than anything else. She's got high cheekbones, a low-set, square-shaped jaw, and a slightly crooked nose.

Elda is a calm, level-headed person balancing on the line of introversion. She's as happy being around people as she is by herself and has recently started to break out of a 'lone-wolf' behavior that she previously followed by habit. More than appreciating towards pleasant company, Elda can, with her dark sense of humor and empathy towards the underdog, make a rather nice companion at a campfire. She is, however, very independent. Her empathy doesn't make her a PETA-member, and, as she prefer to live the 'natural' way, the way that she was brought up, she earn and spend very little money. She doesn't walk down the block to the nearest supermarket like a sane, normal person. She stalks a Deerling instead, kills it, eat it, skin it, and make materials from the scraps. Whatever she doesn't use is offered to higher powers, sold or given away to charity. She is a generous person when it comes to material things, especially as she is opposed to waste in almost every form. (Something gave its life for that hamburger that's been rotting away in your fridge, you know. Pay your respect and bloody eat it!) She is as respectful toward a wild pokemon as she would be to a fellow human, unable to see them as 'inferior'. However, certain things are as they are, and she's got to eat.

Her amount of energy is.. flexible. Though she is fond of conversations regarding religion, psychology, ethics and riddles - you know, deeper stuff - she's also fond of hard music and can be seen at rock and metal festivals whenever they're held in the region, headbanging with the rest of the crowd. She's a bit more responsible than the majority of the people you'd meet at such a setting, though, and rarely consume large amounts of alcohol. She generally adapt to her company. If her company is laughing their assess of at silly things, awesome. If they're having deep, spiritualistic conversations regarding the dark and bottomless abysses of the human soul, right her thing. She is a sucker for knowledge and thus tend to view a conversation with the eyes of a debater, even when other people see it more as a heated word fight. She's not quick to temper, luckily enough.

.. Which of course doesn't mean she never gets angry. Life is rough, and to an extent she can understand the things that people sometimes do. But it's not always an excuse, and Elda can be very, very cold. Her anger rarely flares up, though, and at least on the surface she is in control of her own emotions. She will raise her voice, perhaps even take to violence if it's necessary, but all the while she never seem to go blind in a fit of rage. She's skilled at seeing things from other angles, which helps a lot.

She's also.. somewhat religious. With emphasis on somewhat. She's a Norse pagan on the paper, but it is more like active spirituality than religious practice. She believes in a higher power that dwells in pokemon, plants, people and nature, yes, but with no chance of finding out what that higher power would be or look like, she choose the old norse gods as a way of identifying it with. It's just easier to think of Universe as something with faces. She'll blot and stuff like that, but that doesn't mean that she believes that thunder is literally caused by a guy with a red beard in the sky who is smashing giant skulls with a boomeranging hammer.

Elda is very competent when it comes to 'survival' skills and does very well on her own with a minimum of primitive equipment. She has a good eye for crafts, bone- antler- and leathercraft in particular. Also skilled at woodland parkour.

In some ways, perhaps her upbringing was typical for someone born in Fidona during that period of time. She was born to this world during a time when the capitals industrialization had already begun, and favoring the old ways, her mother claimed custody over both Elda and her sister, younger than her by a year, and left the city. None of them have any sort of recollection about their father, and it was a subject that was never really brought up. In any case, her old man had accepted the industrialization and remained in the capital while her mom brought them west for the tribal life she herself had been brought up to learn and live.
They had very little contact with the outside world, and they weren't exactly raised to get a desk job, either. Fishing, gathering, trapping and catching small game replaced math and english on their daily schedules. They became adapt at basic crafting, and by the age of six, Elda could name all the known plants and pokemon on the island that were somehow poisonous, as well as all the ingredients of antidote and where you could find them. Trees were climbed like no tomorrow, rivers were crossed, high terrain was climbed. It was a harsh life, void of modern day comfort. But it was a good one, too, and brought them up to be strong enough to handle it. Either that, or kill them in the process. Despite the lack of internetz, it was a time that Elda would long back to in days to come.

Elda was twelve and her sister, Mink, was eleven. Though they had Growlithe with them, Mink failed to notice an Ekans in the dense vegetation and accidentally stepped on it. In mere seconds, the speedy pokemon had bitten her in her leg over and again and injected a vast amount of poison. In the minutes it took to bring an antidote, Mink had suffered mild brain damage due to cerebral hypoxia caused by the venom, resulting in a short-time memory loss. When it failed to go away over the following month, their mom made the decision to leave the wild behind and return to the city. The wild is dangerous no matter what, and she wasn't about to lose her child to her own stuck up pride. Not when there were safer, controlled environments where things wouldn't try to eat her face at least, not when there was medical treatment. They moved back to the capital.

And hoo boy, that if anything was a culture clash.. Mink handled it surprisingly well, but for Elda, the cars, the people, everything in the capital was overwhelming at first. The constant noise, the motion sickness she got from vehicles.. having never consumed processed dairy, grains or large amount of sugar in her life made her sick to her stomach for two months, and the foods that people expected her to enjoy was disgustingly sweet. Not to mention getting used to modern clothes.. pants were weird. Really, really weird. Over time she got used to Fidona, but she would never quite adapt to larger cities.

But she adapted none the less. Mink began to get treatment for her memory issues, and once there was some improvement the threesome moved out to a suburb area. They were close enough to a hospital to continue regular treatment, and they didn't have to deal with all that crappy noise stuff. After a year or so, Elda had learned reading, basic math and the like, and discovered 'internet' where she would spend a lot of her free time. Her mother was still determined to teach her kids how to live and survive, though, and that was pretty much the reason why she kicked Elda out of the house.. she simply decided one day that it was time for her to 'drag her lazy butt out into the world. It's good for building character', to use her own words.
She COULD have gone straight back to the woods and stayed there 'till something came up, but internet had provided a window to a world that was much larger than she could imagine, and she wanted to see it. After all, she had never left her birth island. For the next year, she took up a job at a local pokemon shelter to save up traveling funds. Enough was finally enough when she had a fall-out with her boyfriend, so she bought a ferry ticket to the mainland with saved money.


Class: Trainer/Pokeathlete

Starting Pokemon:

Gebo, Growlithe, Male, lvl 10
Moves: Bite, Roar, Ember
Gebo has practically watched Elda grow up. He's one of the many Growlithes that her mother raised over the years, and at some point in her childhood, he was more or less picked out as the little girls permanent guardian due to his reliability and sense of duty. When she left home to travel, he came with her. Gebo is often wary of wild pokemon, and he was raised for battling, hunting and guarding, to be useful, rather to be some sort of spoiled family pet. He's quite hardy for this reason.

Iacar, Rhyhorn, Male, lvl 5
Moves: Tail Whip, Stomp
Bio: When Elda left the pokemon rescue center, she took Iacar with her. The Rhyhorn was turned in as an egg and hatched while Elda still worked there. He is quite young, and living at the shelter got him starved for attention. Perhaps that is the reason why he seem to think he's a gigantic puppy - Elda is still training the massive pokemon to NOT jump on people or climb into their laps. There's not a mean bone in this pokemons body, but he has never been particularly bright.

Wunjo, Oshawott, Female, lvl 5
Moves: Tackle, Tail Whip
Wunjo was another shelter pick-up. She used to be a family pet but got turned in when one of the kids became allergic to her fur and she was replaced by a Snivy. She hold quite a bit of resentment toward, well, everything in general. She's still bitter about it, but at the very least she's glad she got a second chance.

Pokéball x5
Greatball x1
Water bottle x1
Nearly unlimited dried jerky supply
Carving knife x2
Various berries
Complete elder Futhark Rune set x1

What is the biscuit's name? The answer is... Scheherazade!
Other Notes: Any other notes you'd like people to know about your character.

NOBODY expects the Spanish inquisition! o3o.gif

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post Dec 19 2011, 08:01 PM
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Weak Livered Milk Drinker
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And a Golurk

Approved. Go post in the Current Levels thread. Have fun!


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