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Five bugs
Squornshellous B...
post Aug 16 2019, 09:55 AM
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Five bugs I have noticed at various points:

In the PC, under some circumstances - for instance, when having the PC open in one tab, evolving a Pokémon in another tab, and then going to release it - a pop-up displays "False", then on a separate line something like "Are you sure you want to release it?". I assume it's meant to say something along the lines of "this Pokémon has been changed since the page was loaded".

When searching in the PC using the species filter with a Pokémon that has multiple forms, only one form seems to be counted. I first noticed this while searching for Pikachu; at the time I'm fairly certain it selected the Pop Star form, but upon testing just now it selected the Kalos Cap form consistently even after reloading the page and/or removing and re-applying the filter, so I'm not sure if I'm just misremembering or if it actually changed. Other tests showed it to apply to Minior (Violet form), Deoxys (Normal form), Sawsbuck (Winter form), Silvally (Steel form), and Unown (V); at that point I stopped testing since going that long without finding any that worked properly seemed to imply it was more or less universal.

When in the PC, clicking "release Pokémon", selecting some Pokémon to release, and then clicking "cancel release" deselects the selected Pokémon, as expected. If one then clicks "release Pokémon" again they aren't visibly selected and the number of Pokémon indicated in the dialog upon clicking "confirm release" is accurate, but all the Pokémon selected in the first, cancelled release disappear when one confirms from the dialog. They aren't actually released, reappearing when the page is reloaded. This may or may not apply to individually selected Pokémon; when I did this I only selected entire boxes, and then I actually released all the Pokémon I didn't want to keep before I thought to test it the other way.

(This one, incidentally, is what prompted me to make this post. I only found out that the release hadn't actually gone through halfway through typing this, so I was concerned someone might lose something important rather than boxes of waste Bruxish.)

Also on the subject of releasing Pokémon: After releasing one or more Pokémon, the button that should read "release Pokémon" instead reads "cancel release". Selecting what should be "release Pokémon" again results in the buttons reading "release Pokémon" and "confirm release" rather than "confirm release" and "cancel release". This doesn't affect the functionality, the text is just wrong.

And finally, a non-PC note (in multiple senses of the word): On mobile, selecting an egg from the party and trying to hatch it straight into a PC box fails to go through; it seems to try and move it before hatching it, and upon finding that it can't move there cancels the entire action. One has to use the entire-party hatch button, or hatch it and then move it in two distinct actions.

My browser is Firefox 68.0.2, and it's in this version that I found the second and third bugs. The first and fourth are also on Firefox, but have persisted across quite a few versions by now. My phone is an iPhone 5s, and again the relevant bug has been around for at least a few updates.

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