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Posted by: Dragonwish2 Oct 22 2010, 04:10 PM

Name: Elizabeth (Liz) Nadira Shir

Age: 12

Hometown: Lilycove City, Hoenn

Appearance: Elizabeth is 5'1" and weighs 103 pounds. She has slightly wavy light brunette-golden hair that falls an inch past her shoulders, with long bangs that go to the side of her face or in front of her eyes. Her skin is light peach on the underside, with a very gentle tan along her arms and legs. Her face is slightly more pale, but not by too much. Her eyes are a light blue with a pale golden lining. Liz little or no acne, and the only thing closest to a scar she (hopefully wink.gif ) ever has is a small Y shaped mark on the back of her neck. She, for the most part, keeps her hair down under her hat. She wears small metal glasses. Her general body shape is skinny in appearance, and her face has a look that makes her seem younger than she really is.

Liz's clothing has a small variety. Her shoes generally are light blue converse with white laces and light brown plaid marks, or some brown boots that go 3 inches past her ankle, with a pointed toe-tip. Her bottoms are almost always jeans, skinny or flared tips, with the occasional rip at the knee or grass stain. When she isn't wearing jeans, she is either in a contest (see next paragraph) or wearing a knee-length lime green skirt she owns. She also has a long white dress she wears when she is in a fancy setting (a restaurant, a party, ect.) with white heels. Her shirts have the most variety, but stay within a certain area of slim T-shirts with random images or sayings on the front, to loose long sleeved shirts that button down on the front. Her main shirt is a long grey slender T-shirt that says 'One word to define myself' on the front, and 'crazy' on the back in rainbow letters for both sides. She doesn't wear jewelry other than two golden round earrings. On her head she wears a navy, smaller version of her contest hat. Her hat is long and gently pointed on the front tip, with a flat raised surface for her head on the top-middle with a light blue band around it that has a Pokeball symbol on it, and on the sides two strips of cloth come up and back, with the back point a copy of the front. On her hands she wears finger-less gloves that are silver all over. She carries with her a light blue sack-bag that slings over her shoulder and hangs down her back.

(Made by PokeNOM NOM NOM)
Her contest clothes include a dark red fedora, contacts instead of her glasses, red flats wits rhinestones all over, and a dress with long sleeves that widen at the hands, with a frilled bottom end that goes to her knees. Her dress is a lighter red than her hat, but her shoes are the same dark red. She keeps her hair down for contests. Liz wears no jewelry other than long dangling red earrings with a diamond shape.

Personality: Liz is a creative, somewhat random girl. While she normally doesn't smile often because she is thinking, she is often calm and happy. She seems a bit spaced when she's happy or calm, due to the fact she is, to no wanted offense of those around her, thinking of other things. Things that anger her are teasing, sarcasm, and pranks (even though she can be sarcastic herself XD). Liz handles her anger through ranting, sarcasm, or a rough tone. When her friend is down, she likes to try and make them laugh so they forget what made them sad. On dangerous and panicking situations (she gets into those a lot) she thinks fast and does what seems the best option to get the victim/person in danger out of the situation the safest way possible. Elizabeth loves art and carries a camera in her bag to snap pictures of any new Pokemon or special events she sees.

Liz isn't a big loner and is quite friendly, but she does tend to be by herself a lot. She just doesn't often find people she can relate too who can also live with her going off into her own world sometimes. When she herself feels sad, she usually pulls out a big book and reads until she's finished it. She doesn't like showing great feelings (unless angry), so she hates to be seen crying or extremely scared.

Biography: As a young girl Elizabeth loved her small home. She lived with her mom, dad, and her twin. Her mom worked as an artist who drew people's pokemon for money. At age four she got in a fight with her twin and her twin managed to get a hold of their mom's dress shoes. She then threw it at Liz, causing her neck to bleed and creating the Y shaped scar. When she turned seven, her dad passed away due to the flu. This is where Liz started to create her personality to hide her feelings.

With her mom the only one making money for the house, Liz always tried to be as supportive as she could.

Liz soon figured out she could use her love of books to learn more about pokemon, so she started reading multiple books on battling, how gyms work, and other topics.

When she was ten, her mom took her to a contest, and Liz loved the idea of dressing up and showing a great display. She imagined herself down there in a dress with dazzling pokemon. Right after the show she begged her mom to make her a dress for it, and her mom told her she would try and 'save up' for one. Liz's favorite coordinator was Hearthome City's gym leader, Fantina. Liz's first pokemon was a Taillow she caught when she was 11, with her mom's help. Her mom went one day on a trip to the Sinnoh region and returned with a Riolu, which she gave to Liz. Her mom's parting gift was the contest outfit Liz now owns, which her mom and sister had made secretly for her.

Liz went to Furoh to start her career as a contest girl and a battler. Her goal there is to get as many ribbons as she can, and to earn some gym badges. So far she has been quite amazed how different Furoh is, but she's quite eager to the change. She decided to stay there in hopes to find more ways to get money to send back home to her mom, and to work on her contest dream.

Class: Co-ordinator

Starting Pokemon:
Starting Pokemon:

Taillow (Serena), Lvl 18, ♀ (Female)
Moves- Growl, Scratch, Focus Energy, Quick Attack, Wing Attack
Ability- Guts
Lineage- ♀F Swellow swellow.gif, ♂M Skarmory skarmory.gif
Serena the Boastful (click to show)

Riolu, (Ryan), Lvl 19, ♂ (Male)
Moves- Foresight, Counter, Endure, Quick Attack, Force Palm, Feint, Reversal, Swift
Ability- Steadfast
Lineage- ♀F Lucario lucario.gif, ♂M Blaziken blaziken.gif
Ryan the Stealthy (click to show)

Growlithe, (Greg), Lvl 17, ♂ (Male)
Moves- Bite, Ember, Roar, Leer, Odor Sleuth, Helping Hand
Ability- Intimidate
Lineage- ♀F Arcanine arcanine.gif, ♂M Rapidash rapidash.gif
Greg the Resolute (click to show)

Oshawott (Oreo), Lvl 17, (Male)
Moves- Tackle, Tail Whip, Water Gun, Water Sport, Focus Energy, Attract, Razor Shell
Ability- Torrent
Lineage- ♀F Samurott, ♂M Walrein walrein.gif
Oreo the Giddy (click to show)

Zorua (Kelli), Lvl 18, (Female)
Moves- Scratch, Leer, Pursuit, Fake Tears, Captivate, Fury Swipes, Faint Attack
Ability- Illusion
Lineage- ♀F Zoroark, ♂M Liepard
Kelli the Sly (click to show)

Ralts (Guinivere), Lvl 20, (Female)
Moves- Growl, Confusion, Double Team, Teleport, Lucky Chant, Will-o-Wisp
Ability- Telepathy
Lineage- ♀F Gardevior gardevoir.gif, ♂M Dusknoir dusknoir.gif
Guinivere the Wise (click to show)

Pokeballs- 1
Potions- 2
Packed Food and Drink- Enough for two days travel
Cooking Tools and Other Supplies
Grey Bag
Gas Lighter
Glasses & Contact Case
Contact Solution
Notebook and Pencils
Fire Stone
What is the biscuit's name? Waldorf, the most epic name in the world!

Other Notes: N/A

Posted by: 2gamers Oct 22 2010, 10:31 PM

Couple of things:

1. Where is she from?

2. I'd like to see the Bio exapnded. You mention some good highlights, but I think those points could be expanded upon. It might help to write it as if you were writing a story rather than a list of things.

Posted by: Bogart Oct 22 2010, 10:33 PM

I'd approve it, but there's a few things you've missed!

First, she doesn't have a hometown of origin. You should fix that and reflect it in the biography, and while we're there, maybe you could expand it a little more. Perhaps you could add how exactly she came to Furoh, how she felt about it, why she went to Furoh instead of remaining in her home region. Fix that, and I think you'll be okay.

Edit: oh wow same exact time

Posted by: Dragonwish2 Oct 23 2010, 09:10 AM

XD I remember just after I entered it I had forgotten to put the Hometown. I worked on the biography, you can take a look at it again.

Posted by: 2gamers Oct 23 2010, 10:28 AM

When she was ten, her mom took her to a contest, and Liz knew she would one day enter one.

Elaborate on this please. What was it about this particular contest that managed to keep the normally spacey Liz's attention and spark her desire to be on stage? Was she inspired by a particular coordinator? Since this is an important part of her story, I would like to hear more about it.

You also have some spelling errors. Fix everything here and I'll approve it wink.gif.

Posted by: Dragonwish2 Oct 23 2010, 10:51 AM

Okay, worked on the bio, I think I handled all of the spelling errors.

EDIT- Edited, forgot Snover was level 10, added a move. (Icy Wind)

Posted by: 2gamers Oct 23 2010, 12:34 PM

Approved. Go post in the Current Levels thread. Have fun!

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