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War on Drugs, No pads, no helmets, just pokeballs
post Sep 2 2011, 01:29 PM
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Officer Jenny led the (mostly) dissappointed group back to the entrance of the cave, where they could finally strip off all of their safety gear and leave it with the guard at the station. Daniel had called his pokemon back into their pokeballs after the battle with the magneton, and he was eager to get them to a Pokemon Center. "Do you kids need a ride back to your homes?" Officer Jenny asked. Daniel winced at being referred to as "kids". They were young, but Amelia was practically grown up and they were all good trainers. She didn't seem too concerned for Mack, and Daniel wondered why that was. Personally, he didn't want to ride with Jenny. Sure, she was just doing her job, but he still felt angry at her for kicking him and his friends out of the investigation. Weren't they doing a great job? Hadn't they proved that they were capable?

He glanced over at Delaney and Amelia in order to see what they wanted to do, and then, quite against his own wishes, a surge of mischief snuck into his eyes. An insidious smirk flashed on his face as he looked at his friends, and he did his best to hide it. "You know, I think that we can make it okay on our own. Do you guys want to take a walk with me?" Daniel asked the two girls as his incriminating smirk grew wider.

Officer Jenny didn't seem to notice Daniel's sudden lift in mood. She had taken out her phone and started talking. "Hello? Yes, the site is ready for the full investigation team. Make sure that all of the agents are equipped with at least one pokemon who is immune or resistant to poison."

Daniel swung and arm around each of the girl's shoulders and attempted to lead them away back to the main city. "I hope you girls got plenty of sleep last night, because it looks like we may be getting into some late-night action." Daniel whispered to his two friends, hardly even noticing how sensual his own statement sounded. "If you two are down, we can have a lot of fun, and help the police catch who was behind this. We'll just have to come back at night when everyone is in bed. As for the rest of the day, we can just bide our time. We can swing by the mall. They have a Pokemon Center there. Have either of you thought of challenging a pokemon gym? I bet if we had gym badges, even Officer Jenny would take us more seriously!" He tried to keep his voice low, hoping that only Amelia and Delainey would hear him. He was excited, however, so naturally his tone increased.

"Yeah, we can stock up on supplies at the mall, maybe swing by my house for dinner, and then go after that gym badge. By the time we've done all of that, the cops would probably have gone home for the night. Course there will probably still be a guard. We'll have to sneak in, like in spy movies. And we'd have to be careful of that poison, so we may need to buy our own safety gear. I'd better cover that, since that could get pricey." Daniel had taken his arms from around the girls (if that had been allowed in the first place) and was now stroking his chin with one hand as his imagination ran off. He pictured them returning to the cave in the dead of night, each empowered by a magical gym badge, rematching with the bad guys from last time and turning them in to the police.

"I'm so sorry that we underestimated you! The city of Gigarte will forever be in your debt!" Officer Jenny would say. Then the mayor would give them the key to the city, an they would make heroic speeches in front of a large crowd. Yeah, it would be awesome!

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post Dec 4 2011, 12:25 PM
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Delainey was still disappointed that they weren’t going to be able to continue their investigation, at least for now. Officer Jenny was right, it really was a dangerous situation. Once at the entrance to the cave, Delainey took off all of the gear that she had been given and handed it all to the guard who had been standing there. It may have been her imagination getting the best of her, but she could have sworn that he gave her a look that said “Yeah, kid, I knew you couldn’t do it.”

Officer Jenny asked if the group need any rides, but Delainey was too disappointed in their current situation that she didn’t want to be around Officer Jenny for more than five minutes. She shook her head and looked over at Daniel, who had an odd look on his face. She had known him to be one to follow the rules and the mischievous look on his face seemed very out of character.

"You know, I think that we can make it okay on our own. Do you guys want to take a walk with me?"

Delainey was happy that Officer Jenny didn’t notice that Daniel was up to something. When he put an arm around her shoulder, she quickly went along with his charade. “Going to the mall is a great idea. We can heal out Pokemon and stock up on supplies that we might need tonight,” she whispered back to her friends, “and I’ve thought about challenging a gym, but I think I might wait awhile. My Pokemon need to bulk up a bit first. I wouldn’t mind watching you guys battle though.”

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post Dec 21 2011, 08:44 PM
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The flames swirled around the shining new Quilava as it bested the demon-Magneton. Her mind flashed back to the night when the cave exploded. Her stomach dropped, would the tunnel ignite again? Amelia was snapped to reality when Jenny placed a hand on her shoulder having defeated a Magneton. She happily accepted the Cheri berry from Jenny, but when Jenny's true intentions were revealed, Amelia's anger began to boil. However she bit her tongue and silently followed Jenny out of the dank cave.

Last time, she had nearly killed everybody by charging forward. What was farther on could easily be even more dangerous than it was the first time, but nonetheless it was insulting that the police would kick the most knowledgeable people out of the investigation. Daniel and Delainey were pretty tough kids and she was essentially an adult! Something about Mack seemed a little bit off, but she seemed to be the least concerned with him and he wasn't even at the Disaster itself! Still, she had to control her anger if anything was to be accomplished.

Looking over her shoulder, Amelia could see the gears in Daniel's head turning at a frantic speed. Jenny barely seemed to notice as Daniel asked her and Delainey to take a walk with him. The taller boy wrapped his arm around her shoulder as a small swarm of Officers formed around the mouth of Gigarte Grotto. He whispered his plan into their ears. Amelia contemplated quickly...

While a badge would look shiny and definitely increase sales, her Pokemon definitely weren't as well trained as Daniel's or Delaney's Pokemon. She really needed to catch up to Daniel and Delainey, and some new items and a little time in the gym could help her do that. Besides, she did promise her Pokemon that today was going to be a special day together anyways. Jenny needed to respect them more, but would sneaking around at night earn it. However, Jenny's mind would surely change if they proved they were capable. If they got the badge, she would ask Jenny to let them back in the investigation, but if they didn't she would convince Daniel to stop; she couldn't be held responsible for getting the younger kids into a dangerous situation again! Perhaps Jenny would beg for forgiveness when she realized her fault. Amelia laughed at the though.

"I think that sounds like a plan, let's go; we can talk details on the way."

Thus, Daniel, Delainey, and Amelia walked down Maple Street towards Gigarte Mall...


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