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Posted by: MasteroftheFlames Jan 27 2015, 08:24 PM

I've realized that people nickname their Pokemon all sorts of things, so I wanted to start a thread to find out what you, as a person, nickname your Pokemon. Organizing them in spoilers by person will be fun.

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The Majestic Mr. L (click to show)

Mars Adept Enten (click to show)

Snowsky (click to show)

Posted by: Mega Rayquaza Jan 27 2015, 08:47 PM

Well, typically I nickname my Pokemon as references to something.
For example, Absol I typically nickname Lucien if its male, after Lucien Lachance of the Dark Brotherhood from TES IV: Oblivion. If it's female, I go with Sasha, after a character in a fanfiction I like to read by Ri2.
Also, I nickname my starter almost all the time. In White 2, I nicknamed my Serperior Holly, as it was female, and I thought the name fit well, as it's a feminine name and the name of a plant. I named my Sceptile in Alpha Sapphire Chrono, after the character of the same name in Chrono Trigger.
Giratina I like to nickname Durnehviir, after the undead dragon of the same name in TES V: Dawnguard.
Shiny Manectric is Becquerel, after Jade Harley's dog in Homestuck.
Shiny Jolteon is Mr. L, for obvious reasons.
Typically I nickname my Torterra Octavian, because my brother named my first starter from Diamond that and it stuck.
For a while, I would always nickname Latios and Latias Latio and Latia. Not very creative, I admit, but I didn't do it in the recent games.

Can't think of any more prominent ones at the moment, but I'll edit them in if I do.

Posted by: MasteroftheFlames Jan 28 2015, 08:48 PM

Alright, no one has posted or voted here, so I'll simply organize the Pokemon by type. So... yeah.

Posted by: Mars Adept Enten Feb 2 2015, 09:53 PM

Oh, geez. I nickname almost every Pokémon I catch in my games. For the sake of brevity, I'll just focus on my Alpha Sapphire names for the time being.

Nekochan-Skitty ♀ Basically, neko + -chan
Pumbloom, Whismur ♀ From the famous GameGrumps Emerald videos
Spins, Spinda ♀ From a nickname for a user on TPP
Teruterurin, Castform ♀ From teruteru-bozu + rin
Cybird, Porygon A nickname that I've used for this species ever since Platinum.
Burisieggu, Happiny ♀ A Gratuitous Japanese rendering of 'bliss-egg'
Gemini, Doduo ♀ After the constellation Gemini, the Twins
Andes, Minccino ♀ After the Andes Mountains
Felissa, Persian ♀ Basically, felis + a feminine ending
Molly, Slaking ♀ After a pet cat of mine and also a legacy nickname of my Emerald Vigoroth
Passeridae, Pidove ♀ After the order(?) that pigeons belong to
T4, Azurill ♀ After the readable characters in the name of TPP OmegaRuby's Azumarill
Ike, Rufflet ♂ After the Fire Emblem/Smash Bros. character.
Bonnie, Lillipup ♀ Basically, since I associate this line with Scotland, I wanted a Scottish-sounding name.
JLneo, Raticate ♀ After the community name for one of the two Rattatas in TPP Red 1.0
Queen Ambi, Aipom ♀ After the Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages character.
Afro Buffalo, Bouffalant ♀ Exactly what it says on the tin.
Lucahjin, Jigglypuff ♀ After a Let's Player/friend of TheRunawayGuys.
Polarstorm, Eevee ♀ Legacy nickname from my Platinum Glaceon
Fluffy, Purugly ♀ Another exactly what it says on the tin name.
Morpha, Ditto After the Zelda: Ocarina of Time boss.
Diagona, Linoone ♀ From diagōnālis, adjusted for character constraints in the game.
Nekochat, Glameow ♀ From neko and chat, Japanese and French for 'cat' respectively.
EpsilonDraco, Swablu ♀ After the star that Swablu/Altaria might be based upon.
Odoshi, Stantler ♀ A truncation of Odoshishi, its Japanese name.
Tsubame, Swellow ♀ From tsubame, Japanese for 'swallow'.
M4, Azurill ♀ After the TPP community name for the TPP Emerald Azumarill
Pera-pera, Chatot ♀ Basically, the intended form of what I wanted to name my X Chatot but couldn't thanks to the filter, minus the hyphen.
Carestia, Eevee ♀ From carestia, Italian(?) for 'famine'.
Gigas, Regigigas From gigās, Ancient Greek for 'giant'.
Highlander, Herdier ♀ Another Scottish-themed name.
And the nicknames from some traded Pokémon:
Redbolt, Zangoose ♀
あばれ146, Fletchling ♂
Tommy, Zigzagoon ♂
Regigigas, Zigzagoon ♂
GOONSQUAD420, Zigzagoon ♂
Leo, Lillipup ♂

Lavana, Slugma ♀ After the Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia character
STEAMPOWAH, Torkoal ♀ It's basically a steam-powered locomotive fire turtle/tortoise.
Kyuubitsune, Vulpix ♀ A portmanteau of kyuubi and kitsune
Epona, Ponyta ♀ A legacy name for the species I've used ever since Diamond.
Vesta, Larvesta ♀ After the Roman goddess of the hearth.
BlazeEmperor, Entei A rough translation of 'enten kotei', Japanese for 'blazing heat emperor'.
Etna, Heatran ♀ After the volcano of the same name. Also an unintentional reference to the Disgaea character.
Kaenrin, Magmortar ♀ (was formerly Kaenko) From kaen, Japanese for 'flame' and ko, Japanese for 'child'/-rin.

Ocula, Surskit ♀ From oculus, Latin for 'eye' + a feminine ending
Kamome, Wingull ♀ From kamome, Japanese for 'gull'(?)
Aphrodite, Milotic ♀ After the Greek goddess of love.
Archaecanth, Relicanth ♀, From archaeo, derived from archaîos, Ancient Greek for 'ancient' and Coelacanth, the animal Relicanth is based on.
Big Bertha, Wailord ♀ Honestly, I have no idea where this came from.
Christos, Pelipper ♀ From Christós, Greek for '(the) anointed (one)'
Glitterlight, Chinchou ♀ A portmanteau of 'glitter' and 'light'
Abalone, Clamperl ♀ From a species of seashell.
Kinto, Seaking ♀ From the etymology for its pre-evolution's name, tosakin, Japanese for 'curly fantail goldfish'
Kuragerin, Tentacruel ♀ From my legacy nickname for Tentacool, Kurageko, which is derived from kurage, Japanese for 'jellyfish' and ko, Japanese for 'child' and -rin.
Lord Helix, Omanyte ♂ From the TPP community name for Omanyte/Omastar
M4, Azumarill ♀ See my explanation for the Azurill who bears the same name earlier in this post.
Carcharis, Sharpedo ♀ A legacy nickname (I know, I have a lot of them.) from Emerald, which was taken from an Emerald Let's Play.
Hylia, Barboach ♀ From the Hylian Loach, a hard-to-catch fish from the Zelda series.
DJ Spinnaz, Tympole ♀ From my White(?) Tympole.
Francisco, Frillish ♂ (will be renamed to the correct 'Ferdinand' later) After King Ferdinand, who for some reason I misremembered as Francisco. facepalm.gif
Manbo, Alomomola ♀ From manbō, Japanese for 'ocean sunfish'. Also an unintentional reference to the Zelda: Link's Awakening character of the same name.
Lumina, Finneon ♀ From lūminōsus, a Latin derivative of 'light' + a feminine ending.
Isabella, Frillish ♀ After Queen Isabella.
Undine, Dewgong ♀ After the alchemical spirits of water.
Sutorimaa, Slowpoke ♀ A Gratuitous Japanese rendering of 'streamer'
Gyakusatsu, Gyarados ♀ A legacy nickname for Magikarp/Gyarados I've used since SoulSilver.
Korizeruga, Spheal ♀ From kori, Japanese for 'cold'(?) and Todozeruga, its final evolution's Japanese name.
Lord Cover, Tirtouga ♂ From the TPP community name for Tirtouga/Carracosta.
Adonis, Milotic ♂ After Adonis, from classical mythology.
Cadmus, Milotic ♂ After Cadmus, from classical mythology.
Aeneas, Milotic ♂ After Aeneas, from classical mythology.
Inanna, Milotic ♀ After Inanna, from Mesopotamian mythology
Europa, Milotic ♀ After Europa, from classical mythology
Lakshmi, Milotic ♀ After Lakshmi, from Hindu mythology
Vishnu, Milotic ♂ After Vishnu, from Hindu mythology
Krishna, Milotic ♂ After Krishna, from Hindu mythology
Tithonus, Milotic ♂ After Tithonus, from classical mythology
Menelaus, Milotic ♂ After Menelaus, from classical mythology
Helen, Milotic ♀ After Helen, from classical mythology
Anteros, Milotic ♂ After Anteros, from classical mythology
Athena, Milotic ♀ After Athena, from classical mythology.
Paris, Milotic ♂ After Paris, from classical mythology
SuishoPrince, Suicune This was supposed to be 'SuishouPrince', but character limits prevented me from using it. Basically, a rough translation would be 'crystal prince'.
Leviathan, Kyogre After the inspiration for its species.
Cray Cray, Crawdaunt ♀ I don't have a clue where I got this one.
And one I got in a trade:
WingulG, Wingull ♂ This was a name we gave to one of the Wingulls we caught on TPP Omega Ruby, and was traded to me after we finished the playthrough.

ProtonJen, Plusle ♀ A legacy nickname from Emerald.
ProtonJon, Plusle ♂ After the Let's Player/Twitch streamer of the same name. Also a legacy name from my X Plusle.
Bob-omb, Voltorb After the quintessential Mario enemy.
Divachu, Cosplay Pikachu ♀ Basically a portmanteau of 'diva' and 'Pikachu'.
Dynamis, Tynamo ♀ I don't exactly remember how I got this, but I think it was inspired by 'dynamo'.
Magnetite, Magnemite A legacy name for Magnemite I've used since PMD: RRT.
Elektra, Elekid ♀ A generic electricity-themed name.
Raijuu, Electrike ♀ After the Japanese mythological creature it was based on.
Luxor, Luxio ♀ A legacy nickname I've used for this line ever since Diamond.
Elektra, Joltik ♀ Unintentional duplicate of my Elekid's nickname. Will be renamed to something else.
Thunder Duke, Raikou A rough translation of its name.
Raijin, Thundurus (Therian/Reijuu Forme) After the kami of lightning and the inspiration for the species.
Kuroyin, Zekrom From kuro, Japanese for 'black' and 'yin', the concept Zekrom was based on.

I'll make another post later with some more names, because this is getting kind of long. sweat.gif

Posted by: The Majestic Mr L Feb 2 2015, 10:55 PM

Felt like making another post. teehee.gif

Alduin - Haxorus - Named after the Nordic God of Destruction from Skyrim. Typically, this name is for the shiny variant, as both it and Alduin are large black dragons with incredible power.

Smaug - Salamence - After the dragon from The Hobbit.

Athos - Cobalion - After the leader of the Three Musketeers.
Porthos - Terrakion - After another of the Musketeers.
Aramis - Virizion - After the third Musketeer.

Chillamanjaro - Regice - Portmanteau of "chill" and "Killamanjaro". Plus, it's a pun!
Precipcal - Regirock - I have no clue how I came up with this. Was trying to do something with "precipice" and this happened and I liked it.

Suarez - Rampardos - ...I honestly have no clue what I was thinking when I came up with this. I guess because it's so hilarious to me that it stuck.

Raiden - Greninja - After the badass cyborg ninja from the Metal Gear series.

Bloodscythe - Aegislash - After one of the swords owned by Haknir Death-Brand in TES V: Dragonborn DLC. Typically for the shiny variant.

Saltar - Talonflame - After PurpleRodri's Talonflame in his Pokemon X LP.

Chief Amp - Ampharos - After the name of JeromeASF's Ampharos in his Pixelmon series.

Skyline - Ho-Oh - Not sure how I came up with this. Wanted an interesting name for my Ho-Oh in HeartGold, and came up with this. It stuck.

Bellum - Froslass - Latin for "war", sounds feminine. I liked it. *shrug*

Artemis - Mew - After the Greek goddess of hunting, childbirth, etc. Mew is the ancestor of all Pokemon, so could be seen as their "mother", so to speak.

Kurai - Luxray - In Japanese it means dark, gloomy, etc.

Poseidon - Lugia - After the Greek god of the sea. Even though Lugia's not a water type, it is the protector of the sea.

Legion - Unown - "I am Legion, for we are many." Self explanatory.

Slavinator - Linoone/Zigzagoon - After Chuggaaconroy's own Slavinator from his Pokemon Emerald LP.

Miror B. - Ludicolo - Self explanatory.

Longevity - Relicanth - Again, self explanatory.

Athamantus - Drifblim - Of course I would give my nemesis a nickname!

SQURT - Blastoise - This one is an exception. I will never name another Pokemon this name because SQURT is my very first Pokemon, and honestly, if I named something else it, I'd feel like I'm replacing him.

Posted by: Mars Adept Enten Jun 19 2015, 11:27 AM

Might as well add another post with some of my current Emerald file's nicknames.

Carcharis, ♀ Sharpedo: Already mentioned in AS nicknames post.
Ziz-Sekwi, no gender, but referred to as male for convenience Rayquaza: From Ziz, the species inspiration and Sekwi, another title for the same mythological beast.
Niramiko, ♀ Sableye: From 睨み, nirami (lit: 'glare') and 子, -ko (lit: 'child').
Todoko, ♀ Walrein: From 胡獱, todo (lit: 'sea lion') and 子, -ko (lit: 'child').
Aonuma, ♂ Swampert: After Eiji Aonuma, producer of the Zelda series.
Molly, ♀ Vigoroth: After my pet cat Molly, who is very lazy and fat. It fits more for Slakoth/Slaking, TBH. unsure.gif

Box I
Lilly, ♀ Lombre: An (unintentional) misspelling of 'lilypad'.
ProtonJane, ♀ Plusle: See my entry on AS nicknames.
Massugusan, ♀ Linoone: From まっすぐ, massugu (lit: 'straight', as in a line) and -san, a 'default' Japanese honorific.
Kariso, ♂ Anorith: From a stylization of, the species of animal it was derived from and a masculine name ending.
Kuragechan, ♀ Tentacruel (may be renamed): From 水母 kurage (lit: 'jellyfish') and -chan, a Japanese honorific used for girls.
Nosferati, ♀ Golbat: From Nosferatu, a novel about vampires.
Vibra, ♀ Flygon: From Vibra, a Catalanese dragon.
Sonanso, ♂ Wobbuffet: From its Japanese name.
Teruteru, ♂ Castform: From the object it is based on, teru teru bozu dolls.
Redailong, ♀ Tropius: From its Chinese name.
Gemini, ♀ Doduo: From the constellation of the same name.
Quetzal, ♀ Natu: From the species of bird it is partially based on.
Kirin, ♀ Girafarig: From the Chinese mythological creature Kirin (also spelled Qilin).
Kappa, ♀ Psyduck: After the mythological creature that its evolution is often mistaken for.
Tousaigoma, ♀ Phanpy: From 当歳駒, tosaigoma (lit: 'yearling').
Raijin, ♀ Manectric: After the Japanese mythological creature it's based on.
Rhyolite, ♀ Rhyhorn: From, an igneous stone.
Hanahime, ♀ Oddish: From hana, (lit: 'flower') and hime, (lit: 'princess').
Rafflesia, ♂ Oddish: After a VERY malodorous species of flower that Vileplume is based on.
Korios, ♀ Pinsir: From κοριός, Greek for 'bug'.
Sakura. ♀ Clamperl: From sakura, (lit: 'cherry blossom').
Chouchin, ♀ Chinchou: From 提灯, chochin, (lit: 'lantern').
Archaea, ♀ Relicanth: From archaîos, Greek for 'ancient', and a feminine ending.
Gorae, ♀ Wailord: From 고래, gorae, (lit: 'whale').
EpsiDraco, ♀ Altaria: A truncated form of Epsilon Draco, a star in the constellation Draco, also referred to as 'Tyl'.
Absolution, ♀ Absol: From absolution, a possible etymological origin for its name.
Electron, ♀ Minun: After the negatively-charged atomic particle.
Lycos, ♀ Poochyena: From lykos, Greek for wolf.
Kaminari, ♀ Pikachu: From the Romaji reading for lightning.

Box II
Kinoko, ♀ Shroomish: From 茸, kinoko (lit. 'mushrooms').
Ishiko, ♀ Geodude: From 石, ishi, (lit: 'stone'), and 子, ko (lit: 'child')
Magma, ♀ Slugma: Should be obvious what this is based on.
Cyanide, ♀ Koffing: After a noxious poisonous gas.
LaMaire, ♀ Wingull: Basically, a generic sea-themed name.
Acantha, ♀ Sandshrew: From ákantha Greek for thorn.
Haniwa, Baltoy: After haniwa, a clay figurine found in early Japanese burial grounds.
Saguaro, ♀ Cacnea: After the saguaro cactus.
Vesuvius, ♀ Numel: After Mt. Vesuvius.
Rurichan, ♀ Marill: From 瑠璃, ruri (lit. 'lapis lazuli', a blue stone) and -chan.
Gladiola, ♀ Skarmory: From gladiolus, Latin for 'iris' (diminutive).
Voudoun, ♀ Shuppet: From Voodoo.
Anthracite, ♀ Torkoal: From a variety of coal.
Otoro, ♀ Gulpin: From a Pokémon FireRed LP.
Hikariko, ♀ Illumise: From hikari, (lit: 'light') and 子 ko, (lit. 'child').
Daitengu, ♀ Seedot: From 大天狗 daitengu, (lit: 'greater')
Hylia, ♀ Barboach: See AS nicknames post.
Radium, ♀ Corphish: From a Pokémon Emerald LP.
Shuilong, ♀ Magikarp: From 水 shui, the Chinese reading of the kanji used for 'water', and 龍 long, the Chinese reading of the kanji used for 'dragon'.
Sugarnaut, ♀ Jigglypuff: From a Pokémon FireRed LP.
Kunoichi, ♀ Nincada: After the term for a female ninja.
Pumbloom, ♀ Whismur: See AS nicknames post.
Nekochan, ♀ Skitty: From neko, (lit: 'cat') and -chan.
Tsubameko, ♀ Taillow: From 燕 tsubame, (lit: 'swallow') and 子 ko (lit: 'child').
Kitsunesan, ♀ Ninetales: From 狐 kitsune, (lit: 'fox') and -san.
Guruchan, ♀ Spinda: From guruguru, the Japanese onomatopoeia for twirling/spinning and -chan.
Kabumushi ♀ Heracross: From 兜 kabuto, (lit: 'helmet') and 虫 mushi, (lit: 'insect').

LeiJiLuoKe, Regirock: From 雷吉洛克 Léi Jī Luň Kě, its Mandarin Chinese name.
LeiJiAiSi, Regice: From 雷吉艾斯 Léi Jī Ŕi Sī, its Mandarin Chinese name.
Rejisutiru, Registeel: From レジスチル Rejisutiru, its literal-reading Japanese name.

EDIT: And some names from my LeafGreen file:

Jlneo, ♀ Raticate: After the TPP Original Red community nickname for one of the two Rattatas obtained in that run.
MRTYRHANOI, ♂ Flareon (Referred to as Martyr Hanoi when talked about): A nickname resulting from the 'random button presses' approach TPP uses for nicknaming captured/obtained Pokémon.
SHNABJIQEJ, ♂ shiny Kadabra (Referred to as Shiny Abji when talked about): See previous entry on this list.
Aomizu, ♀ Blastoise: From ao, (lit: 'blue') and mizu, (lit: 'water').
Bird Jesus, ♂ Pidgeot: From the TPP Original Red community nickname for Pidgeot.

Ikari, ♀ Mankey: From ikari, (lit: 'anger'(?)).
CWPWCDVDDW, ♀ Pikachu: (Referred to as Ciyupaw when talked about)
QQJONHMTMT, ♀ Magikarp (Referred to as Kyukyu Jon when talked about)
IZRQQXPIOO, ♀ Jigglypuff (Referred to as Israk when talked about): See Martyr Hanoi's name explanation above.
Doriru, ♂ Spearow: From doriru, (lit: 'drill').
RXQXDWQWOP, ♀ Geodude (Referred to as Rax when talked about)
QPONT, ♀ Sandslash (Referred to as Kyupont when talked about)
YQMGJVBALI, ♀ Clefairy (Referred to as Yakyumig when talked about)
UNIBCUCVDV, ♂ Paras (Referred to as Unibac when talked about)
LRKQWQWCBH, ♂ Zubat (Referred to as Larkyu when talked about)
HBUDJIPJWQ, ♂ Bellsprout (Referred to as Hibud when talked about)
ABJIHINMUC, ♀ Abra (Referred to as Abjeyhin when talked about)
KPRPIVOIDO, ♂ Drowzee (Referred to as Kaypar when talked about)
JKINMHGTUN, ♂ Meowth (Referred to as Jaykin when talked about)
HHCIBCUBTM ♀ Beedrill (Referred to as Aychaychsib when talked about)
AIJIKNWAGR, ♂ Diglett (Referred to as Ayjik when talked about)
GKQPWDWWDC, ♀ Nidorina (Referred to as Gakyupaw when talked about)
BMBBLQNKJV, Voltorb (Referred to as Bomb Ball New King James Version when talked about)
HMVWAJIQRO, ♀ Machop (Referred to as Himvwah when talked about)
MIQUWANIROI, ♀ Onix (Referred to as Mikyuwahn when talked about)
KTSNEJIQYN, ♀ Vulpix (Referred to as Kitsune Jikyun when talked about)
HBVNVCDWVT, ♂ Butterfree (Referred to as Hibvun when talked about)
GIMNTVHKQP, ♀ Gastly (Referred to as Gimnatevi when talked about)
CYBRKINUTO, Porygon (Referred to as Cyber Kinuto when talked about)
ORPHNKAPNI, ♀ Cubone (Referred to as Orphan Kapni when talked about)
ABHOJQKDJQ, ♀ Snorlax (Referred to as Abhojikyu when talked about)
EJQBEKXRPU, ♀ Exeggcute (referred to as Edgekyu when talked about)

ANJIBWNQYO, ♀ Nidorina (Referred to as Angie when talked about)
ABHNOPJKEZ, ♀ Venonat (Referred to as Abhino when talked about)
GDKJQXUNOL, ♀ Doduo (Referred to as Gadakijkyu when talked about)
YLODRLBHIW, ♀ Goldeen (Referred to as YOLO Drill when talked about)
LRDDRLPONA, ♂ Seaking (Referred to as Lar Darl when talked about)
KTANJIYONU, ♂ Dratini (Referred to as Kitanji Yonu when talked about)
VCSHSTGAKI, ♂ Parasect (Referred to Vicshasti when talked about)
MTHRGRDNAI, ♀ Kangaskhan (Referred to as Mother Gardinai when talked about)
SLWQNGITAN, ♀ Slowpoke (Referred to as Slow Kyun Gitan when talked about)
GOKQPOWBIU, Nidoran ♂ (Referred to as Gokyu Powbiyu when talked about)
LCKYEGARIN, ♀ Chansey (Referred to as Lucky Egg Arin when talked about)
AKNTHAJIAN, ♀ Rhyhorn (Referred to as Akantha Jian when talked about)
AAATTTVVVQ, ♀ Venomoth (Referred to as ATV Kyu when talked about): From the TPP Original Red community name for Venomoth.
MONHJDEQYU, ♀ Exeggcute (Referred to as Monhaj when talked about)
AAAAAIIIRR, ♀ Lapras (Referred to as Her Airness/Air Jordan/Fresh Princess of Bel Air when talked about): From the TPP Original Red community name for Lapras.
HMLABKIJON, ♂ Hitmonlee (Referred to as Himlabki John when talked about)
JLTZPLANOI, Magnemite (Referred to as Jaylitz Planoi when talked about): See also Martyr Hanoi's nickname explanation.

I was doing LG when I was a full-fledged TPP member, so a lot of my names for that file are inspired by how we name our Pokés on there, as you can see.

Posted by: Snowsky Jul 3 2015, 09:28 PM

Ooh, this looks like fun! I've only ever owned two Pokémon games, but I'll put in my two cents!

Pokémon X

Main Party:

- Galahad the male Chesnaught: Named after the knight Sir Galahad of Arthurian lore.
- Flamewing the male Talonflame: Follows the Warrior Cats naming scheme.
- Elsander the male Aurorus: A male variant of Elsa, from Frozen.
- Spirit the male Lucario: No particular theme.
- Pearl the female Lapras: Pearls come from the sea.
- Sollux the male Gardevoir: For Sollux Captor, an alien from Homestuck with psionic powers.


- Aquatro the male Blastoise: Contains "aqua", Latin for water.
- Borden the male Haxorus: "Lizzie Borden took an axe..."
- Sheryl the female Polar Vivillon: Named for one of my closest friends who I had to leave behind when I moved away.
- Nando the male Roserade: For my favorite Pokémon character.
- Icantsee (later Sky Carver) the male Crobat: Zubat have no eyes.
- Snowman the male Polar Vivillon: Polar conditions are associated with snow.
- DragonSlaya the female Azumarill: Fairies beat dragons.
- Marshmallow the male Chandelure: Litwick are white, soft, small and cylindrical, like marshmallows.
- Chun-Li the female Pangoro: For a Street Fighter character.
- Hattori the male Aegislash: For the legendary sword-maker from the movie Kill Bill.
- Vulcan, Helios, and Pyrovile, the male Charizards: For a volcano god, a sun god, and a race of humanoid beings with fire powers who blew up Mount Vesuvius in the Doctor Who episode "The Fires of Pompeii".
- Electra the female Heliolisk: From her half Electric-type.
- Rainfall the male Vaporeon: Rain is falling water.
- Rouge the female Plusle and Bleu the female Minun: French for, respectively, "red" and "blue".
- Roxy the female Spinda: For Roxy Lalonde, a Homestuck character who d, similar to how Spinda moves about in a dizzy and stumbling manner.
- Homura the Celebi: For Homura Akemi, a character in Puella Magi Madoka Magica with time-traveling powers.
- Kaede the Mewtwo: In the anime series Elfen Lied, Kaede was a girl with extremely destructive telekinetic powers who was mistreated until she snapped and began to despise all humans, but then found a friend who appealed to the last shred of humanity in her heart. Quite similar to Mewtwo itself, wouldn't you say?


- Glitters the male shiny Emolga: My first shiny ever.
- Nuggets and Lucky Break the female shiny Geodudes, and Gold Ore the male shiny Graveler: Geodude is gold when shiny, and resembles a nugget. Shinies also appear from luck.
- iluminati [sic] the shiny Porygon2: I got him/her/it in a Wonder Trade. No idea what his name means.

Pokémon Alpha Sapphire

Main Party:

- Keanu the male Swampert: For actor and one-time surfer Keanu Reeves.
- Stella the female Gardevoir: "Stella[r]" means "of or relating to a star or stars". Stars and their constellations are often associated with predictions of the future.
- Tears the female Beautifly: The yellow patterns on a Beautifly's wings are shaped vaguely like teardrops.
- Falcon the female Breloom: "Falcon PUNCH!!!"
- [No-name] the shiny Metagross: No official nickname because it was an event Pokémon, but if I could I would call it HAL 9000, for the homicidal computer in 2001: A Space Odyssey.
- Scootch the male Linoone: No particular theme.


- Siegfried the male Swanna: For the prince in Swan Lake.
- Ningyou the female Gardevoir: On Bulbapedia, a style of Japanese paper doll, called "anesama ningyou", is mentioned as the inspiration for Gardevoir.
- Cascade the male Vaporeon: From the Cascade Badge, which is from a Gym that uses Water-types.
- Morning Star the female Volcarona: Morning is when the sun rises. Sun = fire.
- Caltrops the male Ferrothorn: A caltrop is a kind of spike trap, similar to Ferrothorn itself. Ironically, this particular Ferrothorn does not know Spikes.
- Sombrita the female Mandibuzz: Spanish for "little shadow".
- Kaze-ryu the female Garchomp: Composite of two Japanese words. "Kaze" = "wind", and "ryu" = "dragon".
- Platano the female Tropius: Spanish for "banana", which Tropius grows under its chin.
- Helena the female Camerupt: For Mount St. Helens, an active volcano in Washington.
- Nimbus the female Altaria: A nimbus is a kind of cloud, appropriate for Altaria whose wings look exactly like clouds.
- Airabonita the female Latias and Black Hawk the male Latios: Both named for aircraft.


- Moonfall the male shiny Gardevoir: Fairy-types have an association with the moon, through the moves Moonlight and Moonblast.
- Sunrise the female shiny Buneary: A sunrise is often pink, like the fluff on a Shiny Buneary. Did not want to use "Cotton" or "Cotton Candy" because it seemed too obvious.
- Peppercorn the female shiny Ponyta: A portmanteau of "pepper" and "unicorn", the design basis for Ponyta's evolution, which just happens to be a real, very spicy, plant.
- Skullface the male shiny Relicanth: His face looks like a skull. Not much more to it.
- Lapis Lazuli the male shiny Corsola: Named for a character in Steven Universe who has the ability to control water.
- Tornado Bolt the male shiny Manectric: For a minor character in My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, a pegasus filly.

Posted by: The Majestic Mr L Jul 3 2015, 11:31 PM

@MAE: No "Abby" for Charizard? wink.gif

A few more:

Nuken - Shedinja - After a character in a FanFic by Ri2.

Bardock - ♂ Blaziken - After the Saiyan father of Goku from Dragon Ball Z.

Zanza - Arceus - Even though it's literally impossible to name an Arceus outside of one event that wasn't even released and can only be accessed by cheating, this name is after the Bionis itself from Xenoblade Chronicles. (He's also kinda an ass.) Along with this....

Meyneth - Xerneas - Named after the embodiment of the Mechonis herself from Xenoblade Chronicles.

I also have a few Dragon Language names I came up with for certain Dragon-like Pokemon, mostly legendaries.

Lotyolzoor - Reshiram - "Great Fire Legend"

Kruziiklok - Aerodactyl - "Ancient Sky"

Maarsugral - Rayquaza - "Terror Air Ruin"

Fenkrehtiid - Dialga - "Bend Will Time"

Posted by: Mars Adept Enten Aug 6 2015, 12:44 PM

The only reason I don't have a Pokémon named after Abby is because I don't have a Charmander on any of the files I had previously listed. If I ever do get one, I will immortalize our original Red starter and name them after him.

Booting up my XY files and deciding to list the names from those.

Sagitta, ♀ Talonflame: After sagitta, Latin for 'arrow'.
LORD AMBER, ♂ Aerodactyl: After the TPP community nickname for the species/fossil it is resurrected from.
Saburgatana, ♀ Aegislash: After a sword Fakémon I created.
Thumper, ♀ traded Steelix: In-game trade.
Borealis, ♂ Aurorus: After the aurora borealis, or Northern Lights.

Battle Box
Eikthymir, Xerneas: After the Norse mythological creature.
Delphi, ♂ Delphox: After the Delphic Oracle.
ProtonJon, ♂ Plusle: After the YouTube/Twitch Let's Player/streamer, and one of TheRunawayGuys.
NCS, ♂ Gengar: After NintendoCapriSun, a YouTube Let's Player and TRG member.
Chuggaa, ♂ Malamar: After Chuggaaconroy, a YouTube Let's Player and TRG member.
Mizukame, ♂ Blastoise: From mizu and kame, Japanese for 'water' and 'turtle' respectively.

Akahonou, ♀ Pansear: From aka and honou, Japanese for 'red' and 'fire' respectively.
Taueret, ♀ Hippopotas: From the Ancient Egyptian goddess of childbirth.
Spear, ♀ Beedrill: A translation of its Japanese name, Supier.
Flora, White Flower Floette: After the Roman goddess of flowers.
Aotaki, ♀ Panpour: From ao and taki, Japanese for 'blue' and 'waterfall' respectively.
Gemini ♀ Dodrio: From the constellation/Zodiac sign of the same name.
Pochan, ♀ Pangoro: From Po, the hero of Kung Fu Panda, and -chan.
Fidelis, ♀ Furfrou: From fidelis, Latin for 'faithful'.
Scoliosis, ♀ Scolipede: From the disease of the same name, which basically messes up the alignment of the spine.
Midorikawa, ♀ Pansage: After Hikaru Midorikawa, the voice actor of Marth in Smash Bros.
Aurisol, Solrock: From aurum and solaris, Latin for 'gold' and 'sun' respectively. Intended to be a reference to the video game series of the same name. *cough* major fangirl *cough*
ESPer, ♀ Meowstic: From the Japanese term used for people with psychic powers.
Scoot, ♀ Sentret: A Team Fortress 2 reference.
Ishiko, ♀ Dwebble: From ishi and ko, Japanese for 'rock' and 'child' respectively.
Lumina, Illumise: From my AlphaSapphire Finneon.
Lucius, Volbeat: Basically intended as a masculine equivalent of Lumina's name.
Medusa, ♀ Inkay: After the Gorgon from Greek Mythology.
O'Keefe, ♀ Smeargle: After the painter Georgia O'Keefe.
Nazca, ♀ Sigilyph: After the location of the famous Nazca Lines.
Kamaitachi, ♀ Zangoose: After the Japanese mythological creature, whose name translates to 'scythe weasel'.
Solaris, ♀ Helioptile: After solaris, Latin for sun.
Genghis, Kangaskhan: After Genghis Khan.
Argentaluna, Lunatone: Intended as a counterpart to Aurisol. From argentum and luna, Latin for 'silver' and 'moon' respectively.
Valentine, ♀ Woobat: After Valentine's Day.
Maguma, ♀ Slugma: Gratuitous Japanese rendering of 'magma'.
Hanahime, ♀ Oddish: See previous game lists.
Esupaa, ♂ Meowstic: Japanese rendering of ESPer.
Kunoichi, ♀ Ninjask: See previous game lists.
Pomona, Yellow Flower Floette: After the Ancient Roman goddess of fruits.
Big Bertha, ♀ Wailmer: Legacy nickname for the species by this point.

I have FAR too many Pokémon on this file, so I'll have to continue this in another post.

Posted by: nitrodog96 Aug 23 2015, 02:28 PM

Deciding to post all my X and possibly AS nicknames here. Been a while since MAE posted here last so I felt like I'd revive the place.
Considering the new front post update, I think it'll be easier to classify people's nicknames than having to make that massive list.

X (click to show)

Alpha Sapphire (click to show)

Posted by: Mars Adept Enten Aug 24 2015, 11:33 AM

*snerks* My spoiler will probably end up being HUGE, as I nickname almost every Pokémon I catch. lol.gif

Might as well post my Y file names as well:

Y Nicknames (click to show)

As you can probably guess, a few of these are TPP references. Most are originals of my own, though. But Sonick, Bird Jesus, Abby K, Sutorimaa, and Deku are all TPP references. BJ and AK are previous team members from past runs, and Sonick, Sutorimaa, and Deku are references to other users (S_Sonick, Streamer-senpai (TPP), and Deku-senpai (TP3DS)). The reasoning behind those last three are:
Sonick: There's a user who was a friend of mine (until he /ignore'd me) that I decided to honor in my Y file as he was still my friend when I started Y.
Sutorimaa: Streamer-senpai's favorite Pokémon is Slowpoke. Simple enough.
Deku: There was this one point in time where I compared the TPP chat to a Chatot, which subsequently spiraled out of control into a copypasta, which TP3DS started cracking down on, so he's pretty much associated with Chatot and Blaziken (don't ask on this one. You need to have been there.)

Posted by: SilverKitChase Sep 6 2015, 12:04 AM

Mmmm I only ever bother to name my competitive teams because I catch every Pokemon in the area before moving on and I'm really REALLY picky about names... typically something that relates to their type or to mythology.

My current competitive team are my Darks <3

Artemis - Absol (F)
Proteus - Greninja (M)
Daenerys - Hydreigon (F)
Styx - Houndoom (F)
Terra - Tyranitar (F)
Nox - Umbreon (M)

Artemis was the goddess of the hunt (among other things), Proteus obviously for Greninja's hidden ability of Protean but Proteus was also a sea-god, Daenerys obviously for my baby mother of dragons in GoT <3, Styx for the goddess of the river Styx that divided Earth and the Underworld, I actually really wanted a male Houndoom cause I LOVE the name Lucifer but I've grown super attached to Styx... Uhm Terra simply meaning Earth and Nox is Latin for Night, on top of Nox being the roman translation of Nyx who was the Greek Goddess of night also its a spell in Harry Potter to put out lumos... I REALLY LIKE THE NAME NOX SO MANY REASONS!! Also yea I know Nyx was a goddess but Nox def sounds male. If I had a competitive Espeon that would probz be Nyx....

Posted by: Absolia Sep 9 2015, 07:51 PM

Well, their nicknames is very cool.

Absolia - Absol (f). Because this is a female. xD

Nocturne - Umbreon. This is Dark, right? xD

Nessy - Lapras. The Loch Ness Monster.

Licantro - Lucario. It just occurred to me because it looked like a werewolf (in spanish).

Shaiky - Shaymin (sky). If you remove the ''hai'', you understand why it is so named because it is a mscla of ''Heaven'' and ''Shaymin''.

Kitty-Chan - Meowstic (f). Because this is a kitty. xD

Blaze - Charizard. This is fire, right?

Goodryna - Goodra (f). It is simply a female, I look good, right?

Chocolate - Dedenne shiny. Because this is chocolate. xDD

Espy - Espeon. Espeon+Kitty. Logical. ^^U

Posted by: Mars Adept Enten Sep 21 2015, 03:35 PM

Decided to list some of my DS game nicknames:

Flora, ♀ Roselia
Luxor, ♀ Luxio
Starla, ♀ Staravia
Penga, ♀ Prinplup
Aikido, ♀ Machoke
Kricketta. ♀ Kricketune

Box I
Upalotl, ♀ Wooper
Hydra, ♀ Magikarp
Camazotl, ♀ Zubat
Petra, ♀ Geodude
Polkaqua, ♀ Azurill
Gea, ♀ Onix
Kappa, ♀ Psyduck
Kranida, ♀ Cranidos
Dobharchu, ♀ Buizel
Ratatosk, ♀ Pachirisu
Apia, ♀ Combee
Silmukha, ♀ Buneary
Morrighan, ♀ Murkrow
Phantasm, ♀ Gastly
Yogi, ♀ Meditite
Karina, ♀ Hoothoot
Bella, ♀ Chingling
Epona, ♀ Ponyta
Faerie, ♀ Cleffa
Aniwye, ♀ Stunky
DingDong, Bronzor
Hera, ♀ Heracross
Mothra, ♂ Burmy
Hanuman, ♀ Aipom
Eggomaniac, Happiny
Mimey, ♀ Mime Jr.

Anarchy, Unown A
Balance, Unown B
Cly, Unown C
Domocracy, Unown D
Elite, Unown E
Faithful, Unown F
Gman, Unown G

Note: All the Unown got their names from the TPP chat, hence why there's so many weird names for them. tongue.gif

Rapura, ♀ Lapras
Dena, ♀ Ampharos
Adepta, ♀ Espeon
Cwn Annwn, ♀ Houndoom
Lord Amber, ♂ Aerodactyl
Arashi, ♀ Typhlosion

Box I
Sentry, ♀ Sentret
Nibbles, ♀ Rattata
Karina, ♀ Hoothoot
Pijoto, ♀ Pidgey
Noko, ♀ Dunsparce
Utsubo, ♀ Weepinbell
Camaxotl, ♀ Zubat
Aleph, Unown A
Hane, ♀ Hoppip
Redi, ♀ Ledyba
Supier, ♀ Weedle
Kukulcan, ♀ Ekans
Axolotla, ♀ Wooper
Kingu, ♀ Magikarp
Kinto, ♀ Goldeen
Hagane, ♀ Onix
Yadona, ♀ Slowpoke
Tochukaso, ♀ Paras
Momohime, ♀ Oddish
Recia, ♀ Oddish
Muscle, traded ♀ Machop
Suli, ♀ Drowzee
Kuin, Nidoran ♀
Dokingu, Nidoran ♂
Sando, ♂ Sandshrew
Beruma, ♀ Gastly
Himawa, ♀ Sunkern
Uso, ♀ Sudowoodo
Odoshi, ♀ Stantler
Kitsune, ♀ Vulpix

Box II
Matadoga, ♀ Weezing
Negi, ♀ Farfetch'd
Miru, Miltank
Tama, ♀ Exeggcute
Kenta, Tauros
Reakoi, Magnemite
Shian, ♀ Meowth
Dokuku, ♀ Tentacool
Gura, ♀ Krabby
Sutaa, Staryu
Lozo, ♀ Poliwag
Kappa, ♀ Psyduck
Coral, ♀ Corsola
Parushi, ♀ Shellder
Daguto, ♀ Dugtrio
Majii, ♀ Misdreavus
Kirin, ♀ Girafarig
Jugo, ♀ Seel
Ranta, ♀ Chinchou
Sonan, ♀ Wobbuffet
Gara, ♀ Cubone
Garu, Kangaskhan
Doobu, ♀ Smeargle
Betan, ♀ Grimer
Kurin, ♀ Jigglypuff
Bangi ♀ Larvitar
Psylocke, ♀ Abra
Ruri, ♀ Marill
Yamika, ♀ Murkrow

Bii, ♂ Magby
Kusi, ♀ Clefairy
Gannon, ♀ Swinub
Burner, ♂ Magby
Fureima, ♂ Magby
Honou, ♀ Magby
Kabi, ♂ Snorlax
Purin, ♀ Igglybuff
Buu, ♀ Magmar
Ishii, ♀ Geodude
Ceratopsid, ♀ Rhyhorn
Nita, ♀ Ponyta
Gyakusatsu, ♂ shiny Gyarados
Biribiri, Voltorb
Togechikku, ♂ Togepi
Doriru, ♀ Fearow

EntenKotei, Entei
Kaminari, Raikou
Ryuujin, Lugia

Beth, Unown B
Gimel, Unown C
Daleth, Unown D
Epsilon, Unown E
Phi, Unown F

I can't seem to find my Plat game card at the moment, so I'll save that one for later.

Daimyo, ♀ Samurott
Cygnus, ♀ Ducklett
Sturm, ♀ Zebstrika
Ao, Sawk
Reiguu, ♀ Red-Striped Basculin
Marusa, ♀ Pansear

Baku, ♀ Munna
Mimi, ♀ Audino
Woobie, ♀ Woobat
Rockstar, ♀ Roggenrola
Triceps, ♀ Timburr
DJ Spinnaz, ♀ Tympole
Pokey, ♀ Maractus
Puffball, ♀ Cottonee
Centi, ♀ Venipede
Guardia, Kangashkhan
Gangsta, ♀ Scraggy
Madakaru, ♀ Darumaka
Yamertiti, ♀ Yamask
Aetta, ♀ Sigilyph
Castillo, ♀ Dwebble
Lolita, ♀ Gothita
Doku, ♀ Trubbish
Electra, ♀ Joltik
Cogwheel, Klink
Akanthe, ♀ Ferroseed
Arania, ♀ shiny Galvantula
Soulfyre, ♀ Litwick
Psiygas, ♀ Elgyem
Hrimthur, Cyrogonal
Kuma noHyo, ♀ Cubchoo
Tai Chi, ♀ Mienfoo
Simone, ♀ Drilbur
Sentreh, ♀ Patrat
Tiedae, ♀ Minccino

Hikiko, ♀ Sewaddle
Phesan, ♀ Tranquill
Fortress, ♀ Pineco
Amanita, ♀ Foongus
Nekhbet, Vullaby
Ferra, ♀ Durant
Nilias, ♀ Krookodile
Sol, Solrock
Awaystar, ♀ Absol
CatBurglar, ♀ Purrloin
Phobos, ♀ Fearow
Hindenberg, ♀ Drifblim

Viridian, Virizion
Cobalt, Cobalion
Victoria, Victini (Liberty Garden)
Terracotta, Terrakion
Yang-sama, Reshiram
Victini, Victini (Movie 14 Wi-Fi gift event)
Keldeo, Keldeo (Summer 2012 event)
Dialga, shiny Dialga (Summer 2013 GameStop event)
Palkia, shiny Palkia (Summer 2013 GameStop event)
Giratina, shiny Origin Forme Giratina (Summer 2013 GameStop event)

Blitz, ♀ Zebstrika
Kamina, ♀ Krookodile
Regina, ♀ Serperior
Mercury, ♂ Simipour
Amore, ♀ Alomomola
Hen, ♀ Unfezant

Megalith, ♀ Roggenrola
Judoka, Throh
Rooster, ♂ Pidove
Sentry, ♀ Patrat
Baku, ♀ Munna
Karateka, Sawk
Yorkshire, ♀ Lillipup
Sonica, ♀ Audino
Biceps, ♀ Gurdurr
Seisma, ♀ Tympole
Leaflady, Petilil
Fluffee, ♀ traded Cottonee
Scoliosis, ♀ Venipede
Seamstress, ♀ Sewaddle
Burglette, ♀ Liepard
F, ♀ Scraggy (accidental misnaming, will be changed)
Darumette, ♀ Darumaka
AncientOne, ♂ Archen
RockOAges, ♀ Dwebble
Nefertiti, ♀ Yamask
Cha-Cha, ♀ Maractus
Futhark, ♀ Sigilyph
Woobie, ♀ Swoobat
Bagala, ♀ Trubbish
Blueeye, ♂ traded Blue-Striped Basculin
Zelle, ♀ Solosis
Swan, ♀ Ducklett
IceCream, ♀ Vanillish
Armight, ♀ Karrablast
Din, ♀ Deerling (Summer)

Toadette, ♀ Foongus
Gearhead, Klink
Spike, ♀ Ferroseed
Volta, ♀ Joltik
ZapEel, ♀ Tynamo
FoxFire, ♀ Litwick
Roswell, ♀ Elgyem
Coca-Cola, ♀ Cubchoo
Kunoichi, ♀ Shelmet
Ackbar, ♀ Stunfisk
Gighast, Golett
Gladius, ♀ Pawniard
Darumasan, ♂ Darmanitan (Zen Mode)
Aiku, Rufflet
Falchion, ♀ Seviper
AurumSolis, Solrock

Kurosama, Zekrom
Mewtwo, Mewtwo (Feb. 2012 Wi-Fi gift)
Reshiram, Reshiram (Spring 2012 Wi-Fi gift)
Victini, Victini (Movie 14 Wi-Fi gift)
Dialga, shiny Dialga (Summer 2013 GameStop event)
Nike, Victini (Liberty Garden)
Palkia, shiny Palkia (Summer 2013 GameStop event)
Giratina, shiny Origin Forme Giratina (Summer 2013 GameStop event)

White 2
Regulus, ♂ Serperior
Auraculum, ♂ Lucario
Tiida, ♀ Azumarill
Sahara, ♀ Sandslash
Pharolux, ♀ Ampharos
Karis, ♀ Unfezant

Aquantali, ♀ Psyduck
Cyanide, ♀ Koffing
Hima, ♀ Sunkern
Scouvoya, ♀ Patrat
Magneto, Magnemite
Mimikins, ♀ Audino
Bonnie, ♀ Lillipup
Elektra, ♀ Elekid
Shisa, ♀ Growlithe
Nosferati, ♀ Zubat
Lattako, ♀ Rattata
Belladonna, Petilil
Sekhmet, ♀ Sandile
Nazca, ♀ Sigilyph
Youkaen, ♀ Lampent
Karudama, ♀ Darumaka
Iwakishi, ♀ Dwebble
Felis, ♀ Purrloin
Chinchi, ♀ Minccino
Skillchill, ♀ Minccino (Hidden Ability: Skill Link)
Neferyama, ♀ Yamask
Prankpard, ♀ Liepard (Hidden Ability: Prankster)
Odette, ♀ Ducklett
Unity, ♀ Solosis
Pokeshroom, ♀ Foongus
Zorua, ♀ Zorua (OT: N)
Undine, ♀ Frillish
Azul, ♀ Blue-Striped Basculin
Saprill, ♀ Marill (Hidden Ability: Sap Sipper)
Simone, ♀ Drilbur

Akanthe, ♀ Ferroseed
Skyfish, ♀ Tynamo
Din, ♀ Deerling (Autumn/Fall)
Goichi, ♀ Elgyem
Vibra, ♀ Trapinch
Etna, ♀ Camerupt
Aphrodite, ♀ Woobat
Manta, ♀ Mantyke
Kaiosei, ♀ Wailord
Medusa, ♀ Tangela
AurumSolis, Solrock
Skyebolt, ♀ Emolga
Voudoun, ♀ Banette
Lithos, ♀ Onix
Amaterasu, ♀ Volcarona
Glaive, ♀ Pawniard
Levana, ♀ Sewaddle
Absolution, ♀ Absol
Hindenberg, ♀ Drifblim
Kamome, ♀ Pelipper
Scylla, ♀ Jellicent (Hidden Ability: Damp)
Aquibila, ♀ Seel
Bexxxxxxx, ♀ Delibird
Morgan, ♀ Clefairy
Capt. Epic, ♀ Piloswine
ArgentLuna, Lunatone
Kyuurei, ♀ Sneasel
Afro Bull, ♀ Bouffalant
Aka, Throh
Sandile, ♀ Sandile (OT: N)

Several of these require explanations. From the top:
Black names
Aetta is derived from the plural form of the group that the Futhark runic system used for letters, singular form is aett.
Psiygas is derived from psi and Giygas. *shrugs*
Kuma noHyo is an attempt at rendering 'snow bear' in Gratuitous Japanese.
Awaystar is basically what Absol means. (Ab- = away, sol = star, more specifically, the sun. But Awaysun didn't sound as good.)

White 2 names
Auraculum is a portmanteau of aura and oraculum.
Pharolux is a portmanteau of Pharos and lux (as in the Pharos of Alexandria and light).
Mimikins is a name I got from a TRG video (it was mentioned as Emile's affectionate nickname in I believe the NSMBWii LP.)
Bexxxxxxx is the name of a TPP regular who loves Delibird.
Capt. Epic was taken from here.

Posted by: Numpty Nov 1 2015, 09:10 PM

My teams in X and Alpha Sapphire are:

X (legitimate reasons)

Greninja named Naruto (reasoning should be obvious) [main character]
Diggersby named Jasmine (somehow) [thick Southern drawl]
Heliolisk named BrianGriffin (based on Flipnotes) [legally married to Hotcha]
Pyroar named Hotcha (world 2 in The Legendary Starfy, which I highly recommend) [legally married to Brian]
Talonflame named Fletcher (Antics) [hung out with Copernicus once]
Vivillon named Dusty (his wings are powdery) [somewhat nervous]

Alpha Sapphire (based on improvisation)

Blaziken named George (somewhat dorky and shy)
Mightyena named Kristoff (snarky stoic guy) [named after the Frozen character]
Gardevoir named Chester (flamboyant man-child)
Ludicolo named Mabel (ditzy love interest to George)
Linoone named Guybrush (loves to travel by boat) [named after the Monkey Island character]
Beautifly named Mr. Peepers (the other guy) [named such due to Game Freak disallowing Spike]

Posted by: Mars Adept Enten Dec 14 2016, 05:12 PM

I guess I should update this for my Moon savefile now...

Glitterlight/Lanturn, ♀: Basically a legacy name for Chinchou/Lanturn by now. A portmanteau of 'glitter' and 'light', referring to its bioluminescent lure.
Jormungandr/Zygarde 50% Forme, genderless: After one of the two possible bases for Zygarde's 50% Forme, the gigantic sea serpent that encircles the earth in Norse mythology. Was formerly named Fenrir, after one of the bases for its 10% Forme.
Salamandra/Salazzle, ♀: A feminized version of salamander, the creature she's based off of.
Ganondorf/Incineroar, ♂: For some reason, aspects of his design remind me of the (original) primary villain of the Legend of Zelda games, especially his Hyrule Warriors version. cat.gif Plus, he's also a part Dark-type, which also fits with being named after a Big Bad. ^_^.gif (And for my fellow Zelda nerds, yes, I do realize how unfitting his name is for a feline Pokémon when you consider Zeldaverse canon. rolleyes.gif) Was formerly named Hineko, from hi (lit. 'fire') and neko (lit. 'cat').
Vyse/Charjabug, ♂: It made more sense when he was still a Grubbin. sweat.gif A reference to what Grubbin's pincers reminded me of. Also an unintentional reference to the protagonist of Skies of Arcadia.
Tellura/Lycanroc (Midnight Forme), ♀: I wanted to call her Telluratherion, but there wasn't enough space, so I shortened it to Tellura.

PC Boxes
Box 1
Zerxer/Yungoos, ♂: After one of the mods on here, the one and only Zerxer. happy.gif Might be renamed after a certain President-elect when I evolve him.
Orlock/Zubat, ♂: The name of the vampire in the novel Nosferatu
Gaia/Diglett (Alolan variant), ♀: After the Greek goddess of the earth, Gaia.
Yamineko/Meowth (Alolan variant), ♀: From a portmanteau comprised of yami (lit. 'dark') and neko (lit. 'cat')
Agnew/Spearow, ♂: From Spiro T. Agnew, whom the species name reminds me of, also a legacy name of sorts.
RollingStone/Roggenrola, ♀: From the classic rock band the Rolling Stones. Also a legacy name from at least AS.
Lady/Ledian, ♀: Self-explanatory. Ledyba and Ledian are based on ladybugs.
Bonnie/Lillipup, ♀: Basically a name that reminds me of Scotland, as Lillipup reminds me of that country somehow.
Groupa/Wishiwashi, ♀: A purposeful misspelling of 'grouper', a type of fish, which Wishiwashi reminds me of.
Gyakusatsu/Magikarp, ♀: Legacy nickname.
Kamome/Wingull, ♀: Another legacy nickname.
Lodestone/Nosepass, ♀: Since Nosepass is related to magnetism, I decided to name mine after a stone that has magnetic properties.
Cranigina/Vullaby, ♀: A portmanteau of 'cranium' and 'regina', Latin for 'queen'. So, essentially her name translates to 'cranium queen'.
Hindenberg/Drifloon, ♀: OH, THE HUMANITY! *ahem* Tasteless joking aside, this is another legacy nickname I've used for Drifloon ever since Diamond. And yes, it was taken from that zeppelin. wink.gif
Lucahjin/Igglybuff, ♀: A legacy nickname. I seem to have a lot of those. *grins* Anyways, her namesake is a Let's Playdie (female LPer) friend of TRG.
Genghis/Kangaskhan, ♀: Another legacy name, this time from XY, I believe.
Seductra/Fomantis, ♀: Since Lurantis reminds me of a seductress due to its feminine appearance, I referenced that in her name.
Tyler/Toucannon, ♂: After a regular VS. participant, who was formerly known as AttackingTucans.
Balboa/Crabrawler, ♂: After who else: Rocky Balboa. happy.gif
Lord Amber/Aerodactyl, ♂: Legacy/fandom nickname, from TPP.
Aquaticuke/Pyukumuku, ♀: A portmanteau of 'aquatic' and 'cuke', a shortening of 'cucumber'.
Acooltent/Tentacool, ♀: Legacy nickname and a nickname I got from Chuggaaconroy. grin.gif
NinCaSu/Haunter, ♂: An attempt at lengthening my X Gengar's name. Guess who he's named after. wink.gif
Veler/Golem (Alolan variant) (traded), ♂: In-game trade. Nothing more to say here.
Kairi/Klefki, ♀: Even though I don't play the series, this is intended as a reference to the Kingdom Hearts games.

I'll update this with more when I get more Pokémon in Moon (or if I start on Sun. wink.gif)

EDIT: I have gotten more Pokés on Moon, so here are their nicknames (all are in PC boxes save for the first):

Gladius/Skarmory, ♀: From gladius, Latin for sword. Since some 'Dex entries mention that Skarmory feathers were used as swords, I figured it fit. happy.gif
Queen Leech/Paras, ♀: From the TPP Red 2.0 run's Parasect, which was unfortunately released (and her release seriously hurt the Voices' morale.)
Babbage/Beldum, genderless: From the man responsible for the first computer, Charles Babbage. Since Metagross is mentioned as having intelligence on par with a supercomputer, it fit quite well IMO.
Vajradamas/Carbink, genderless: From vajra and adamas, which are Sanskrit(?) for 'diamond-like' and the etymological root for diamond, respectively.
Estrella/Staryu, genderless: From the Spanish(?) word for 'star'. Pretty self-explanatory.

EDIT 2: Here's a few more:
Corallie/Corsola, ♀: A portmanteau of 'coral' and the name Allie.
Liderc/Misdreavus, ♀: Basically, the mythological creature Misdreavus is based on.
Baku/Drowzee, ♀: Another mythology reference.
Absolution/Absol, ♀: Legacy nickname.
Yukina/Snorunt, ♀: Based on yuki, Japanese for snow.
Kama/Sneasel, ♀: Japanese for 'sickle'.
Sagitta/Fletchling, ♀: Legacy nickname from X.
Sumette/Makuhita, ♀: Based on sumo wrestlers.
Treant/Trevenant, ♂: Treants are basically walking trees.
Faerieshroom/Shiinotic, ♀: A portmanteau of 'faerie' and 'mushroom'.
Tsarinakura/Tsareena, ♀: From Tsarina, Russian(?) for 'queen' and sakura, Japanese for 'cherry blossom'.
Pandachan/Pancham, ♀: Basically, just 'panda' with a feminine honorific.
Morpha/Ditto, genderless: Legacy nickname.
Rouge/Minior (Red Core), genderless: French for 'red'.
LaFey/Cleffa, ♀: After Morgan LaFey, from Arthurian lore.
Viotor/Minior (Violet Core), genderless: A portmanteau of 'violet' and 'meteor'.
O'Keefe/Smeargle, ♀: Legacy nickname.
Morrighan/Murkrow, ♀: After a Gaelic goddess often associated with crows.
Arctique/Sandshrew (Alolan variant), ♂: Based on 'arctic'.
Yuki-Oni/Snorunt, ♀: A combination of yuki and oni (lit. 'ogre')
Dracaena/Drampa, ♀: After a kind of plant (which I unfortunately cannot recall ATM. sad.gif)
Toucanna/Pikipek, ♀: A portmanteau of 'toucan' and Anna.
Arachne/Dewpider, ♀: After a girl who was turned into the first spider after losing a weaving contest against the Greek goddess of wisdom, Athena.
Kaminari/Pichu, ♀: Legacy nickname.
Puff/Cutiefly, ♀: It reminds me of a puffball. 'Nuff said.
Dokuyami/Grimer (Alolan variant): A portmanteau of doku (lit. 'poison') and yami (lit. 'darkness').
Lucineon/Finneon, ♀: Combination of lucis and neon.
Ai/Luvdisc, ♀: Japanese for 'love'.
Yami/Rattata (Alolan variant), ♀: See Dokuyami above.
Terpischore/Oricorio (Pom-Pom style), ♀: After the Muse of dance.
Selene/Lunala, genderless: After the Greek goddess of the moon.

*chuckles* I've been busy, as you can see, catching new Pokés.

EDIT 3: Some more nicknames from Moon:
Archaios/Archen, ♂: Legacy nickname of sorts from Emerald.
Escutcheon/Shieldon, ♂: A fancy term for 'shield'.
Isoliath/Wimpod, ♀: A portmanteau of isopod and Goliath.
Morte/Shiny Marowak (Alolan variant), ♀: Legacy nickname from XY, I believe.
Pyrus/Shiny Magby, ♂: A generic fire-themed name.
Miremare/Mudbray, ♀: A portmanteau of mire and mare.

Now we get into the really interesting ones, the Ultra Beasts:
Symbiont/Nihilego, genderless: From the code name used for it.
Beauty/Pheromosa, genderless: From the code name used for it.
UB-02/Pheromosa, genderless: Its Ultra Beast designation.
Hermosa/Pheromosa, genderless: From hermosa, Spanish for 'beautiful'.
Ferouche/Pheromosa, genderless: From its Japanese name.
Lighting/Xurkitree, genderless: From the code name used for it.
UB-03/Xurkitree, genderless: Its Ultra Beast designation.
BlasterCelesteela, genderless: From the code name used for it.
UB-04/Celesteela, genderless: Its Ultra Beast designation.
Glutton/Guzzlord, genderless: From the code name used for it.

I wanted at least one of each Ultra Beast to have its English code name as its nickname, and any extras after that were given their UB designations, or were from the basis of their names, or their Japanese name.

EDIT 4: Here's some nicknames from my Sun file (which I'm going to try and follow a Zelda theme for):
Trainer: Ganondorf, ♂ (medium-dark skin, brown hair (initial), black hair (currently))
Link/Dartrix, ♂: Come on, I shouldn't have to say what game he's from, now, should I? tongue.gif
Ilia/Trumbeak, ♀: From Zelda: Twilight Princess
Sheik/Pikachu, ♀: From Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Epona/Mudbray, ♀: From various Zelda games.
Midna/Persian (Alolan variant), ♀: From Zelda: Twilight Princess
Marin/Wingull, ♀: From Zelda: Link's Awakening
Eldin/Magnemite, genderless: From Zelda: Twilight Princess and Zelda: Skyward Sword
Zant/Rattata (Alolan variant), ♂: From Zelda: Twilight Princess
Luda/Yungoos, ♀: From Zelda: Twilight Princess
Like-like/Grimer (Alolan variant), ♀: Monster in various games in the series
Poe/Gastly, ♂: Monster in various games in the series
Ghini/Drifloon, ♀: Monster in various games in the series (primarily the 2D installments)
Keese/Zubat, ♀: Monster in various games in the series
Farore/Ledyba, ♀: From Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Zelda: Oracle of Ages/Seasons
Guay/Spearow, ♂: Monster in the 3D installments
Macho/Machop, ♂: In-game trade. One of the few that isn't named by me.
Mido/Cutiefly, ♂: From Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Zelda 2: Adventure of Link
Yuga/Smeargle, ♂: From Zelda: A Link Between Worlds
Din/Growlithe, ♀: From Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Zelda: Oracle of Seasons
Pengu/Delibird, ♂ (pending rename)
Ukiki/Mankey, ♀: From Zelda: A Link to the Past and Zelda: Link's Awakening
Ibaru Eigaru/Rufflet, ♂: Boss from Zelda: Link's Awakening (Gratuitous Japanese for Evil Eagle, the boss of L7: Eagle's Tower, changed because I was unsure whether or not 'Evil' would be caught by the nickname censor.)
Faia-Odori/Oricorio, ♀ (pending rename): Mini-Boss from Zelda: Ocarina of Time (Gratuitous Japanese for Fire Dancer, the mini-boss of the Fire Temple.)
Saria/Cottonee, ♀: From Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Zelda 2: Adventure of Link
Wizzro/Misdreavus, ♂: From Hyrule Warriors and Hyrule Warriors: Legends
Impa/Makuhita, ♀: From various games in the series
Hardhat/Slowpoke, ♂: Monster from the 2D installments (shortened form of Hardhat Beetle)
Agitha/Caterpie, ♀: From Zelda: Twilight Princess
Gohma/Spinarak, ♀: Boss from various games in the series.
Cueball/Grubbin, ♂: Miniboss from Zelda: Link's Awakening
Darbus/Roggenrola, ♂: From Zelda: Twilight Princess
Darmani/Machop, ♂: From Zelda: Majora's Mask
Vasu/Carbink, genderless: From Zelda: Oracle of Ages/Seasons
Guruguru/Spinda, ♂: From Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Zelda: Oracle of Seasons
Wolfos/Rockruff, ♂: Monster from the 3D installments of the series
Moosh/Munchlax, ♀ (I am aware that this is a gender mismatch.): From Zelda: Oracle of Ages/Seasons
Maku/Bonsly, ♀: From Zelda: Oracle of Ages
Leever/Diglett (Alolan variant), ♀: Monster from various games in the series.

Posted by: Mars Adept Enten May 11 2017, 04:49 PM

I FINALLY found my Platinum card after cleaning up my room, so I'll list my names from that game:

Apocalypse, Shiny Giratina (Origin Forme) genderless: I caught him on Easter Sunday 2009, so I wanted a religious themed name for him. Apocalypse is an alternate name for the Revelation of St. John in the Bible.
Epona, Rapidash ♀: Legacy name for any Ponyta I catch.
Aquablade, Empoleon ♀: *shrugs* I wanted a name that reflected its typing, I suppose. (This file was started way back in 2009, so I really don't remember most of the reasons for my names save for a few.)
Aeroga, Staraptor ♀: After the wind spell in the Final Fantasy series.
Tae, Machamp ♀: After taekwondo.
Flora, Roserade ♀: After the Roman goddess of flowers.

Boxes (Note, I have a LOT of filled boxes, so this will be spoiler'd.

Boxes 1-5 (I-V) (click to show)

Boxes 6-10 (VI-X) (click to show)

Boxes 11-Trade Box (XI-TradeBox) (click to show)

Posted by: The Majestic Mr L Jun 16 2017, 02:15 PM

oh is this thread alive

eh I guess I could add more

Mavis - Milotic - The best.

Bea - Latias

McCree - Midday Lycanroc - it's 12 o'clock

Mercy - Audino

Bayonetta - Tsareena

Mistral - Alolan Ninetales - The cold wind of France.

Cell - Zygarde

Dunban - Roserade - Blossom Dance = Petal Dance

Mumkhar - Weavile

Oberon/Titania - Mawile - King/Queen of the fairies

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