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Jakira Mercedes Harrington, My new PANE Character. :) (Sorry, Tiffany.)
post Jul 1 2012, 07:07 AM
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"For mother volcano bake meat"
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Tiffany's PANE Team

Name: Jakira Mercedes Harrington

Age: 17

Hometown: Mauville City, Hoenn

With Jakira's 155cm(5'1") she's way shorter than most people her age. She has light skin and her body is rather petite, so all in all, she just looks very small. And if it wasn't enough, she also appears to have quite a baby-face, but she tries to cover her very young-looking face with side-swept bangs across her forehead, hiding half her left eye and 25% of her face. She also wears some black eyeliner on her upper eyelids, and completes the clean look with black mascaraon her rather long eyelashes.

Her hair is naturally a platinum blonde like color, but because she has dyed her hair so much, it now looks bright golden blonde. Yes, she likes to dye her hair often, and at times, in crazy colors.
Because she likes things unique and feminine, she has decided to tie a lock of her hair up in a black ribbon, so it's separated from the rest of her long, straight hair and stands out. Jakira's eyes are forest green, and she tries to compliment them with purple pearl earrings in each ear.

Jakira is very confident about her own body, and believes that she can pull off any outfit. Her main outfit is a white/purple dress made of elastic materials, so she always slides the short sleeves down below her shoulders. She covers her shoulders as rarely as she can, since she wants to show them off. On her dress' lower half, she has attached some sort of white veil. She believes it helps in making her outfit more outstanding, as well as covers her lower figure from behind, for practical reasons. But the veil can easily be removed, and be used as a scarf, towel or whatever she may find necessary at that moment. Even though her legs are short, she finds them beautiful and wears knee-high white stockings to make them even cuter. The stockings go well with her black ballerina shoes. A part of her body, she's not very confident about, though, are her thin wrists and neck, so she wears some sort of tight necklace around her neck, and a black bracelet on her left arm.

Personality: Jakira is your stereotypical rich girl. Mean, spoiled and manipulative. She has no interest in making friends with anyone, whatsoever, and prefers being alone. She gets a bad impression of most people, and really can't stand overly joyful and positive people, as she thinks there's something fishy about them.

Even though she has this strong dislike for humans, she do know how to behave around other people. She knows how to make them like her, and think they have a connection. Jakira will do this to most people no matter how much she can't stand them on the inside. If she believe that she can get something out of the person in some way, which is useful, she won't hesitate to be a nice, polite and friendly person around them.

In the same manner, she also won't hesitate to be rude towards other people if she thinks they're useless in helping her achieving anything. That's when her real self really shines through. To those "useless" people, she will display a stuck-up, stubborn, arrogant, rude, un-fair, sarcastic, ill-tempered behavior.

It's unknown as to how she would act around people she genuinly likes, as she haven't met a human-being she really cared about. None other than the girl from her childhood, though.

Jakira has never even once fallen in love, and she uses this "ability" to have it her way when she meets guys. If the "nice girl"-trap won't work on them, she'll flirt her way through problems instead.

She's highly intelligent, excellent at observing and good at solving problems. In school she used to get the best grades of all time, and she has always thought of quiz-programs and other stuff like that to be a piece of cake, since her memory is extremely good, and so she uses her sharp mind when battling. She has a strong need for survival, and will think of herself before other people. The only time where she may think of others is if a Pokémon or any kind of baby or very small child is in danger and needs help. She is genuinly nice to Pokémon, if they are nice to her.

Biography: Jakira grew up in a very rich family, in a huge house in Mauville City. She's always been a spoiled girl, who got everything she pointed at. That's also how she got her Bellsprout, Potato. Jakira had been watching a tv show where a Bellsprout fought a Shroomish and won, after watching the show she told her mum that she wanted a "potato-head" Pokémon like the one on tv. And as said as done, just a few hours after her wishing, a package came in with a pokéball for Jakira. In there, her first Pokémon was.

Jakira's family is very rich because her mom married an extremely wealthy man, who happens to rarely be at home. The man isn't Jakira's father; she has no idea who her real father is, and doesn't even want to know. She finds it completely irrelevant and unimportant to know.

Jakira doesn't have any siblings that she knows of, though, she has one step-sister who is her step-father's real daughter. Jakira and her step-sister hate each other to death and have always treated each other badly. The step-sister has always been very jealous of Jakira because of her looks and all the attention she got from both parents.

Despite Jakira's life in luxury and her ignorant attitude towards her family, there have always been one thing missing from her life. Jakira has never had any real friends, and as she keeps saying: "I don't need any friends!", she deep down knows that's not true. She feels lonely all the time, and doesn't have anyone that she trusts. Well, the one closest to being her friend would be her Bellsprout, Potato. But even so, she won't admit him to be her true friend, since he's just a pokémon, and not a Pokémon. Potato seem to have no problem with that, though.

She've only had one friend in her entire life. She befriended a girl when she was quite small. They met each other through school and quickly became friends. The girl were the only person in the entire school who didn't bully Jakira because of her money and good grades. People thought Jakira got good grades because of her family and their high reputation and power, when in reality she got good grades because of her knowledge and smartness. Their friendship was so strong, but yet it had to end drastically. The girl told Jakira that she and her parents were going to move to Johto, and when she came to Johto she would pursue her dream in becoming a Pokémon Trainer.

Jakira was heartbroken, but a short while after the girl had left for Johto, she went out into the tall grass and caught 2 more Pokémon, the Zigzagoon, Shelanie, and the Gulpin, Juliette.

It's been 7 years since the girl moved. Jakira is now 17 years old, has graduated from school, and believes that she has gotten over her past. She's ready to go out on her own in the world, and train her precious Pokémon. It's what she wants to do the most, and her mom, of course, bought her a ticket to the Region, Furoh, so that Jakira can go out and pursue her dream and try to fulfill her wishes by herself for once.

She wants to be one of the best Pokémon trainers in the entire world.

Class: Trainer/Co-ordinator

Starting Pokemon:

Species: Bellsprout
Nickname: Potato
Gender: Male
Level: 10
Nature: Quirky
Held Item: N/A
Ability: Chlorophyll (Boosts the Pokémon’s Speed in sunshine. )
Moves: Vine Whip, Growth & Giga Drain(egg move)
Personality: Potato is quite the curious, entertaining and rather friendly Pokémon. He's not scared of anything or anyone at all. He quickly gets to like other people and Pokémon, and doesn't get offended by anything. He's both hyperactive and down-to-earth.

Species: Zigzagoon
Nickname: Shelanie
Gender: Female
Level: 10
Nature: Jolly
Held Item: N/A
Ability: Pickup (The Pokémon may pick up items.)
Moves: Tackle, Growl, Tail Whip, Headbutt & Helping Hand(egg move)
Personality: Shelanie is a very clumsy, overly friendly and dumb Pokémon. She has troubles learning new moves and using them properly, however she's way faster than an average Zigzagoon, which Jakira likes to use to her advantage in battles. Shelanie, like Potato, tends to love every being on this planet.

Species: Gulpin
Nickname: Juliette
Gender: Female
Level: 10
Nature: Sassy
Held Item: N/A
Ability: Liquid Ooze (Damages attackers using any draining move.)
Moves: Pound, Yawn, Poison Gas & Destiny Bond(egg move)
Personality: Juliette is a very aggressive, bossy, mean and tempered Pokémon. She gets annoyed if things don't go the way she wants them to, and she's not afraid to scold other Pokémon. Juliette also tends to get irritated at Jakira, and may disobey her at times. With that being said, Juliette is a very loving and happy Pokémon as long as she feels safe and is satisfied.

- Small bag
- 10 Ultra Balls
- 5 Poké Balls
- 2 Luxury Balls
- 1 Premier Ball
- 4 Full Heals
- (with recordings from the 'Pokémon White Pokédex')
- Quite a lot of money (which she stores in her strapless bra in case of theft)
- Clothes; swimsuit, contest clothes, pokéathleon outfit.

What is the biscuit's name? Scheherazade

Other Notes:
- I have absolutely nothing to add, as of now. Oh, I'm not going to delete Tiffany's Wikia profile. 'Cause I've got plans to resurrect her once I earn enough "points" with Jakira.
- And again, sorry about my English. (I know everyone says this..) I'm trying to get better.

<---- Click on 'Banette' to go to my party.

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post Jul 1 2012, 12:18 PM
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And a Golurk

As far as English is concerned, it's still readable, so that's good. I would like to see the Bio in past tense though, as well as future RPs. If you could fix that up, that would be great.

The combined total of levels should be 20. Your combined pokemon levels are 30. Either change their levels or get rid of one of the pokemon.

Other than that, looking forward to seeing this character in action. happy.gif


PANE x2 (click to show)

Credit for 2gamer's Seel of Approval (click to show)
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