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Megas you thought would be awesome!
post Mar 19 2014, 04:15 PM
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Smeargle Addict
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From: Smeargle
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Smeargle Addict

This is a thread where you my friends can post Pokemon you think their should of been in Gen 6! As you read, try to imagine the Mega of that Pokemon!

So, I've been thinking:



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The Majestic Mr ...
post Mar 19 2014, 08:08 PM
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Wielder of the Monado, Mercy main BTW
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From: United States
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Dragonite (Dragoniteite?)
Drifblim (Why the hell not?)
Rayquaza (Extremely unlikely, but would be AWESOME)
Rampardos (Would be so OP!)

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x Sam
post Mar 20 2014, 04:44 AM
Post #3

Axew and Volcarona enthusiast
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Group: +Donors
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From: England
Member No.: 61 211

Invisible Kyurem

Mega Volcarona
Mega Meganium
Mega Yanmega
Mega Axew (Because Mega Haxorus would suck :p)
Mega Solrock
Mega Metagross
Mega Qwilfish
Mega Dunsparce

Latter 2 get no love, deserve a nice boost fromt things sealed.gif Mega Volc would be my love forever..

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Don't forget to love yourself.
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Gambrinous Antis...
post Mar 20 2014, 07:07 AM
Post #4

Gym Leader
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Group: +Donors
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Joined: 6-May 09
Member No.: 19 837

Active Squad

Mega Beedrill all the way! Here's how I envision it:


(The yellow splotches on its legs are meant to be parts of a Kakuna husk; for some reason I can see it having a stat build that allows it to make use of Weak Armor as an ability for more than flavor alone)

Also, Mega Luvdisc. You know we need one. Its Mega would probably be the only Mega that requires a Mega Evolution to be viable. sad.gif
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Noa Qep
post Apr 1 2014, 02:03 PM
Post #5

Pokémon Trainer
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Group: Members
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Joined: 7-May 09
From: You wish you were here.
Member No.: 20 331

My Top 6

I really would've liked MegaArcanine. It's already beast, but I'd like it anyway. Just to see more fluff! >v<

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post Apr 1 2014, 02:59 PM
Post #6

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Group: Members
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Joined: 27-February 11
From: A generic location such as a house.
Member No.: 133 427


Any Mega Eeveelutions, really.

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post Apr 1 2014, 05:18 PM
Post #7

I rolled a one. Again.
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Group: Members
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From: down the rabbithole .
Member No.: 37 687


Please Nintendo, please. All I want is my big, buff MegaLax. (The Pokemon, not the laxative)

previously doped up dolly.
Someday I'll put something here.

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Bonnie Clyde
post Apr 11 2014, 05:35 PM
Post #8

You're filled with DETERMINATION
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Group: +Contributor
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Joined: 20-November 10
From: Celestic Town
Member No.: 120 895

Faves <3

I would have liked to see these:
Mega Celebi
Mega Darkrai
Mega Dusknoir
Mega Weavile
Mega Smeargle
Mega Milotic
Mega Froslass
Mega Raichu
Mega Wigglytuff
Mega Sableye
Mega Ninetail
Mega Lickilicky (Most likely would have a massive tongue)
Mega Deoxys
Mega Wobbuffet
Mega Mismagius
Mega Arceus (I mainly want this to see what it looks like)
Mega Gallade (since Gardevoir got one, Gallade should too)
Mega Rotom
Mega Gothitelle
Mega Cryogonal (I picture this one being very sparkly and pretty like actual snowflakes)


(click to show)

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post Apr 11 2014, 08:18 PM
Post #9

Pokémon Trainer
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Group: Members
Posts: 39
Joined: 17-October 10
Member No.: 117 678

Dark Trainer Chey

Mega Raichu would be awesome

Just a freak of the fantasies...

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post Apr 12 2014, 05:51 AM
Post #10

Pokémon Trainer
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Group: +Donors
Posts: 88
Joined: 22-December 12
From: Somewhere Over the Rainbow, Connecticut
Member No.: 186 218

meme team

Mega Samurott. Standing on its hind legs with armor EVVVVVVRYYYYYWHERE. The horn-thing on its head would be like a foot longer, its tail would split into two and be as sharp as swords, and Sammy's sword-scalchops would be gone, now part of its armor. Always has the ability Tough Armor, which decreases Speed and raises Defense on every hit.

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Mars Adept Enten
post Apr 21 2014, 02:13 PM
Post #11

Certified Psychotic Isaac Fangirl and Legendary Dogs Enthusiast
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Group: +Donors
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Joined: 2-May 09
From: Izumo, Weyard
Member No.: 18 522

GS Crew

Hm. Megavolutions you would like to see?

Gen 1
Mega Ninetales (More fur and kitsune-like traits, please!)
Mega Arcanine (If Ninetales gets a Mega, so should its counterpart.)
Mega Rapidash (Seriously, make it a flaming Pegasus or something. That'd be rad. grin.gif)
Mega Omastar (If Aerodactyl can get a Mega, so should the other G1 Fossils.)
Mega Kabutops (See note on Mega Omastar.)
And just for the Hell of it...
Mega Eeveelutions (G1) (IDK why I'd like to see this. Mostly I'd like to see Mega Flareon. Help its metagame a bit.)

Gen 2
Mega Meganium (Mostly for the laughs.)
Mega Typhlosion (If Meganium gets one, the rest of the Johto starters' final forms should too.)
Mega Feraligatr (See note on Mega Typhlosion)
Mega Dunsparce (Seriously, he gets next to no love. A Megavolution could change all that.)
Mega Qwilfish (Maybe they could put more emphasis on its Poison-type? Make it as deadly as puffer fish are in reality. C'mon, GF!)
Mega Shuckle (Just for laughs and to see how much more they could increase its defensive stats.)
Mega Skarmory (Oh, Hell yes! Make it even spikier and more badass, please!)
Mega Eeveelutions (G2) (See note on G1's Mega Eeveelutions.)
And this would most likely be a pie-in-the-sky dream, but...
Mega Raikou, Mega Entei, Mega Suicune, Mega Lugia, and Mega Ho-oh (Mostly because I'd like to see how badass they could make their designs.)

Gen 3
Mega Sceptile (If the IIRC OP Blaziken can get a Megavolution, so should the other Hoenn starters' final forms. Otherwise, you're just rubbing it in the faces of fans of the other two. This is now Hilarious in Hindsight thanks to OR/AS.)
Mega Swampert (See note on Mega Sceptile. Another HiH Mega Evo now.)
Mega Ludicolo and Mega Shiftry (Mostly just to see what'd they would look like.)
Mega Slaking (Mostly just to troll folks.)
Mega Sableye (It pisses me off that Mawile got a Megavolution, but its Sapphire counterpart didn't. Another HiH Mega Evo with OR/AS.)
Mega Wailord (Just for the laughs.)
Mega Spinda (Spinda's pretty useless, so there's a great opportunity to make it better.)
Mega Altaria (Make it more cloud-based and stuff. Mostly here just because I'd like to see its design. Also another Hilarious in Hindsight request now.)
Mega Seviper and Mega Zangoose (These two are IIRC not used that much, so there's potential here.)
Mega Lunatone and Mega Solrock (I seem to recall seeing a really badass design for one of these guys linked to on the chat a while back.)
Mega Cradily and Mega Armaldo (Seriously, I'd like to see Megavolutions of all the Fossil 'mons.)
Mega Milotic (If its Physical-based counterpart Gyarados can get a Megs, so should Milotic.)
Mega Tropius (Mostly to see its design.)
Mega Glalie (IIRC, Glalie's a pretty underused Ice-type, so a Megavolution could give it a good boost.)

Gen 4
Mega Torterra, Mega Infernape, and Mega Empoleon (If it isn't obvious by now, I want to see Megavolutions of all the starters' final forms.)
Mega Bidoof (For the troll factor and the laughs, mostly.)
Mega Ramparados and Mega Bastiodon (Mostly to see just how much they'd crank up their Attack and Defense/Special Defense, respectively.)
Mega Vespiquen (Mostly for design.)
Mega Mismagius and Mega Honchkrow (^)
Mega Gallade (If Gardevoir can get a Megavolution, so should its male-only counterpart. And make it actually look badass and not turn it into a fattie. Now rendered Hilarious in Hindsight thanks to the September issue of KoroKoro Comics.)
Mega Dialga, Mega Palkia, and Mega Giratina (These would likely be way too OP, but I still would like to see designs for these guys.)

Gen 5
Mega Serperior, Mega Emboar, and Mega Samurott (*cough* *wants Megavolutions of all starters' final forms* *cough*)
Mega Simisage, Mega Simisear, and Mega Simipour (Mostly for designs.)
Mega Gigalith (Just to see how much more spikes they'd add to it.)
Mega Throh and Mega Sawk (Mostly for designs and stat increases.)

I'll continue this post later. *is getting kind of lazy and tired*

This post has been edited by Mars Adept Enten: Sep 10 2014, 11:53 AM

I'm also known as Queen_Lugia on SPPf, and Queen-Articuno on dA, as well as a former aspiring trinketer on GPX+, a proud TheRunawayGuys fangirl, a proud participant of Extra Life, and proud supporter of TwitchPlaysPokemon.

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post Apr 26 2014, 12:32 PM
Post #12

Pokémon Trainer
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Random Favorites

After hearing about Blaziken, I expected megas for Swampert and Sceptile. I also thought it was kind of weird that the gen 6 starters didn't get megas.

There are tons more I would have liked to see, but those were the ones that struck me as weird that they weren't included.
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post May 7 2014, 02:39 PM
Post #13

Pokémon Trainer
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Group: Newbies
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Joined: 1-May 14
Member No.: 218 687

Active Squad

Mega Mudfish Swampert.

Save the poor injured Cranidos! He needs your help!
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post May 16 2015, 10:03 AM
Post #14

Pokémon Trainer
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Group: Restricted
Posts: 90
Joined: 7-May 15
From: Nopony knoooooooows~~
Member No.: 231 513

Shay Group

It's been FOREVER!! Now we need Megas that need moves to do so.

Porygon-Z (Data Lockdown).
The Continuum Duo (Giratina gets the fortune of Primal Reversing).
Mew (Creation Rush).

This is funny. (click to show)
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Blue Eyes White ...
post Aug 6 2015, 03:45 PM
Post #15

Seto Kaiba?
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Group: +Donors
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From: Colorado
Member No.: 63 862

Showdown Team!

Mega Luxray please! And Flygon.. Flygon would be cool I think.


A Pokemon RPG I moderate.~ Users of all ages welcome!

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post Nov 4 2015, 03:08 PM
Post #16

Pokémon Trainer
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Group: Restricted
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From: Nopony knoooooooows~~
Member No.: 231 513

Shay Group

QUOTE(MudFish @ May 7 2014, 03:39 PM) *
Mega Mudfish Swampert.

Welp, you got your wish. Sadly, Mega Swampert skips Leg Day.

This is funny. (click to show)
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Shadow Fennekin
post Nov 4 2015, 09:52 PM
Post #17

Elite Four
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Group: Members
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Joined: 21-April 09
Member No.: 14 137

Platinum team

Mega Flygon (Only third gen Dragon without a Mega)
Mega Dunsparce
Mega Farfetch'd
Mega Luxray
Mega Dragonite (Solely to see what the stone would be called)
Megas for the Johto, Sinnoh, Unova, and Kalos starters.
Mega Mew

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post Mar 12 2017, 04:08 PM
Post #18

Pokémon Trainer
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Group: Members
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From: Somewhere...
Member No.: 18 814

Platinum Roster

I really, really want a Mega Flygon! Apparently, the only reason there isn't one is that no one could come up with a design for it. That's just sad.

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