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RNG, Have you ever had that one time where...
post Aug 3 2015, 02:53 PM
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RNG seems like a rollercoaster. One moment it's all fine, you're getting good drops and good fights, and all of a sudden you're screwed; it drops bad luck with items on you, or a huge boss fight.

That's what happened to me in Terraria the other day.

tl;dr Pirate Invasion on the third day of hardmode.

Anyway, what are your feelings about RNG? Tell us about your good moments, your bad moments and your ugly moments.

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post Aug 7 2015, 06:28 PM
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Alpha and Omega
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In a recent run of Fire Emblem:The Sacred Stones,Eirika only got three points of strength since the beginning,so I had to use Ewan's Energy Ring on her.Her skill also didn't max out like normal at level 20.Getting growths in all the wrong places,I guess.

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Lord Raven
post Aug 7 2015, 08:36 PM
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i need something to put here
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I recommend checking out this page of average stats so you can know how up to par your stats are:


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post Aug 8 2015, 03:10 AM
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I've had a bunch of bad RNG times, and also good RNG times. Some of them are more related to dice rolls than true RNG, but they're pretty similar concepts for the most part

One of the worst was with Terraria, where I spent more than a week killing a somewhat rare monster trying to get the Uzi to drop, which has a 1% drop rate and should thus drop within 100 kills, or at least within 150. It took me around 260 kills to get one, and then right around 263 kills I got a second one. It was ridiculous.

I've also had bad times with RNG dice rolls in the Battletech tabletop simulator Megamek. During several matches I've had the dice consistently roll critical hits or headshots against my units, while my own weapon rolls against the computer have ended up as misses or glancing blows. It gets frustrating after a while. But then, I've also had incredibly good rolls, such as when the computer's units miss and I get a very high roll that blows a leg off of one of their mechs.

And then there's roleplaying. My dice rolling in the very limited roleplaying I've done has been amazing. I think I've only ever done a dice-related roleplay once using some kind of system that was called Fate or something like that. During the first battle in the roleplay, which the GM had intended to be difficult and which all of my allies totally failed at, I rolled a whole bunch of 6's on the D6 dice we were using and breezed through, impaling everything (I think they were goblins) with ice spells and tearing into them with an ice fox summon while taking essentially no damage in return. It was epic.


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