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Things not to suggest [UPDATE 6 APRIL 2015]
Big Bidoof
post Jul 18 2010, 10:36 PM
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Watching YOU
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These are all things not to suggest. Ignoring these guidelines will have your thread immediately locked, and many repeated offences may incur warnings.
Note that just because something is on this list, it doesn't necessarily mean that it'll never happen - there may be concepts on here for which we have our own designs, on which we aren't looking for input at present as well.

Most recent addition(s): Don't suggest anything related to Generation 6.
  • Auto-clickers (because, you know, IT'S AGAINST THE RULES IN THE FIRST PLACE)
  • Click all Pokémon/eggs button
  • More berry sets (Spelon/Watmel/Pamtre/Belue/Durin, etc.)
  • A berry that always counts as a proper berry feed
  • Anything pertaining to changing the way the Berry Feeder works

    Site Mechanics
  • A way to access the old site once the new one is fully implemented
  • Auto-abandoning of eggs
  • A change to affinity mechanics (e.g. changing your affinity)
  • Ideas for events
  • Ignore User or any other such system for GPX+
  • Making any other variation of the Little Man/Manaphy Egg
  • Pokémon Abilities (Pick Up, etc.)
  • Rare Candy (or any items for increasing egg or Pokémon maturity)
  • Rewards for donating real money
  • Achievements
  • New skins
  • Points for referrals
  • Selling dress-up items
  • Selling/buying of eggs (that goes for eggs of any rarity)
  • Trade/Gifting System (this includes things like making it so only a certain person can see a donated egg for x amount of time)
  • Weather types
  • A bank system or anything related
  • Getting rid of/lowering the one hour limit on hatching eggs for whatever reason
  • Limiting the amount of (or getting rid of entirely) the amount of switches somebody can make in the Battle Tower
  • Any alternative way to obtain Pass Orbs
  • A way to view your missed summons, who obtained your missed summons, etc.
  • Any alternate way to obtain Prize Points.
  • Anything pertaining to extra moves, status or hold items for the Battle Tower

  • Additional/Purchasable PC Boxes
  • Dress-up items
  • Everstone
  • Shiny Identifier/Finder
  • Silph Scope for lab eggs
  • Something to up chances of hatching a shiny
  • Summons
  • An item for changing the weather, or for simulating weather for weather-evolving or form changing Pokémon
  • Pass Powers that do not have a unique function
  • Devolution-related items or abilities
  • Ideas for condensing/reorganizing the Inventory tab

  • New Novelty Pokémon (including alternate evolutions to already existing Pokémon)
  • A way to change the gender of a Pokémon (includes anything to influence an egg's gender)
  • Anything that changes a Pokémon's nature
  • Official Pokémon and/or forms that have been implemented in new games
  • A way to change/select a Pokémon's IVs
  • Evolutions to already existing Novelties

  • Explorations for a Specific Pokémon/Item/Whatever
  • Something to bypass Exploration cool-down time or to embark on an extra Special Exploration for the month
  • Ways to embark on past Special Exploration (regardless of whether you finished them or not)
  • Items specifically made to combat against Exploration Pokémon's status conditions (essentially, no item that knocks 10 required interactions off of a status condition or the like)
  • Item(s) to bypass exploration tasks
  • Any way to do Exploration tasks out of order
Do not suggest ideas that come from other sites purely because you want GPX+ to be more like the site the idea comes from.

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