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Have you noticed mistakes on Prima Nintendo Strategy Guides
Have you noticed mistakes on Prima Nintendo Strategy Guides
Were you aware there were mistakes in your book even from Prima's Official Nintendo GuidE?
Yes, I knew. [ 3 ]  [75.00%]
No, I didn't know. [ 1 ]  [25.00%]
Total Votes: 4
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post Mar 25 2012, 11:16 PM
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Back when I was playing Pokemon Colosseum, I looked at my guidebook and got all the way to the Cipher Lab where they were originally creating Shadow Pokemon. It didn't occur to me that books could show the wrong picture until I got to Researcher Kotan and he has an Electrode at level 42, a Magneton at level 40, and an Ampharos at level 41, making Quagsire a supreme choice to use in battle against him paired with Noctowl or another Flying type if she has Earthquake. Instead of showing a picture of Magneton they showed a picture of a Rayquaza. Magneton is Electric and Steel with the ability Sturdy. Rayquaza's Dragon and Flying type with the ability Air Lock. Rayquaza is also uber in terms of stats and game designers would've been kidding around had they expected you to take down a Rayquaza during the main Storyline to complete it. But you do have to take down a Rayquaza later on in Battle Mode if you plan on becoming successful and a Pokemon champion in Orre. Has anyone noticed this?

When I was playing Pokemon XD recently, I looked at my strategy guide and got to Citadark Isle. I noticed there were a lot of mistakes in that book, more mistakes than in Colosseum, and it was just worse than showing the wrong picture of a Rayquaza instead of a Magneton. On page 105 of my Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness Strategy Guide, I notice the first major error. They gave Kimly Ibran's Pokemon and Ibran Kimly's Pokemon. Kimly the Cipher Peon that says, "You look cute, but you're also brave and bold enough to come to a place like this. It would be a shame to beat someone like you, but this is a good chance to score some points with MASTER GREEVIL!" She stands inbetween the lava pit where you move platforms so you can access the room in the hallway and then back out again where you battle more Cipher Peons.

On page 112, it says at the Orre Colosseum all opposing Pokemon levels are 64 but they're really at level 60. They're only higher than level 60 if you bring a Pokemon that's higher than level 60 with you as explained on the same page. Instead of writing Vital Spirit, they just put Spirit. They also said that Brick Break was a Rock move and not a Fighting type and Gorebyss was part Grass and Sceptile was part Poison, and Raikou was part Flying. They also only have 2/5 of the Mt. Battle guide in the book so I had to create 3/5 of it on Word but I also noticed some minor errors. On page 36, when I looked at Casual Guy Ginner's lineup it says that his Quagsire is at level 64. I have battled her numerous times and the TV screen says she's at level 65. I changed 64 to 65. On page 99 of the book, they forgot to put Primeape's name in bold because it is a Shadow Pokemon. Of course, if they weren't using the bold extensively, it wouldn't have been excessive. I have bold on my documents.

Do you think if I had gotten this game when it first came out, I'd have a perfect guide or it'll be the same exactly as how I'd order it? I'd get a picture of it but I'd assume everyone has the strategy guide I'm talking about. The type of it is in the title or poll of this thread. Express clearly!

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post Mar 26 2012, 11:10 AM
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I personally don't have the Prima Guide to Colosseum, but I have noticed a couple of mistakes in the guides that I do own. Their Pokémon FireRed/LeafGreen guide's been wrong a few times with their trainers listing of parties and pokémon, as little as they featured 'em, so yeah that was slightly angsty. They also displayed the wrong images for one or two parts of the story in the book. I can vaguely remember this happening in their Ruby/Sapphire guide too but I have since lost that so I cannot recheck it to be sure. A few more screw ups happened with the location listing of some pokes in their Pokémon; How to Catch 'Em All book, but it's never been a serious worry for me and is rather the type of thing I'd just shrug off and move on. But mistakes are present in their guides, nonetheless.


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