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Kanata Fujitama
post Mar 17 2011, 12:54 PM
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[b]Name[/b]: Kanata Fujitama
Age: 16
Hometown: Slateport City

Appearance: Her height is 5'4" and has a rather slim (but healthy) figure. Her skin is fairly clean and white, except for the fact that she has a birthmark on her upper back. People often mistake her as a 19-year-old due to her overall appearance. She has her black, silky hair tied up in a ponytail with a aqua blue ribbon and it flows down to her hips while her bangs are swept to the right side. Her usual outfit consists of grey shorts with black rims, a no-sleeve collared white shirt, a light grey vest, white running shoes, over-the-knee socks and a messenger bag. She also has two plain black wrist cuffs that she wears during battles. She has dark brown eyes and only her left ear is pierced with a dangling double silver star earring.

Personality: Kanata likes to keep everything in a neat and tidy order. She has great peripheral vision (and vision in general), but she often misinterprets what she hears. As a result, she gets annoyed with the others from what they said, even though it was her own mistake. She loves to be fast and efficient, but is often clumsy if her routine is interrupted. Although she has a tough and a loner appearance, she is actually quite scared of unfamiliar pokemon and wishes to have company with her journeys. She may seem to act cold and cool towards new people, but in reality, she is just nervous. When she begins to soften up, she will start to laugh and get closer to her acquaintances.

She argues consistently with her pokemon - almost to the point of giving up on them. She has to yet appreciate the love for pokemon and does not expect to recognize it anytime soon. She believes that pokemon are a nuisance if they aren't under control. Most of the time, what she speaks is completely opposite of her true feelings and her pokemon seem to understand that even though she has not explicitly mentioned it before. She is even more surprised at the fact that her pokemon can tolerate her behaviour.

When Kanata is going against wild pokemon to capture them, she becomes extremely nervous and frets over what to do. However, in trainer battles, Kanata becomes a completely different person: strong, confident and determined to win. She has no strict strategy to follow during the battle, making it hard for opponents to see through her attacks. Once the battle is over, she becomes her usual self again and forgets most of what had occurred during the battle due to the hidden nervousness (the similar feeling you get after you have performed a dance in front of a large audience).

Biography: Kanata's parents were hardly with her at a young age. Her mother worked in the Kanto region as a news reporter while her father is in Castelia City as a CEO of a private company. Her parents had a lot of work to do, but they did spare some time to send Kanata letters and gifts for special days throughout the year. She spent numerous days by herself at home, but the worse case was when she attended school. Sure, all the other children had lovely bento lunches handcrafted with love and were picked up by their parents at the gates. Kanata had to buy her own food and walk back home. She occasionally visited the beaches, only to find happy families spending their afternoons playing with the sand.

Her fear and resentment for pokemon began when Kanata was nine years old. A swarm of Beedrills infested the area where Kanata lived just before her ninth birthday. They attacked any signs of movement and had stung her when she came back from school one day. Kanata could not leave her home after the incident. She watched in horror as they build their nests and their buzzing sounds left an impact on Kanata's hearing. It was not until several months later before the area was cleared of Beedrills. Still, she was afraid of stepping outside in fear of another poison sting coming towards her at any moment. Unfortunately, her parents have never received news of the Beedril infestation, and thus they did not realize what Kanata had gone through.

A package from her father for her ninth birthday arrived for Kanata afterwards and to Kanata's horror, it was a pokeball. Her father decided that she was old enough to raise a simple pokemon and that having company with her would help her grow up. However, she left the package on the floor and did not dare touch its contents in fear that it was a Beedrill inside. When her parents called to ask if she liked her present, Kanata would act overjoyed, but in reality, she had no clue as to what the pokemon was. All of her classmates began to receive their first pokemon companion, and when they asked if Kanata had one of her own, she would shake her head in refusal. This was probably the reason why no one really played with her during her childhood - she would refuse any suggestions or invitations due to her fear for pokemon. How she even managed to get home safely everyday without wild pokemon popping out was a shock to herself. Perhaps it was those countless repel bottles that she kept in her backpack.

The packaged was untouched until after her eleventh birthday when she finally needed things to be tidy and clean. This year's present included empty pokeballs. Kanata did not have the courage to tell her parents that she did not want these presents related to her being a trainer, so she would act happy whenever her parents called. Lifting the pokeball by the wrapper, she was not careful enough and it dropped to the ground, releasing the Snivy inside. Kanata tried to cause no commotion so that the Snivy would not notice her, but of course, the Snivy saw Kanata from the corner of its eye. It seemed to be in disbelief and decided to walk towards the kitchen to eat any visible signs of food. After eating, it gave another glance to Kanata, shook its head and left the house. Her very first pokemon just abandoned her and she could not understand why. It's pokeball is still with Kanata, so no one else can catch it, but Kanata was afraid of getting it back.

When she turned fifteen, Kanata had completely lost hope about Snivy. Every day for the past 2 years, she would place uneaten food in the basket outside her side door, hoping that Snivy would have food to eat. Instead, a persistent Starly gobbles up the food. Furious about the Starly, Kanata picked up an empty pokeball and caught the startled Starly when it was eating. After capturing the Starly, they bicker day and night about even the slightest things such as how the pencils should be neatly placed. Her parents were delighted when she mentioned that she caught her first pokemon.

Kanata had asked Starly to keep an eye out for Snivy throughout the year. When Starly noticed that there was a small burrow made of grass and leaves, it immediately reported it to Kanata. Snivy had been close by the entire time, watching out for Kanata and waiting for her to have the will to find it. Although Kanata did not explicitly say that she had missed her Snivy, it walked in front of Kanata and headed back to her home without question.

5 days before her sixteenth birthday, her mother had called Kanata to say that she is briefly moving to Furoh as a reporter. Her mother had requested her to consider meeting up with her in Furoh, as well as starting her pokemon journey. Kanata did start to have an interest in dragon type pokemon, but she was not sure if she was psychologically ready to battle other pokemon and train her own.

"Trust your own pokemon." Her mother had said to her. "They're your loyal companions and they won't leave you alone." Kanata looked at them. Both Snivy and Starly were eager to head out the door at any moment.

Accepting her mother's request, she left her home and began her journey.

Class: Trainer

Starting Pokemon:
Starly (male) - level 8
tackle, growl, quick attack

Snivy (female) - level 9
tackle, leer, vine whip

Items: 10x pokeballs (+1 premier ball)
5x potions
25x repels

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post Mar 17 2011, 08:26 PM
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And a Golurk

A unique twist with her relationship to her pokemon. happy.gif

Approved. Go post in the Current Levels thread. Have fun!


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