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Profile Template, Courtesy of Chore Boy
post Jul 1 2008, 12:45 AM
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Name: Self explanatory. Pick whatever name you want, as long as it's not profane.
Age: Anywhere above ten should be fine. Any younger than that and you shouldn't be out adventuring.
Hometown: The city your character was born in. If your character moved, just put the city they live in now.

Appearance: What your character looks like. At minimum, this must be two 5 sentence paragraphs. You can make it as long as you like though. Mention things like the colour of your character's hair, skin, and eyes, their clothing, their height and weight, etc. Note: Pokemorphs aren't going to be allowed.

Personality: You are not Denning. Here you can tell all about your character's personality quirks. Do they like to fight? Are they hot tempered? Laid-back? Happy-go-lucky? What are they like when they're happy? Sad? Angry? What are they like during a battle? Things like that go here. At minimum, this should be a fair sized paragraph.

Biography: The story of your character's life from birth to whenever the RP starts. Things like their home lives and how they caught their first pokemon go here.

Class: Optional. Choose Trainer, Coordinator, Pokeathlete, Researcher, Ranger, or Other. You can cange this as your character develops within RPs.

Starting Pokemon: Your starting team and their levels should go here. You can start with up to four pokemon, but their combined levels may equal 20, with no one pokemon being higher than level 10. You must have at least 2 Pokemon. Your starting pokemon must be a Tier 1, unevolved pokemon. The only restriction here is that it cannot be a legendary or pseudo-legendary pokemon. Here are a list of pseudo-legends: Dratini, Larvitar, Beldum, Bagon, Gible, Axew, Deino, Larvesta. If you have questions on what qualifies as legendary, feel free to ask a mod or post in the questions thread.

Items: The items your character starts out with. You can start with anything you like, but don't get too outrageous (you can't have 99x Master Balls).

What is the biscuit's name? The answer is...
Other Notes: Any other notes you'd like people to know about your character.

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post Feb 23 2010, 09:46 PM
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And a Golurk

The PANE Mods' Recipe for Disaster Profile Success

Today, we’re going to make some scrumptious RP profiles. As some already know, we mods are very picky about the profiles we’re given, so we decided to give newcomers some extra help. After this, you should end up with an enjoyable profile.

Name: This is pretty basic. That being said, make sure you pick something that you like AND fits your character. If you’re having trouble coming up with something, try this site.

Age: Your character must be at least 10 years old. Keep in mind that age will affect the rest of your character’s story.

Hometown: Anywhere in Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Orre, Sinnoh, or regions in the Ranger series should work.

Now we get into the big three sections: Appearance, Personality, and Biography. These will tell us who your character is and ultimately decide whether he/she is accepted. This is your chance to show off your RP skills!

Appearance: Back in high school English, when I had to write up a descriptive paper, I was told to write as if describing something to a blind person. This section is no different: spare no detail! This will tell your fellow RPers whom their characters are talking to.

Let’s begin with skin and facial features. This includes things like skin color, eyes, and hair. What color are those features and to what degree (light, dark, medium). How is the hair styled (curly, straight, long, short, bald). Are there any scars or acne breakouts? If there are, where are they? It helps to include adjectives and comparisons; they help the reader better visualize your character.

Next, what does our character wear? Include tops, bottoms, shoes, jewelry, and anything else that would apply. Personally, I like to describe a main outfit, but you’re welcome to put more than one or just a general style. Once again, describe colors and state of the outfit. Is it in good condition or is it wrinkled and dirty? Is it tight fitting or loose? Is it a solid color, a pattern, or is there a logo? What about function (pockets for storage, jackets for warmth)? These are only suggestions, but you should include lots of detail. I don’t want to see “red shirt and blue pants”.

It might help if you have a picture/sprite of your character as a reference to help write this section. It’s not necessary, but it can be helpful. A sprite, however, does not replace the Appearance section, it merely adds.

Personality: This one is perhaps the most difficult section for most (for me at least). Luckily, you’re reading this, so you should be OK wink.gif. This section will particularly help when you’re starting to RP your character, so make it good wink.gif.

What is your character like? Does he/she like people or more of a loner? If he/she is nice, throw in some scenarios as to how they would react. If a friend is sad, what does your character do? If there’s a dangerous situation, how does he/she react? What interests your character? What does he/she dislike? Also, add explanation to specify how and why they act in a particular way.

Biography: This is the story of your character’s life. In short, this is the section to explain characteristics in your character’s appearance, personality, and pokemon team. Try and keep it in chronological order, as if you’re writing a story.

A good place to start would be childhood. Was he/she raised in a good home? How did your character spend his/her days? This is likely the period where your character’s most defining characteristics formed, so don’t exclude this section.

Next, when did they decide to pursue a life as a trainer, coordinator, etc? Was there a major event that led to this decision, or was it more gradual? This may be a good time to explain how your character met his/her pokemon team.

Finally, if your character is not a native, why did he/she decide to go to Furoh? There has to be some reason, so include it.

Class: This is sort of a summary of what your character's goals are. If your character doesn't fit any of those categories, simply choose "Other".

Starting Pokemon: See the template for further details. Save TM/Tutor/Egg Moves for later. Just PM a mod for help on that.

Items: Again, the template says it all. Don’t go crazy with Master balls and you should be fine.

What is the biscuit's name? If you read the rules board, this shouldn’t be a problem.

Other Notes: Anything you’d like to include that didn’t make it into the other sections.


1. Those limits you see in the template are the bare minimum. I don't want to see the bare minimum. If you truly enjoy the RP experience, you won't need me to tell you to go beyond the limit

Good Profiles: If you need to see some example profiles, look no further! There are plenty more in the Accepted profile forum

Diana Wolfe- Moonlight Zelda
"Darci Y. Niguel"-Ceilni
Daniel Worthington- Amissa
"Waker Faland"- Luxembourg
"Raven Amaranth"- Tymid


Darke's Roleplaying Etiquette Guide: THis one's good for more tips on profile making and general roleplaying tips.
Neo Pikachu's Unleash Your Mastery Role Playing Guide: Even more tips for new RPers.

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