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Collective Insight and Chaotic Intentions at Crescent Inn
Douken Sota
post Jun 18 2012, 09:23 PM
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Space Force? Pirate? Outlaw sounds nice...
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Bunnying (click to show)

Flying with the Aerodactyl made a major difference when it came to travel time compared to flying above the Arcanine. Unless there was a pile of Snorlax rising higher than Mount Carello or the original size of the meteor that could of killed them, there was very little that could slow them down, let alone stop them. However, sometimes you do get some funny reactions. Like Sabre passing by another flock of Skarmory and his jaw dropping as one in the other flock cawed like crazy, as if laughing.

"Don't tell me that was the Skarmory you were trying to replace back at the farm." Bullseye as Sabre cried like crazy, throwing Douken off his back before catching his shoulders in the bird's talons. "Okay, okay, I get it. Nice set up for the Sky Drop though. You seemed to of been doing some practice."

Raising up, the bird let go of Douken before looping quickly and catching the human on his back again. That damn Xatu, Sabre thought. I'm really going to get that bitch...

With the sun quickly falling, Douken called to Pan, "Looks like night's coming. Might be a good chance to land and make camp while we can still see land this easily." The bird's have been flying nonstop anyways, so they must be exhausted as well. However, camp seemed to of found them as a rotating spotlight caught the trainers, which made Douken see what was going on.

Out on the mountainside was a light purple, four story building, stretched as long as 26 rooms (as seen by the windows) The top of the building seemed to of had a greenhouse touch to it, as all he could really see was green through the glass roof. Each end of the roof, however, had four rotating spotlights on each side and the center was set up with a helipad.

"Wonder what that is..." Douken muttered. "Hey Pan, wanna check it out?"

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