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Celeste Star
post Aug 3 2015, 10:50 PM
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Name: Celeste
Age: 24
Hometown: Rural Town (outside Lilycove)

Appearance: In the absolute buff, Celeste stands fairly tall at 5'9" and weighs in at 156 lbs with wide, muscular shoulders leading down to a similarly powerful-appearing physique. Her warmly-hued, olive toned skin is dusted with pale pink freckles in an array of sizes, particularly across the bridge of her nose and the tops of her hands. Beneath large lips scarred with pale tiger stripe lines from weeks spent in the sun is a slight overbite, her front two teeth wider than the rest with a small gap between. Wavy, wisteria hair falls to all sides save the front of her eyes, cascading down to the top of her belly button. Flat bangs kiss the tops of Celeste's long lashes, framing wide, almond-shaped green eyes, covering eyelashes the same color as her hair.

As far as clothing goes, Celeste's choices only seem to enhance an intimidating air, beginning with the aviator-esque hat that sits near-permanently atop her head, charred black sawsbuck horns extending out the sides, glyphs carved into the woody bone. A well-worn, black cloak coated in fraying lace drapes down in pinned folds down to her hips at the front and the backs of her knees behind, covering a simple black sports bra with wide, 2" straps. The flowing silhouette continues with her pants, the wide legs running into each-other and giving the appearance of a skirt down to her knees. Beyond here the legs separate, each pulled into snug, calf-high, black boots with platformed soles 4" tall, bringing her typical height to a a towering 6'1".

Personality: Celeste's body-language is immediately intimidating with strangers. Her back remains straight, shoulders held wide, and hands consistently clenched into fists. Her lips do not linger around words, opening and closing without ever disturbing the rest of her placid face. On the other hand when she interacts with those she is relaxed with (eevee, chingling), her body grows loose, her shoulders fall a few inches, and she smiles with her entire face. While these expressions rarely grace other humans, they are much truer to who she is at heart.


Pre-memory: Mother and father become cult members in a rural town outside Lilycove while passing through, the leaders using a Hypno to prevent anyone from wanting to leave.

Childhood (3-11): Celeste is an extremely curious and sweet child. Raised by the leaders of the cult, she is told that she is "Descended of the Stars". She is technically barred from doing labor and interacting with the majority of town residents but as she gets closer to 11 she sneaks out more frequently to be around them.

Childhood (12): Celeste sneaks out of town for the first time and befriends an eevee. Townspeople who she has met attempt to cover for her when leadership realizes she is missing. Upon her return she witnesses them being beaten, then dragged into the Hypno Hut. Peering in, she realizes the townspeople have been Hypnotized time and time again. Eevee begins to make noise just around the corner before yelping, the cry of pain followed by the dull thud of a small body hitting the wall of the house. As she turns the corner to see what's happened, she sees Eevee on the ground, kicked to unconsciousness. As the woman who'd hurt her new friend leans over to grab Celeste she kneels and jumps directly into the woman's face, connecting hard into her nose. The woman crumples. Celeste grabs Eevee and runs.

Her aimless bolt takes her to to Mt. Pyre. The people dress strangely and seem as obsessive in their practices as the townspeople. She observes during the day. At night she collects food offerings left and eats them. The ghost Pokemon within begin to harass her for the perceived transgression. When future elite four member Phoebe and her grandparents walk down they encounter a balled up and sobbing Celeste. Collapsed from the collective torment, her arms are wrapped around Eevee trying to protect her friend from harm. While she flinches at their touch, she allows them to carry her back to their small home. For two days she cant hold food down, bolts up within five minutes of dreaming, and can't attempt to speak without crying. Finally she passes out due to exhaustion. As she awakes she sees young Phoebe putting a prepared meal out for Eevee before petting the pokemon's head and cracks a very small smile. Phoebe notices and sits beside Celeste, holding her hand until they both fall asleep. After five days she speaks and tells her story.

Phoebe's grandparents notify the police. Under very heavy encouragement Celeste finally agrees to try and help guide them back to the town. Searching across the land stretching to the east of Lilycove for hours, finally she points her finger toward the large trees that separate the village from its crops. The village is vacant. With no leads the case is dropped, though word is sent out across Hoenn to be on the lookout. The police return with Celeste to Mt. Pyre, informing Phoebe's grandparents that Celeste will become a ward of the state and taken away to an adoption facility in Rustboro. Meanwhile Celeste and Phoebe spend time together. With her own worldview polluted, Celeste finds secondhand joy in Phoebe's tender empathy and love for the world. After the two encounter and catch a Chingling together, they each argue that the other should keep it before laughing together. Under Celeste's suggestion they decide they'll raise it together. Minutes later Celeste that she's to be relocated. She doesn't take it well and screams at Phoebe's grandparents to keep her, wondering aloud what she did wrong. Phoebe gives Celeste the dusk ball with Chingling inside, telling her to keep it to remember their time together by. With bitter resentment toward everyone involved, Celeste takes the dusk ball and eevee before telling the authorities in the room to "take your faculty and shove it" and sliding down a steep cliff face.

Pre-adolescence (12-17): Celeste raises herself on Mt. Pyre, wandering thickets of branches. Eevee and Chingling are her constant companions with which she shares berries. Initially she is terrified by the situation, set into quick terror by the mere presence of the ghost pokemon around her. As time goes on and they familiarize however, she begins to learn what sorts of offerings they like and in turn they help her to find food and shelter. As time passes she grows more sure of herself. Her life begins to feel valid again.

Adolescence/Adulthood (18-24): Celeste leaves Mt. Pyre and travels from place to place, never staying more than a few months. Largely finds work within graveyards keeping ghost pokemon at ease to prevent them from attacking mourners. After six years Celeste travels finally with an intended destination in mind, a city she has heard about through whispers; the ghost town Lenoilia

Class: Traveler

Starting Pokemon: Eevee(10), Chingling(10)

Items: Handmade spell tags and survival tools

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post Aug 5 2015, 06:53 PM
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