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VGC10 team :p
post May 9 2010, 02:49 PM
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Just so you know, these are doubles 4vs4. Item clause noes.gif so no two of the same item.


Jolly 252sp/252atk

- trick room

Anti-trick room lead. Imprison prevents my opponent from setting up trick room, protecting or exploding. They wont be able to protect from my explosion. witch will hopefully KO them

Weavile@ focus sash
adamant 252Atk/252Spd
-Fake out
-night slash
-ice shard/ice punch/icy wind

Fake out is for opponents I suspect will be scarfed or will fake out my azelf, also good for breaking sashes. Night slash is for giritina, mewtwo and lugia. also hits shedninja. Ice shard is priority but since he outspeeds almost anything that isnt scafed I might wanna opt for ice punch or icy wind to slow my opponents down.

The other two:

Giritina@Choice scarf
hasty: 252atk 252spd
-Shadow force
-draco meteor
-shadow sneak
-dragon claw

Mostly just spam shadow force, hits through protect and most opponents are special defensive. dragon claw is my only defense against blissey :/

Palkia@Haban berry
Timid: 252Sp.Atk 252 Spd
-spacial rend
-earth power/ hydro pump

Very unsure about this one. Spacial rend and Hydro pump are STAB moves. I want flamethrower on just in case of shedninja. Not sure if I should have earth power, I kinda like hydro pump better. Protect and thunder are tough to choose from. Thunder is in case my opponent sends out kyogre, Palkia is basically a kyogre stopper.

This team is built around offense with counter to trick room teams. Its built to get the job done fast. My main concerns are tyranitar, dialga and blissey. Tyranitar can tear open azelf, weavile and giritina and hydro pump has very shaky accuracy. Dialga resists weaviles attacks and threatens palkia and giritina. Blissey can come in on shadow force and wall giritina and palkia because azelf and weavile arn't supposed to last long.

Do I still need to put weavile in here if I listed him as a poke? xD


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Zero Gravity
post Jun 8 2010, 03:48 PM
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Chosen one of Lightning
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Thunder Team

Isn't Giratina banned from tournaments?


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post Jun 9 2010, 02:11 PM
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Giratina and Palkia are banned from VGC. So the team isn't viable.


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post Jun 18 2010, 07:31 PM
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So I herd u like Motorz
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QUOTE(FancyGranola @ Jun 9 2010, 12:11 PM) *
Giratina and Palkia are banned from VGC. So the team isn't viable.

Just kidding
Only these guys are banned this year:

151 - Mew
251 - Celebi
385 - Jirachi
386 - Deoxys
489 - Phione
490 - Manaphy
491 - Darkrai
492 - Shaymin
493 - Arceus

Unfortunately I'm no good at judging VGC teams so I can't comment,
have you tried testing it yet?


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