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Red vs. Blue, A web series by Rooster Teeth
The Majestic Mr ...
post Mar 20 2015, 07:50 PM
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Anyone else watch Red vs. Blue?

For those of you who don't know, Red vs. Blue is a comedy web series made by Rooster Teeth based on the popular video game series Halo. It's run 12 seasons so far, and a 13th is coming soon. It started off a a fun project that molded into one of the longest running web series of all time. Coupled with that is incredible CGI courtesy of Monty Oum(who sadly passed away recently), action sequences, and the amazing soundtrack. Basically, RvB centers around two teams(Red and Blue, duh) of soldiers in a box canyon, typically with bases on either side of said canyon, trying to defeat the other. Eventually the teams get caught up in things I won't say, as they're spoilers, but just enough to let you know it's not just thirteen seasons of them continuously fighting, cause that would be boring. RvB has had such critical acclaim that even the creators of Halo 3 included Red vs. Blue content in the Legendary Edition of the game.
Anyway, DISCUSS!

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The Green Jester
post Mar 22 2015, 06:03 AM
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post Jul 3 2015, 08:56 AM
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*gestures to username*

(it's my favorite show of all time oh my god im halfway thru s13 and i've got all kinds of fan theories that has some SUPPORT MATERIAL...... *crosses fingers for canon*)

i won't spoil anything but if you haven't caught up, please watch! s13 is just. incredible.

The Pinkan Trainer

Her pokemon eat absolutely nothing but Pinkan Berries. They bleed pink. They spit pink. And they cry pink.

this is the tale of the first shiny i've ever seen in the wild

i had recently gotten x, hadnt played any gen since soulsilver so i had no idea wtf any pokemon were, and id used pokebank to transfer all my pokemon to x.

remember in the lake of rage, that one shiny everyone has, gyarados? he was a bit underleveled and i wanted to use him for once so i went to his area level to do some POWER GRINDIN'.

now, since i'd never ever sent out a shiny in any game ever idfk what the shiny noise sounds like, so i send gyarados out and my sister called my name so i glanced up at her and registered a BRING BRING in the back of my head while she's telling me something, after she's done i look at my ds and immediately think "what an ugly pokemon". it is a blue pawniard. i had never seen a pawniard.

i frickin blast it off the face of the earth and run around in the grass again to fight some more pokemons, next battle gyarados goes BRING and im like wait werent there two brings, huh MUST HAVE BEEN 2 DISTRACTED BY SISTER. so i frick it up and run around some more, and eventually run into another pawniard

it is red. there is one BRING. i connect the dots. my bitter old heart cant take anymore and shrivels up and to this day i have never been able to feel love.
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