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The Networking Ninjas!, Adding to our PalPads! 1,974/2,000 users have Social Network!
Please participate in our Poll and post positive or negative feedback in the thread
How did you find this thread?
I received an invitation [ 69 ]  [41.07%]
From someone's signature/Journal/status [ 71 ]  [42.26%]
From another GPX+ Group [ 6 ]  [3.57%]
From the Search feature [ 22 ]  [13.10%]
What do you think of this Group?
I think the goal is useful [ 159 ]  [93.53%]
I think the rules are too strict [ 5 ]  [2.94%]
I think the goal is useless [ 6 ]  [3.53%]
I think the rules are too lax [ 0 ]  [0.00%]
If you are part of this Group, how would you describe your experience so far? (If positive or negative please share in thread)
I feel connected to other Members [ 26 ]  [12.32%]
I get no feeling of teamwork here [ 4 ]  [1.90%]
The leaders are doing a good job [ 48 ]  [22.75%]
The leaders need to improve [ 2 ]  [0.95%]
I'm a member [ 37 ]  [17.54%]
I'm not a member [ 94 ]  [44.55%]
If you are not part of this Group, what do you think of your experience so far? (If positive or negative please share in thread)
I think I am being fairly treated [ 56 ]  [26.92%]
I think I am being unfairly treated [ 1 ]  [0.48%]
I want to join in the future [ 58 ]  [27.88%]
I do not want to join in the future [ 5 ]  [2.40%]
I'm a member [ 41 ]  [19.71%]
I'm not a member [ 47 ]  [22.60%]
Do you think it would be fun if the Group unofficially adopted a Forum Game?
Yes, I would play [ 36 ]  [19.78%]
It depends on what game is chosen [ 59 ]  [32.42%]
No, I do not play Forum Games [ 26 ]  [14.29%]
I do not have a strong opinion [ 61 ]  [33.52%]
Do you think we are achieving our goal at a sufficient rate? (Please share any ideas in thread if your answer is other than"Yes")
Yes, we can't force others to participate [ 116 ]  [69.88%]
No, I think we can do more [ 4 ]  [2.41%]
A mixture of the two [ 46 ]  [27.71%]
Total Votes: 166
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Rookie Roo
post Apr 14 2021, 05:42 PM
Post #3121

Gym Leader
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Group: +Donors
Posts: 167
Joined: 4-May 13
From: Mexico
Member No.: 196 476

Active Squad

And again I forgot to reply back. Silly me.

ANYWAY, just with a quick update!
Some people managed to move the Networking Ninjas movement to Discord too! So, if you guys want a more quick way of communication and updates and else, you can always join the Discord!

That said, I will try to keep the spreadsheet updated again! Or, at least, update it once per week (at minimum... Hopefully).

Will also try to do a Monthly update over here, in any case someone still checks it frequently! grin.gif

Thank you for the patience, and sorry that it took me so long :'T

Look at friend please cat.gif

If you need Social Network, or if you have it, you might be interested in reading this.

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Shinies of 2021: 130 (click to show)

Shinies of 2022 (click to show)

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Cursed Username
post May 3 2021, 11:35 PM
Post #3122

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Group: Members
Posts: 65
Joined: 27-June 17
Member No.: 250 165

Active Squad

Thanks for putting together the spreadsheet, it's very helpful. If it's not too much trouble, I feel there should be a column added for people who have completed the achievement. You could just move them there when they're finished so people can remove them from their PalPads and make room for others.

Here are a few that need to be added to the list as well, whenever you're able to (format: linked name, adds needed, date last active):
Piers - 15 - May 3
Myuberry - 35 - May 3
AmazingMercedes - 37 - Apr. 5
Gunslinger Cyborg - 53 - Jan. 6
Prince Ralsei - 56 - Apr. 29
13Kittens - 62 - Jan. 30

And if you do add the column, these users have completed it within the past month: Gajeel Redfox, GreenPokeBall, Kida, Koholic, LunaLokison, MorningsDew, nickwatic

My activity on GPX fluctuates a lot, but if you need more help updating the spreadsheet, feel free to send a DM either here or over Discord.


No longer cursed to hatch shiny male Salandits for all eternity.
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post Jan 7 2023, 06:50 PM
Post #3123

Pokémon Trainer
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Group: Members
Posts: 74
Joined: 18-June 12
From: United Kingdom
Member No.: 166 000


There's a few on the current spreadsheet that have the achievement now. I've added all of them that need it bar one (I ran out of space). Excellent work everyone!

Please click my pretties

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