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The Silver Fox, AKA: Franklin Applewood
Umbrae Calamitas
post Oct 3 2012, 12:18 AM
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Tuesday's Pack

Name: The Silver Fox (Franklin Applewood)

Age: 24

Hometown: Saffron City, Kanto

Appearance: Fox's costume forces people to leave most of his appearance to their imagination. He wears a black tuxedo with a white undershirt, a large cape that is black on the outside and red on the underside, and a black top hat with a red ribbon around it. He wears a pair of white gloves and a pair of shiny black dress shoes with a slight heel, and shaped like boots.

He has dark brown hair cut tidily and swept loosely back his head, under his tophat. He is slightly tanned and he has heterochromia iridum - his left eye is a gold-green, while his right is royal blue.

He carries with him a number of trinkets. He carries a black wand with a white tip, much like the wands all magicians weild. A variety of pockets in his outfit allow for room for two decks of cards, dice, a spare wand, a buneary plushie doll, frighteningly-unknown amounts of glitter, a long silk scarf, and various other trinkets.

Personality: Fox is an aloof jerk. He does his level best to remain mysterious. This often makes him a social pariah, as he never removes his costume in front of other people and no one knows his real name. He's a talented magician, and clever, but he outright refuses to reveal the secret to even his most simple tricks, and he can be cruel when people attempt to snoop. He keeps his magician's items close to him and has had more than one freak out when other people handle them. Of course, considering that Knave, his ditto, often takes the form of his tophat in order to be discrete, this could be fear of losing his pokemon.

Despite initial interpretations as an asshole, Fox has a soft side. His mother was never home for him when he was a child, and he has a soft spot for children, who can't hide their facial expressions when he performs a magic trick. He's very loyal to his pokemon, who he cares for very much. Despite having Aurora the longest, he is closest to Doc, his drowzee, who he has frequent telepathic conversations with.

Fox often regrets leaving home after fighting with his mother and thinks sadly on that argument a lot. He often contemplates the idea of calling her, or returning home, but always chickens out at the last moment and can't bring himself to go back to that, in case it turns out that she feels the same apathy toward his leaving as she did about his father's death - another thing that haunts him, knowing that even following his footsteps, Frank could never make his father proud.

Biography: Fox was an only child raised by a single mother, his father having left before he was born. His mother worked two jobs and wasn't home very often, but she had told him that his father became a famous magician after he left her. Every day after school, Fox would sit in front of the television and watch The Golden Fox, a TV show in which the magician by the same name performed. Fox, at that time still known as Franklin Applewood, lived his life following his father's career on television, in the newspaper, and on the internet.

Frank grew up like that, gaining his first pokemon, a female zorua, as a gift for his tenth birthday after his mother had to work late and couldn't be home to spend the night with him. Frank began to try to learn magic on his own, buying his own beginner magician's kit and practicing with his audience of his zorua and a couple of the kids in Saffron City. Over the years, he went from an amateur to a very talented magician, and when he turned 15, after an argument with his mom, he ran away from home and bought a ticket to Johto, where he went to meet his father for the first time.

His father turned him away, not denying who he was but admitting he wanted nothing to do with a child. He didn't censor anything for Frank, revealing that he'd wanted nothing more from Frank's mother than a one- or two-night stand. Heartbroken and completely thrown-off, Frank returned home, giving up his dream to be a famous magician alongside his father for a life of a jobless, ambitionless teenager living in his mother's house with no dreams of his own.

It was when he turned twenty that he stumbled upon a drowzee who had been severely beaten up by a bunch of pokemon and left in the center of a small park in Saffron. Frank took the drowzee to the pokemon center and had him healed, while he returned home. It was a few days later that the drowzee tracked him down and, after some initial reluctance, Frank gave in and let the drowzee remain with him.

The drowzee, later named The Doctor, became a close friend and, with his telepathic abilities, a strong confidante. It was Doc and Dusk Aurora, and not Frank's mother, who were there for him when he heard the news that The Golden Fox, his father, had passed away from lung cancer, due to a long career of smoking. Frank grew restless and uncomfortable at home, especially after a long series of fights with his mother over how little she cared that his father had passed away. After one particularly horrible argument, Frank left home.

He wandered for a few months shy of a year, during which time he found Knave of Spades, the ditto who is his youngest pokemon. During this time, his love of magic tricks was also rekindled after visiting a museum in which there was an exhibit devoted to magicians, and one section in particular devoted to his father. Hoping to start anew and follow a dream he thought he had lost, he took the name The Silver Fox, leaving his old one behind, and used the last of his money to buy a ship ticket to Furoh, where he hoped to find a new life in a new region.

Class: Magician

Starting Pokemon:

Zorua - Female - Dusk Aurora - Level 10

Drowzee - Male - The Doctor - Level 11

Ditto - Knave of Spades - Level 6

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post Oct 3 2012, 01:19 AM
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I'm dying to see how this one ends.
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Approved! Set up your current levels (and don't forget to add your points from Lysander), then go wild!


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