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New stats: Egg Interactions
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post May 16 2020, 05:45 PM
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For a long time I have been pondering what kind of user list I would want to create to do interactions from. My main goal has been to create a list in such a way that if you want other users to interact with you, then interacting from this list would put you further up on the same list. Additonally, I want the list to have built in fairness, meaning there is supposed to be a balance between how many many interactions you do and how many interactions you receive. Lastly, I want the list to work long term and not on a day to day basis.

To achieve my goals, I am proposing three new statistics for the users page.
  • A: Interactions to eggs done
  • B: Interactions to eggs received
  • C: The ratio between A and B

On a conceptual level, all of these lists should include all users of the site, with all users starting with a stat of 0 for list A and B, and their stat for C would be updated once, or twice, per hour with the floating point value obtained by driving A by B, or just 1.0 if B is 0.

I think that on a general basis, interactions done to eggs have a high importance on the site, which should be reflected in the statistics. Doing interactions to eggs can also very naturally be used as exploration tasks in my opinion. At the current time we have mechanics that put emphasis on feeding pokemon the correct berries. However, as far as I can tell, the impact of feeding the correct berries will not often be useful. Outside of one infamous exploration tasks, if one wants to level up a pokemon fast, it is generally more efficient to use the pokewalker and do interactions. Even for the mentioned exploration task, it is a lot more efficient to level up the pokemon using the exp. all and get the experience points through battles instead of only relying on interactions.

There are other mechanics that put emphasis on proper berries. We get more shelter grabs from doing proper berries, and we get more activity score from doing proper berries. However, from my own experience, I can not click fast enough while doing berries properly to actually benefit from doing them properly. In other words, I get proper berries faster if I just click random berries while
clicking as fast as I can. So from what I can tell, a mechanism that encourages be me to get proper berry interactions isn't actually encouraging me to do berries properly, it's encouraging me to interact with hatched pokemon.

The last reason to do berries properly happens to be the only one I feel is valid. It is feeding exploration pokemon. However, there is no mechanism on the site that encourages you to avoid feeding berries improperly, so naturally there is no reason other than being altruistic that I feed exploration pokemon proper berries.

Back to eggs. I believe my list C performs a an important function. If we do interactions to other users' parties for them to interact back, then if we expect them to do the same, it has to be based on why we interacted with them in the first place. For example, if you interact with all users who are currently online, is the expectation that those users will interact with you based on you having interacted with you, or will they interact with you based on you being online? Unless users are only doing interactions from the "users who have interacted with you" list, then you have to start guessing where they are going to do interactions from. This is where it would be beneficial to have a sanctioned best place to do interactions from. I think the default user list is the "all users" list, which isn't really fit for that description.

Part of the reason why egg interactions can be used for this purpose. An egg can only be interacted with a limited number of times, because once it is ready to be hatched it can't be interacted with anymore. Which means that once a users becomes inactive, their eggs will eventually be unavailable to be interacted with. Meanwhile, if they have hatched pokemon in their parties, those can still be interacted with. This is a big reason for why it is possible to do a high number of interactions per day. If it was impossible to interact with inactive users' pokemon, the elite clicked achievement would have been impossible. But in the grand scheme of things, interactions to inactive users are essentially pointless in terms of anything other than boosting your own numbers. One might say that the least productive interactions are those done to inactive users. However, I will argue that the least productive interactions are to users that don't interact back. In this context I'm not necessarily talking about interacting back to the specific users that interacted with you. Instead I mean clicking with anyone at all. I'm talking about users that hatch their eggs and do less interactions than they receive.

In general the idea is to have a place where you get to take what you pay for. If you pay less, you get given less. If you take more than you pay for, you get place after all those that take nothing and give nothing.

Although I have my opinions on what would be good for the egg hatching economy and game balance, I am merely suggesting the addition of some user lists. Everyone is still free to do whatever they want on the site, and I realize that not everyone has the sae motivations and goals as me, so what it optimal for me might not be optimal for them.


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