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Posted by: Douken Sota Mar 12 2010, 06:21 PM

The events that came down in the mountain were certainly hectic and exhausting. When he stepped off the chopper that brought him back to Barley's Pokemon Center, he immediately went inside and dropped off his team for recovery. There, he also learned that they had rooms for traveling trainers to rest up in for the night while he waited, so he took advantage of it.

During the next couple of days, he figured he needed to be better dressed up. Sure, what he had was fine for island life, but on the mainland, especially from what he experienced from the snowy mountain top. So, after a bit of clothes shopping, he was finally dressed up with something more fitting for more cooler temperatures to come, a black t-shirt with a blue over-shirt as well as some dark khakis. He even heard of one of the Trainer's greatest challenges, the Pokemon League. Many strong trainers and what are called Gym Leaders would be the challenge, right? Sounds like a challenge... Talking to his team, they seemed to like the idea of a challenge, each with their own ways of saying yes, Croagunk with a blank stare with a vibe of excitement, Seel clapping her fins, and Growlithe tackling Douken down and licking his face.

As he got ready to leave Barley, he decided to use what was left of his money to purchase a Poke-gear. Should of taken some of their numbers, he thought as he left town, looking at it before placing it into his pocket and leaving the town.

Almost immediately, he decided to take a swerve from the worn down pathway given, knowing that there was a better chance to find wild Pokemon off road instead of on. Also, the words from the also inspired him with the last line, "Adventure favors the lost." Without a map in hand, he merely headed in the direction of the mountain.

After a couple days of journeying and witnessing wild Pokemon in their habitats (it was too peaceful watching them be a family than try to take one away), he soon reached the edge of a forest. Looking back, he thought about home once more as the sun set in its general direction. It could of been common to feel home sick, but he knew it was his choice. He knew his parents worried, it was normal for such caring parents. Taking a deep breath, he turned back around and entered the forest.

It didn't take long to get dark in the thick forest, especially when it was headed for night anyways. Normally, he would of tried to set up a camp for the night, but hearing the sounds echo from all around him, he thought it was actually a good time to see who was up when the others slept. "Wish I had a flashlight though," he murmured as he guided himself blindly in the dark, a Hoothoot sounding right next to him. He tried to turn around to see it, but hit still looked like a wall of black. "Guess i should at least wait for my eyes to adjust to the dark," he said as he leaned against the tree he was at.

Posted by: Marquis de Lafayette Mar 12 2010, 07:21 PM

The man gave a soft sigh, staring down as Sluge, his Gulpin, tried to eat the others' food. He picked the pokemon up, pursing his lips down at the Electrike and Mareep that grinned as their food was relinquished and given back to them, respectively. Sluge didn't struggle. He had just a bit more food and he was busy eating that up in Reino's arms.

The trainer, Reino, glanced around the PokeCentre. It was nearing dusk, and he felt he had already stayed enough nights (even though, in reality, it had only been two); and so once his pokemon were finished, he enclosed them in their pokeballs, save for Torden - the Electrike. In a way, the dog-like pokemon was his master's protector, even though he was weak. Shoving things into his seemingly bottomless duffel bag, he bit his lip before quickly buying more food and several other supplies. Pushing his glasses back up onto his nose, he slung the bag around his shoulder and headed out, Torden happily following him.

Having no mode of transportation except his own two feet, he walked along the path, keeping his icy eyes on the ground. The pokemon trotted slightly ahead of him, sparks slightly coming off of his fur. Reino noticed this and made a note to brush him later... when they weren't in the dark.

By now, darkness was approaching fast. He subconsciously walked a bit faster, eyes still aimed at the ground. The Electrike stopped suddenly, and having no forewarning, Reino almost tripped but thankfully stopped himself before doing so. Raising his gaze now, a blurb of black fluttered before him. Adjusting his glasses, he soon realised it was another pokemon. Which was it? As he bent down to grab his pokedex, there was a caw, a flash of light, then everything was a blur. Reino ended up on the ground, bag a metre or so away from where he landed, and he knew one thing: He couldn't see. That meant another thing, that his glasses were gone.

A small curse emitted from his mouth as he grabbed his bag. It took him several moments to find the right pocket, but he slipped on a spare pair of glasses. And, thank the Heavens, he could see once more. Torden was surprisingly far away, eyes trained on something off the path. The man stood, glancing around at his feet for his glasses, slinging the bag back on his shoulder. The old pair was gone.

"Torden! Have ya seen m'..." He stopped himself, raising an eyebrow as the Electrike darted back a few steps without turning around. The same black pokemon from before - a bird - looked as if it was grinning a ways off. And in its yellow beak, was Reino's glasses.

"Hey! Th-Those are mine!" Without thinking, he moved forward and the bird disappeared away from the path. Reino followed it, Torden running a bit ahead of him. After an undisclosed span of time, the bird stopped. The trainer stared at it, opening his mouth to issue a command to Torden, when he noticed the bird was at the edge of a forest.

"I dun want t'play! Gimee 'em back!" he said, frown set deep in his face. Darkness had fallen, especially since they were in the shadows of the forest. His vision had mostly adjusted by now.

The bird cawed, and turned, and flew into the forest. Torden huffed and took off after it, allowing sparks to come off his coat so Reino could see. And the master could as he followed. The black pokemon soon stopped, having drawn them far into the thick brush, and its eerie eyes seemed to laugh at the trainer and his own pokemon. It dropped the glasses - the articles landing with a dull thud onto dead leaves - before speeding off. Torden slowly trekked forward, grabbed them, and handed them to Reino via his mouth. As he did so, Reino took out his pokedex. Hopefully he could still gather information by inputting what he had seen...

A small chime rang out. "Murkrow, the Darkness Pokemon. It is said that when chased, it lures its attacker onto dark mountain trails where the foe will get lost."

"... but I didn't attack i'!" Reino cried out in distress.

That is before the whole panic set in.

He put his pokedex away and looked around. He could see a small form in front of him, lit up slightly by the sparks, but nothing else. As his heart began to pound, he fumbled around on his belt for another pokeball, releasing Paere, the Mareep he owned. She let out a confused sound, before realising it was dark, and then lit her tailbulb up. A small area was illuminated around them, about two metres, and the panic began to go down.

But still, he was in a dark forest. Sounds that were foreign to him were clogging his ears and he jumped at every rustle near his feet. Standing in one place for a few moments, Torden nipped at Reino's pant leg to gain his attention. Once he had it, he began to totter off, Paere following with her light, and soon Reino himself.

He just hoped he didn't fall many times, as he didn't bring enough gauze. He just wanted out.

Posted by: Xal Mar 13 2010, 04:18 PM

Malcolm cradled the egg in his hands, looking down at it as if it was a child. He was holding an unborn Charmander, and although it was smaller than normal eggs the heat from it still kept him warm on the cold night. Govannon walked beside him, his Charmeleon lighting up the area ahead of them with the flame from its tail. Although Malcolm had been back in Barley for a few days he'd only met up with Govannon a couple of hours earlier whilst walking through the nearby woods. As soon as he'd seen him he wanted to know exactly what had happened at Castle Vonmoto, despite hearing reports of it all over the news. Govannon wanted the perspective of someone who'd been there and experienced it. Malcolm explained how they struggled through the crumbling ruins, managed to survive a mad dash to escape from a roaring wall of water, battled an army of robotic legendaries, all in time to escape the castle and be met with another avalanche. Govannon could only shake his head and tut, muttering under his breath.

"Completely unprepared..." He had sighed. Malcolm wasn't sure how he expected an old man in a castle to be prepared for freak avalanches that just happened to be at the same time trainers from all over Furoh were in his company, but he didn't want to contradict him. As they walked through the woods and talked about the castle Govannon had handed Malcolm the egg, who'd been showing a keen interest in it since he heard about it.

"It was fine though." Malcolm said, taking his eyes off the egg for the first time since Govannon had given it to him. When he'd first seen the egg and heard about it being a Charmander he hadn't been particularly impressed, but he'd somehow developed some kind of bond with it. Not only that, but he desperately wanted a fire pokémon and this small Charmander would be ideal.

"We weren't really in much danger, although a few of the others might have been without my help." He said, still bigging up the role he'd played. It wasn't an unfair exaggeration since there were a few situations where Malcolm and his pokémon had played a vital role, but there were other trainers who'd done just as much and many who'd done even more.

"A few more pokémon could have been a help though, especially a fire one. You know, with all the ice and snow." He said, dropping a not so subtle hint. Govannon grinned and rolled his eyes, he knew what Malcolm was getting at. He was desperate for that egg. Something had happened to Malcolm at Castle Vonmoto though, his stories were clearly exaggerated (he'd seen just about everything on the news but Malcolm told a much better story, even if stories were all they were) but he'd somehow developed much more control and confidence.

"If you're having trouble with pokémon I have a gift for you then." Govannon said, opening his bag and rummaging through it. Malcolm's heart suddenly soared, was he going to give him the Charmander egg? That would be incredible, and a cheesy grin spread across his face at the thought. As he was about to take the egg Malcolm realised his hands were full so carefully put the Charmander egg on the floor, making sure it was safe on the soft soil. As he did so confusion and embarrassment surged through his veins. How could Govannon be rooting through his bag for an egg Malcolm was holding?

"Here it is! Have fun with it." Govannon said, throwing it to Malcolm who managed to clumsily grasp at it before it flew past him.

"What... what is it?" Malcolm said, holding it in one hand and wiping the dust off with the other. As he studied it it sprung open, causing him to almost drop it in shock. It nearly slipped out of his hand but once he'd grabbed it again he turned it over and examined it, trying to figure out what it was exactly. Some kind of phone? A map of some sort?

"Hmm..." Govannon frowned, taking the object back and hitting it in his palm. After a few shakes and jiggles the red book-thing lit up, but Malcolm was still none the wiser as to what it was supposed to do or what it was, exactly.

"Here you go." Govannon said, handing it back to Malcolm. "It's old and a little stubborn, but works just fine once it gets going."

"Is this... a Dexotron?" Malcolm gasped, hardly believing it. He'd been after one for years, but had never been able to find one. He'd learned a lot about pokémon since arriving in Furoh, but had still gone for quite a while without knowing that one of his own pokémon, Fishy, was a Magikarp.

"What? No! It's a pokédex." Govannon marvelled at the boy's ability to mistake such a wondrous piece of technology for a 'Dexotron', not realising that Malcolm just didn't realise what they were called.
"You use it to identify pokémon. If you can't even tell what it is I'm sure you'll find a great use for it." He explained, but then the pair of them heard a rustle and voices ahead of them.

"And perhaps you can start right now..." He said, pulling out his own (much newer and more advanced looking, Malcolm couldn't help but notice) device and pointing it ahead of them. The pair of them stepped forwards a little, and Malcolm could have sworn he heard someone talking about letting their eyes adjust to the dark. It was probably just his own thoughts, in the darkness he could hardly see a thing.

Posted by: Douken Sota Mar 13 2010, 06:41 PM

Douken removed his glasses as he sat on the forest floor, using his shirt to clean his lenses after exhaling onto them. The Hoothoot nearby sounded again, which made Douken chuckle a little. "I wish I had your eyes, Hoothoot," he told the wild Pokemon. "If I did, then seeing would be no problem at all... Oh well, got to deal with my own eyes."

It was then a flickering light started to approach, which startled the Owl Pokemon. causing it to fly off. "Good point, Hoothoot are not big fans of bright lights," he chuckled, looking in the direction of the wing's flapping noise. Still, he had to be cautious. He didn't know what the light was, so he brought out a little back up, releasing his Growlithe. Signaling the puppy to be quiet, he just gazed at Douken, staring at him with eyes full of confusion, but just followed along.

Looking around, he noticed the source of the light, the flickering flame that rested on the tail of a Charmeleon, giving some light to the two people each holding a Pokedex of their own. Looking at the two, it was clear one was adult and the other was more of a mid-teen, who seemed quite familiar. "I thjink that's Malcolm from the Castle..." he muttered to the Growlithe, which made him register he is okay and charged from the brush, lunging suddenly at the younger male to go and lick his face. Sighing, he figured he needed to work on the puppy's attention span, before he stood up from the brush.

"Adventure favors the lost," Douken quoted. If it was him, or any of them from that group, then he would surely know what he meant, or at least say they were acquainted. He tried to whistle to the puppy to come back, but he couldn't part from the younger male before Douken had to pick him up and carry him away. "Now Growlithe, you need to stay focused. One day, losing focus will just get you hurt," he told the puppy, who responded with a bark. Douken smiled at the dog and scratched his ear. Looking back at the two, he asked, "So what brings you guys here?"

Posted by: Kranic Mar 14 2010, 12:23 AM

Stuff that happened between Sailors and a Golden Magikarp and Nocturnal Hunt. (click to show)

(Castor's the tadest bit depressed, although I didn't really put much emphases on it in the post. I'll proofread the post a little latter, I'm being pushed off the computer. :c)

Castor was finally back in Barley and now he reached a very familiar problem. Where should he go now? Castor has to undergo a similar ordeal when he first arrived in Furoh, unsure of where he would go. He simple spun around and went in a random direction to go somewhere, but obviously, that didn't turn out too well for him. He had to reconsider what he should do this time around. He definitely didn't want to go West, nothing but bad luck waited for him out there. Knowing where not to go, is the first step in knowing where to go, something a wise man might say.

"So...I guesss..I'll just be going South-East, since there is nothing to the north and the west is..." Castor didn't even bother to think about it. "Ther eis also a gym town in that direction. Yeah South East is the best."

Castor then went and turned his direction to the south, now having a pretty vague direction on where he wanted to go. He then walked off towards the not too far away forest, not knowing what is to be destined for him. He released his three pokemon to follow, him to make their journey much more enjoyable.

The four traveled for a little while and when they finally reached the edges of t he forces, the sun began to dim, night was coming. Forseeing this, he let his Marill travel up ontop of his head, while his Charmander and Mareep walked infront of him to illuminate a path. What a perfect little shining duo.

As the sky continued to darken, more and more dark and ghost pokemon began to appear, it was kinda getting creepy. Castor looked up towards his frighted Marill and laughed.

"Don't worry~ I'm sure we will be able to beat up all and any of hte bad guys that choose to approach us right Icu and V.V?" Castor smiled, giving a nickname to his already nicknamed pokemon. The two smiled and nodded, as they shined a little light on a nearby Ghastly, who floated away in fear of the light.
"See, they are timid, they don't even like the light~Don't worry. Be Happy~"
Castor smiled falsely, actually a little worried about things much beyond just simple ghost pokemon. His relationships with people were at the top of his mental priorities at the moment, but that isn't too important at the moment. His Marill fell for his false smile and went along, making a little cheery tune while they walked.

After a few minutes, the four soon saw some light, figuring it might be a group of trainers. Now was a better time than any, Castor assumed. Taking the opportunity to return all his pokemon except Icuru, Castor jumped out of the bushes, his Charmander by his side, beginning with his hopefully, catch mark phrase.

"Any of yall want to battle?"

He seemed very similar to one of those NPC trainers from the pokemon RPGs that seemed ever so popular.

Posted by: Xal Mar 19 2010, 06:06 PM

The faulty pokédex made a noble attempt to register the Growlithe running towards them but it was in vain, the fire pokémon leapt into the air and snapped the pokédex shut as Malcolm caught him.

"What are you doing here? Are you lost?" Malcolm asked, wondering why a Growlithe would be here in the middle of the woods and awake at this hour. There wasn't any reason a fire pokémon could be here that he could think of. There was Charmeleon, who didn't seem to concern himself with the hyperactive puppy, but he was Govannon's.

"Are you a trainer's?" Malcolm put the Growlithe on the ground. He stood up just in time to see a figure appear a short distance ahead who seemed slightly familiar, although it was difficult to tell who it was in the dim light.

"Adventure favors the lost" He said, which left Malcolm confused. He leaned forwards a bit, was that Douken? From Castle Vonmoto? He was pretty sure it was, and since he had a Growlithe it would explain the puppy's appearance. He didn't know what he was doing there or why he was quoting the ice sculpture either, but as he was about to ask Douken got in there first.

"So what brings you guys here?"

"We're just trying to get this egg to hatch as soon as possible." Malcolm said, picking it up off the floor where he'd left it. "Well, we met up a few hours ago. I was just out for a walk looking for pokémon, and Govannon had the egg."

"This is Govannon, by the way. Oh, and this is Douken." He explained, knowing that after his extensive stories of the castle Govannon knew roughly as much about Douken as Malcolm did, although that wasn't a lot.

"We've lost track of time though, we should really get back..." Govannon added. "The egg won't hatch for a while, there's no use wasting time on it right now."

Govannon didn't seem too happy at the thought of being stuck with someone else quite a bit younger than him. They were pretty much adults, and Malcolm wasn't too bad once you got to know him, but he'd spent years doing his work on his own. He'd been in Furoh five minutes and had already got Malcolm stuck to him like a limpet, but he'd be lying to say he didn't like the admiration he gave him for some reason.

"What? There's no need to go right now, we might even find something worth catching." Malcolm said, just as insistent to stay as Govannon was to leave. He wanted to tell Douken about everything that had happened almost immediately after they'd separated at the castle, as well carry on walking with the egg. Govannon probably had a much better idea of when it would hatch, and that carrying it around aimlessly wouldn't have a particularly massive effect, but it was still worth staying out a little longer. That was in Malcolm's opinion anyway, although the Charmander might be interesting Govannon was in no rush to see it hatch. That wasn't to say he wanted it to stay as an egg, there just didn't seem to be any reason to want it to hatch any time soon for Govannon. He'd seen a lot of eggs hatch though, so there was probably some kind of magic to it for Malcolm that Govannon had long lost.

The decision seemed to have been made for them when a fourth voice joined them.

"Any of y'all want to battle?"

Posted by: Douken Sota Mar 27 2010, 11:08 AM

"An egg you say?" Douken said, heading closer to look at it. After gazing at the color and patterns, he then stated, "Looks like a Charmander egg to me, though it may be a bit on the small size..." Having seen other Charmander eggs in the past, he was able to tell what the markings were. He jsut couldn't remember their size off the top of his head, but it felt like it was smaller anyways.

Once introductions were made (with a side of whining to stay), another person joined in on the party, seeming to want a battle like the video games kids play before they get trusted with their own Pokemon. Looking at Malcolm and Govannon, he turned back at the stranger and said, "Are you sure you are not outnumbered? I mean sure, you may be able to take one, but you really think you can take on all three and win?" Sure, the most experienced one was Govannnon, but it was still a numbers game. "Unless we can set up a situation to even the odds, I don't think you will stand a chance.."

Posted by: Kranic Mar 27 2010, 07:12 PM

"Hmph, I said, do any of y'all want to battle, as in do any of you all want to battle. I wasn't asking if all of you wanted to battle me at the same time. BUT if you do want to try, I wouldn't be one to deny the challenge~After all, I am an experienced trainer"

Said the boy, who only began his adventure a few days ago. Castor grinned his signature shining smile and proceeded to pelt his charmander by it's head scaly orange head.

"So what do you say? One on one, or three on one, you can even do a six on one if you can manage it, it's all the same for me."

Castor leaned against a tree, leaving his charmander to do whatever.

Icuru took the time to gather his environment for the moment. It was dark, that was painfully obvious. There were a lot of trees, again blood obvious. There were a number of trainers, four or five, including his own trainer, knife in the back, obvious. One of them was holding egg. The charmander slowly moved to get a closer look to see if it can recognize anything about the egg that may give off some more information about it. After a few minutes of investigating the young male charmander was able to figure that the pokemon egg was indeed a charmander egg.
How interesting, an egg of his own kinship. It was the first time the charmander ever saw a pokemon egg, despite being in the wild for a good amount of time. He was born last among his siblings and never really knew how pokemon eggs worked, so the pokemon was naturally interested, especially considering that it is a pokemon of his species inside the egg.
The charmander slowly creeped closer and closer trying to see more of the egg, but eventually caught himself in his fascination and forced himself back to his trainer. He didn't want to embarrass Castor by being too odd.
The pokemon then took it's place near Castor by the tree.

Posted by: Douken Sota Mar 30 2010, 11:36 PM

"Calm down, there kid..." Douken said to the boy. "I think I know of a way to do a good battle without the whole concept of overpowering one another. If we only include the newest trainers here, we can do a three-way battle, one on one on one. But should how close we are to our team be an issue, we take it to another level, fresh catches. We go out into the forest for thirty minutes and try to catch a Pokemon with only one in our party. To be sure of that, I will ask that the eldest here hold on to the others. Once we catch them and have them healed up, we shall battle with them. Sound fair?"

Posted by: Kranic Mar 31 2010, 12:14 AM

"Hmph, I guess. Catching a new pokemon does seem like a good idea, but I would much rather prefer a battle."

Castor shrugged, returning his charmander and pulling his two remaining pokeballs from his pocket. HE then released his Marill, feeling a need to bond with the pokemon.

"So you want my two other 'mon right?"

Castor said with a simple minded delight, not realizing that the group could easily steal his pokemon if he were just to hand them over to them, fortunately these people seemed to be trustworthy, atleast at the moment.

Posted by: Xal Mar 31 2010, 04:35 PM

"All right, I'll take them." Govannon sighed. His trip to Furoh had taken a bizarre turn at some point. All he wanted to do was a little bit of research and study, and hopefully cataloguing the new strain of Charmander if he got enough information. Was there something about the food they ate on that island that made them small? Was it hereditary? Were they just malnourished? These questions fascinated him as a researcher, but instead of finding the answers he'd met Malcolm and before he knew what was happening he was conscripted into hosting some kids' catching game.

"I'll take Pichu. Here you go." Malcolm said, handing over Pidgey and Fishy's pokéballs to Govannon. Pichu wasn't a Pichu at all anymore, but her name had still stuck. It suddenly occurred to him that he'd never told Govannon, or anyone else for that matter who hadn't seen Pichu, that she'd evolved. Well, they'd find out soon enough.
He looked towards the dark woods, starting to worry about walking through them on his own. Pikachu could help if there was any trouble but that didn't stop him worrying. He just didn't like the idea of all those creepy shadows and noises following him around. Who knew what was in there? Nothing that wasn't in there at daytime he thought, but night could make them worse. The ones that weren't asleep, anyway.

"All right then, are we ready?" Malcolm said, composing himself and getting ready to catch a new pokémon. He was looking forward to the battle too, with any luck he might do quite well. He held his 'new' pokédex in his hand and watched it as it flickered faintly in the moonlight. He was expecting to find pokémon he'd never seen before and that dex would be a lifesaver (although, he hoped, it wouldn't need to be one literally).

Posted by: Douken Sota Mar 31 2010, 10:30 PM

"I shall stuck with Growlithe here. He needs some battle experience," he said, removing his Croagunk's and Seel's Pokeballs and handed them over to the elder breeder. "Remember, one catch with a thirty minute time limit. Afterwards, we have to get back here in ten minutes, so forty max." removing his Pokegear, he opened it up and checked the time. "It is 10:17 right now. Once it hits 20, we shall begin, and must be back here by 11 o' clock!" *fiddling with the features, he set an alarm for 10:20. "Time starts when the alarm goes off."

Almost like taking a position to rush off, he braced himself for the alarm. Growlithe, feeling the anticipation, readied himself as well. The mere minutes felt like hours to Douken, as the colon blinked on the screen, the seconds counting down slowly. Once the device began its beep, Douken rushed away from the flames of the Charmileon, into the darkness...

Posted by: Kranic Apr 1 2010, 02:34 AM

Castor turned after giving his pokemon to the elderly man, his Marill crawled to the top of his shoulders. He then leisurely walked away, not really caring for the time limit set on him.

"Ma, Marill!"

Cast away in the darkness, the blue pokemon chirped happily, in an attempt to express certain feelings of happiness and gratitude for being chosen by her master to partake in this event. Castor responded by simply petting the pokemon, not really sure how else he should reply to the pokemon's happiness.

Castor had a slightly odd attitude today, normally he would be the first to do something outrageous or overly zealous, but right now, he was cool, relaxed, so very odd. At the moment, Azure wasn't one to notice this change in Castor's attitude as she had only been with for a short amount of time, had it been Icuru or Virva, they would be quick to react to the change in the boy. That being said, Castor continued with his 'cool' walk.

During his walk, a couple things happened. Some aggressive pokemon attacked him for whatever reason may have applied to him. His Marill was quick to defeat most of the pokemon that attacked, despite being the weakest of Castor's team. Some pokemon took a little more effort, but it still wasn't anything too major for the water pokemon. Sadly, none of the pokemon Castor encountered sparked his interest, they weren't really something he would want for his team, that was in till a certain green mushroom appeared.

It was quick, it was sudden, but it was definitely destiny. Two pokemon were fighting, right infront of Castor and his pokemon. They were the same species, but the two were very different. Two shroomish one green, one orange. They were having the fullest fight they could have at their level. The shiny shroomish was clearly superior, asides from just being shiny, it was clearly stronger. It moved faster, it's attacks seemed more effective, everything the pokemon did was just better! A normal trainer would clearly chase after the shiny pokemon. The normal, green shroomish was was obviously losing this vicious battle. It was moving sluggishly, it's injuries were clearly coming into effect. It rarely hit the 'superior' shiny shroomish yet there was still something about this shroomish, something that made it far, far, far, better than it's 'superior' relative. It had a drive, a will to fight on, despite it's disadvantage and the blatant signs of defeat. No matter how many times it was thrown down, it will get up and continue! It had true courage, something worth far more than everything the shiny shroomish had!

Castor watched silently in the darkness as the battle was coming to a clear end. The two shroomish stared down each other; the green panting heavily, the orange smiling fiercely. They went into their final dash at each other, using a simple kick at each other. No special moves, to specific techniques, nothing asides from their simple small feet flying at each other. It was the true spirit of the fighting type the two were destined to become.

The two clashed.

The two landed and the green shroomish fell.
The shiny smiled a victorious grin and walked away, happy with it's win.

Castor stood quietly for a few moments he looked over towards the orange pokemon walking away and back at the fallen green one. He walked over to his choice.

Pulling out an average revive that he had bought earlier before he left town. The boy placed the gem ontop of the pokemon and brought it back to consciousness.

"Hey, kid."

Castor grinned as he looked into the shroomish's opening eyes.

"Ma, Marill!"

The Marill followed, simply repeating what Castor said from the boy's shoulder.

Posted by: Douken Sota Apr 3 2010, 01:33 PM

Surrounded by darkness and woods, Douken and Growlithe carefully maneuvered through the woods. The darkness made it hard t rely on his sight, so the duo relied on their other senses, Douken focusing o his hands and ears to feel the woods and hear what was around them, as Growlithe tried to focus more on his nose. "Remember," Douken said to the puppy, "We can only get one target, so lets make sure its a useful one, alright? Either way, it will be a useful member of our family," Douken told the puppy before he felt the air get colder.

Getting more alert, the duo stood ready for anything. Ice types nearby? No, they prefer cold areas, not making areas cold. No, this is more like a chill, as if a frightening thing is in the area... Just as he thought that a hooded figure came at them, screaming, "SKULLLLL!!!!" making them jump and Douken fall backwards.

"Duskull, huh?" He watched the Ghost Pokemon chuckle with victory before it started to float away. "Growlithe, lets make sure it doesn't get away," he said, standing up, the two beginning their pursuit.

Posted by: Kranic Apr 3 2010, 03:59 PM

The shroomish opened it's eyes to see the two being infront of him and instinctively rolled back to get some room between the three. Unsure of how long he was unconscious or where he was, the green mushroom pokemon took a quick look around to see where he was. He was still in the same spot he was before he was defeated by the shiny shroomish and it didn't seem that much time had gone by since that fateful event. It was still dark so it had to still be the same night or the follow night, but as he didn't have any serious injuries asides from the one his rival shroomish gave to him, a whole day couldn't have gone by, as some type of hungry wild pokemon would have been bound to taken advantage of an unconscious shroomish in the middle of the forest floor. He must have only been unconscious for a few minutes. The shroomish then redirected his attention to the boy and his Marill.

Castor looked over towards his Marill and got up.
"Yo, Shroomish! I'm pretty interested in you, so I wanna know, you want to join me in my journey? I watched the battle you just had and even though that shroomish beat you, I saw that you had heart, a lot of heart. So I'm just gunna repeat myself and say, you wanna join me in my journey?"

The shroomish was quick to turn away, he wasn't interested in being the boy's slave. No matter how much heart he had, he wasn't just going to become the kid's slave willingly. He then began to walk.

"I'll help you be stronger, far stronger than that orange shroomish you just fought." Castor said, The shroomish looked back and laughed, it then began to speak in it's own tongue.

"Shroom...Shroomish, Shroom, Shroom."

It went on like that for a little bit , leaving Castor a tad bit confused due to his inability to understand the pokemon language. His Marill, being a pokemon, understood fully and tried to translate it to her trainer, despite the fact, she herself couldn't speak English. She jumped from his shoulder and began to speak.

She said pointing at the shroomish.
She followed pointing herself using her other, paw.
She then thrusted her two paws together to represent them clashing together,signifying fighting.

Castor was quick to understand what the pokemon meant.
"He wants see if I'm worthy through a fight between you and him?"

Castor asked, waiting for a confirmation as that was the easiest way to speak between pokemon and human. The Marill nodded and Castor grinned.

"Alright then, I accept, but to be fair, you're kinda hurt, let me heal you."

Castor walked over towards the shroomish and pulled out a potion. He sprayed it and quickly revitalized the pokemon. The shroomish nodded, appreciating the fact that the trainer was so kind to make this battle be on an equal footing. Castor replied with a grin and shrugged, walking back to behind his Marill.

"Alright, Azure, you ready?"




"Then, let's go!"

Posted by: Xal Apr 3 2010, 05:38 PM

"Here you go Pikachu." Malcolm said as he released her from the pokéball. He was stuck between calling her Pichu and Pikachu, he'd been used to calling her Pichu for years and a habit like that was hard to break. He was starting to get used to calling her Pikachu but it was still a conscious effort to call her by that name.

"We're looking for another pokémon to catch, there's bound to be one somewhere..." Malcolm whispered, not wanting to scare off any nearby potential catches. There were a few Zubats flying overhead but he wasn't really keen on them. He'd be happy if they just stayed in their caves instead of flying around at night. That was, however, until he saw the leader of their pack. A Golbat was just ahead of them, coming in to land not far from Malcolm. Golbats weren't much better but they were stronger, and this one looked particularly menacing. If he could catch this then how could he possibly lose?

"Get ready, Pikachu." Malcolm whispered to her. A few electric attacks would probably be all that was required to catch it, and he got a pokéball ready just in case. The Golbat hovered a few dozen feet away but didn't seem to notice the trainer and his pokémon. It was more concerned with something lying on the ground besides a bush. Malcolm's curiosity got the better of him and he slowly tiptoes towards it, wincing every time a twig snapped underfoot. As he got closer he noticed it was an egg of some kind, mostly white but with a few colourful patterns. The moonlight was shining through the trees and lighting it up like a spotlight, which must have been why the Golbat had found it. The bat pokémon leaned in closer, looking down at it with its gaping mouth wide open. Malcolm couldn't think of a time that he'd seen one without its mouth open but he still got the impression that it was about to eat the egg. It wouldn't do that, would it? Did they even eat anything at all? Didn't they suck blood?

Malcolm's interest in the Golbat's culinary habits was interrupted by the 'egg' suddenly looking up at the pokémon, squealing and running towards Malcolm and Pikachu.

"Prii!" It shouted as it dashed off. From this angle it clearly wasn't an egg, just a pokémon that looked a lot like one. Malcolm pointed the pokédex at it. It identified it as Togepi and called him an egg pokémon but couldn't do more than that. Malcolm looked down at it and frowned. No wonder Govannon didn't want it.

The Golbat glared towards Malcolm and the two pokémon. The Zubats had lowered and were hovering behind Golbat, and it looked as if they weren't going to give up on getting Togepi. A small part of Malcolm wanted to run away and let nature take its course, but the small pokémon couldn't stand a chance against this flock of aggressive monsters. He couldn't just leave him there.

"Just leave, I'm sorry but I won't let you get him." Malcolm said, addressing the Golbat and the Zubats. He knew his command was a bit pathetic but he had no idea what to say or if they could even understand English properly. They didn't look too happy though, and Malcolm decided it was time for a swift exit. He looked down to the two pokémon, Togepi hiding behind Pikachu, and nodded his head back as he took a small step backwards. They seemed to understand and started to move back themselves, before the three of them took off in a mad dash. He could hear the bats screeching behind them, and before long some of the Zubats had over taken them and had them surrounded.

"Now what..." Malcolm thought to himself. At that moment it seemed like it was a ridiculous idea to go out into the woods, filled with dangerous creatures, with only one pokémon. He didn't expect that Pidgey would be able to help them but it would still be better to have him with them.

"All right Pikachu. Thundershock!" He ordered. They weren't going to let them go without a battle, but maybe if they could see that Pikachu was capable of putting up a good fight they might back off. The lightning bolts struck the group and arced between them, but they still refused to leave. Things weren't looking good, they were weak to electrical attacks but Pikachu's attacks weren't strong enough. Togepi didn't seem like it would be much use either, he'd never seen a pokémon of his kind before but he couldn't imagine him being able to win many battles. Malcolm considered shouting for help, they couldn't be too far from the other trainers and if Govannon heard he could use his own Pikachu and Raichu, and between all of them they could easily fight off the Zubats. He didn't want to provoke the pokémon any more than they already were though, not to mention embarrass himself, so decided to keep quiet for the time being. There was still hope, it was all about finding the right strategy. He noticed that whilst most of the Zubats had recovered from the attack one wasn't so fortunate, and seemed to be paralysed. It gave him an idea, one which could just work.

"Pika, do you think you can paralyse them? There's a move that does it. What's it called, thunder wave? I don't know if you can figure it out, but if you can..." Malcolm said, not needing to carry on. If even some of the pokémon were paralysed they'd be fighting a much smaller group, so even if they still insisted on attacking they could be easily dealt with.

"Pika!" She said in response, launching another electrical attack. It was similar to the first one but seemed a little different. The damage done was completely different though, and a large proportion of them Zubats were paralysed.

"Come on you two, let's go." Malcolm said, running off with the two pokémon. The Zubats were confused, they were torn between giving chase and getting revenge and staying with the rest of the flock. Malcolm didn't stay behind to find out what they'd choose though, and it was only a moment before they'd managed to disappear from the vicinity.

"Are you all right?" Malcolm asked, looking down to the two pokémon. It was cold out even for Malcolm with his thick jumper, the two small pokémon must have been feeling it much worse.
"Go on then." He smiled, putting the pair of them in pokéballs. The moment he'd done it he realised exactly what it was he'd just done. At the time he'd just been trying to look out for Togepi, but now it dawned on him that he'd technically just captured him. He held the pokéball and was about to release him again, but Togepi could still do that himself if he wanted. He hadn't been weakened and hadn't offered any resistance when he tried to take him, so there was no use taking him out and putting him in the cold just so he could say he didn't catch him. It was this that reminded him of the capture contest, could he really keep Togepi just for that game? No, he decided. He didn't seem like a battling kind of pokémon, Malcolm couldn't send him in to one after just escaping from a Golbat and its flock.

"I'll find your home." He said as he held the egg in his hand, before clipping on his belt alongside Pikachu's. A group of egg like pokémon wouldn't be hard to find, would it?

Pokemon captured (click to show)

Posted by: Douken Sota Apr 3 2010, 07:27 PM

Douken soon came across to what the Duskull called home; a small hole in a large tree that didn't have a lot of room for many, it looked crowded with the one by itself. Checking around, he saw no other ghosts in this area, so it was a safe bet that it was not likely to walk into an ambush. Having his hand on Growlithe's head, they both watched it from the bushes as they watched it gather nearby berries for a dinner. "Wait for an opening," he told the puppy as he arched himself, ready to charge. "We catch it by surprise, and do some serious damage. When you see one, charge in with Bite..."

The concept was simple; while its back is turned, hit it with a move for super effective damage, a couple times. Once weak enough, go in for the catch, and seeing how it was fixing up its bed, it was a perfect window. Taking his hand off the puppy's head, the Growlithe charged forth, chomping down on the Requiem Pokemon's butt. This made her jump by surprise, hovering in the air and spinning in circles until the puppy let go. Angry about this, her eyes glowed blue before a strange aura overcame Growlithe's teeth. Disable... Douken thought, seeing how it locked the only move Douken thought his puppy knew.

With the cover blown after the surprise attack, Douken got up and called out, "Hey Growlithe, if you got any other moves, now is the time to use them..." He could of chosen to run until Disable wore off, but he had confidence Growlithe wouldn't let him down.

It was then the puppy mouth was filled with heat before firing out small balls of fire, impacting the Duskull for some decent extra damage. "Nice one!" Douken called out, wondering when he learned Ember, but honestly did not mind. The praise, however, also distracted the puppy too much to charge at Douken for a friendly licking, but a reminder it was still a battle hit him when a shadow copy of Duskull struck him. "What did I tell you about staying focused?" Douken sighed, watching the puppy turn the attention back onto the ghost and unleashing a second volley of embers, causing the ghost to pop into flames. Looks like it got burned. and by the damage it took, now is the perfect time!

Taking a Pokeball from his bag, he chucked it at the ghost as it gazed at the puppy with Leer, surrounding the ghost with a red light before ensnaring it inside, landing on the floor. The light on the ball flashed as it shook, the Pokemon inside trying to escape the seal, but alas, it ran out of energy. The ball grew still and the light stopped blinking. The catch was a successful one.

Posted by: Kranic Apr 4 2010, 03:50 AM

ooc (click to show)

And the fight was on.
The shroomish began with a simple attack. It launched seeds into the air, it didn't seem to do much, but it's purpose would become much more evident later. Azure began in her own fashion, without Castor's command, a straight forward tackle. Unfortunately, that was a huge mistake. As the pokemon ran, the shroomish simply stood still, eventually glowing a heavy green. The glow grew to turn into a beam that hit the marill, sending it back a few feet, the beam then returned to the shroomish, revitalizing him of any damage he received. It just used absorb.

"Urrgh, not good. Alright, Azure, I know this won't be too helpful, but we don't have too much of a choice, use watergun!"

The Marill nodded and took a deep breath and then spewed out a wave of water to hit the shroomish. It hit the pokemon, but by the nature of pokemon typing, it wasn't very effective. The shroomish simple shrugged it off and began to taunt his opponent.

"Shrom, Shroomish? Shroomish, Shroom!"
"Is that all you can do? Pathetic!"

Azure was strong enough to overcome the taunt, but Castor was able to feel the pokemon's arrogance, even without understanding it's language.

"Don't think so lowly of me! Azure. Go tackle it!"

Bad choice.

The blue rabbit pokemon followed it's trainer command and ran towards the pokemon, only to quickly fall into it's trap. The marill walked on the seeds that were spread about at the beginning of the battle. Leech seed. The seeds quickly latched onto the pokemon and sprout roots that went into the ground, leaving the pokemon unable to move.

"Crap...Marill, get out of those vines!"

The Marill struggled as it tried to get the plant off it's body, but it wasn't any use, they were stuck. The opposing shroomish walked over happy to see it's plan worked out. The shroomish went into a minor dialogue.

"Sucks that other grass types like me are able to resist this move, it's really effective, you know."

The shroomish reached the marill, he proceeded to kick he, letting the roots a bit.

"Hmph, so what? I'm still going to win this battle!"

The shroomish couldn't help but laugh. Given the situation it was impossible.
"You're stuck. Your trainer can't think anything. I have a type advantage over you. I have control over this entire battle. What do you have? Nothing!"

The Marill looked fatefully over to her trainer.

"You're wrong! I have Castor, I'm certain he will be able to get something!"

The shroomish looked into the pokemon's eyes, it was frightfully fierce. A minor bit of curiosity began to stir in the pokemon. Given that he had all the power in the situation and the fact that he may never see the two again, he may as well ask this question now.

" long have you even been with him anyways?"

The Marill heart sank with the question.

"...a few days."

The shroomish stared surprised, only a few days to have a trust of this level. the kid must have something to him.

"Interesting...regardless, let me finish this."

The shroomish turned as he puffed out spores into the air, he was intending on using stun spore.


Castor looked over towards his pokemon, he didn't know what to do. He had to work with such a limited moveset, his Marill could only do so much. He growled as he looked at his pokemoon try to work by itself in such a horrible stat.

"Azure, roll!"

He yelled out the first thing that came to his mind, as the pokemon pushing it's legs to make it roll back in the opposite direction of the shroomish, breaking the leech seed roots and avoiding the power all together."


Castor watched as the pokemon rolled backwards, a quick image popped into his mind as he saw the pokemon do so.
"Roll...AZURE! I have an idea!"
The Marill looked over towards it's trainer curiously, as the shroomish stood stunned by the fact his combo didn't work.
"Roll like you did just now, but towards the shroomish...and faster!"
The Marill nodded and did as commanded, giving a direct hit to the shroomish, doing a considerate amount of damage and blasting him into a tree behind him.
The shroomish stood surprised as the pokemon used a new move.

Marill learned rollout!

"Great, now keep that up!"

The shroomish attempted to use a move on the rolling Marill, but couldn't really focus it's aim on the rolling pokemon.


The marill tackled into the shroomish again, this time sending him into the air.

"Now, Juggle!"

The Marill then spun around, keeping the pokemon in the air with each consecutive hit, the shroomish was quick to become dizzy.

"Alright, finish him!"

The Marill proceeded to use one final rollout tackle to send the shroomish to a tree. Pulling more oxygen from the air, the Marill used a finishing water gun on the shroomish, the end the battle.

"This is the power of a pokemon and it's trainer!"

"Ma, Marill. Marill, MA, RILL!"

The shroomish still remained conscious, but only because Marill restrained it's final hit.

"So you willing to join up with us now?"

Castor said as he walked over towards the shroomish, a potion in hand.
He sprayed the pokemon to heal it again.

The shroomished looked at him, unsure what to think at the moment. He didn't think he would actually lose to a water type.

Did he really want to give up his life in the forest to travel with this kid?
Is he really a decent trainer? (It seemed like he was...)
Will it be worth while?

The shroomish looked into the boy's eyes and then over towards the Marill.
They genuinely looked happy.
Happiness was something he really needed now.


The shroomish gave a nod of confirmation.

Castor was able to understand easily. He pulled a random pokeball from his pocket and threw it at the pokemon. A red light engulfed it and pulled it inside the pokemon. Without any twitches or movements, the pokeball clicked. The Shroomish was caught!

Castor picked up the pokeball and released the pokemon.

"Alright, so you are part of the team now! Now, just as a final step, I'm going to give you a nickname, I hope you don't mind."

The shroomish gave a casual shrug, in the most reasonable way a shroomish can shrug.

"Alright. I think I'm going to call you... Kaize (Pronounced Kai-Zah), probably Kai or Kid for short. Even though it's a short name."

The shroomish nodded, a little nervous about this sudden change in life style, but it knew it was for the better of it. Nothing was waiting for this young shroomish in this forest.

"Alright, let's walk back."
Castor gave a nod as he walked forward.

Azure and Kaize followed.

Welcome to the team~"

Posted by: Xal Apr 4 2010, 06:15 AM

Things weren't going well. Malcolm had spent about quarter of an hour searching every nook and cranny, but it didn't seem to be any use. He was starting to feel bad for the Togepi, what if it had family there? He didn't want to take Togepi away from that. But try as he might he couldn't any sign of other Togepi or anything that was similar enough to be an evolution. He didn't even know whereabouts to look. Should he look in bushes, in trees, in dirt? The pokédex wasn't much help either, and he knew that he'd need to get a newer one at some point. He was starting to lose hope of finding the Togepi's friends and the half an hour deadline was almost up. He didn't care about the battle at this point but he didn't want to worry anyone by vanishing off into the woods at night. He looked down at Togepi's pokéball and decided that he might as well just ask her. The small pokémon appeared in a flash of light that faintly illuminated the trees around them.

"Togepi, do you know the way to your... group?" Malcolm asked, realising he didn't actually know anything about Togepi families. Maybe Togepi left their group almost as soon as they hatched, or maybe there just wasn't much of a group thing for them at all. Could it be possible that Togepi was really a lot stronger than he looked? That he was the most evolved of his evolutionary family and had been living independently and that it would be normal for a pokémon of his species? No, that didn't seem right. He seemed quite babyish, almost like Pichu had been.

"Pi!" He said just as Malcolm was thinking of the comparison, which he couldn't help but smile at as Pichu often said the same thing. His voice was higher than Pichu's had been but there were still some noticeable similarities.

"So... is that a no?"

Togepi bounced from side to side, which he guessed must have been his equivalent of shaking his head.

"Oh... right. You mean you don't have a family?"

Togepi jumped up and down to that, and started talking at great length. If Malcolm could understand pokémon speak he'd know that he was trying to explain that he'd always been alone since he hatched, but Malcolm just had to listen and accept the fact he had no idea what Togepi was talking about.

"So, if you've got no family you may as well stay with me." He said, at least able to recognise that he'd nodded.
"I'm not sure you'd be suited to battling though. You don't want to do that, do you?"

Togepi, to Malcolm's surprised, nodded after thinking for a moment. He'd been in plenty of battles fending for himself in the wild dark woods. He'd even fought trainers' pokémon who tried to capture him, he'd never wanted to be with a human but this one seemed different. He'd risked a lot to help him, and so had the pokémon. He wondered if she'd been caught in the woods as well, he knew that there was a group of the Pichu family in the woods somewhere.

"We'd better get back now. Come on then, you don't want to be outside in this cold." Malcolm said as he recalled him back to the pokéball. He guessed he'd be staying with him after all. It was a shame that he wouldn't be able to return Togepi to his family, but if he didn't have one then there was no helping that. He wasn't keen on putting him into the battle either, he didn't even know what moves he'd be able to use.

Posted by: Douken Sota Apr 4 2010, 01:55 PM

As the pokeball laid in the grass for Growlithe to sniff at, Douken checked what barries were gathered. There was plenty of Oran and Sitris to take care of the health, but not the burn he inflicted. Luckily, a Rawst berry was on hand, well, in his bag. Still, he took a Sitris berry from the gathering and a rawst from his bag before he opened up her Pokeball, releasing the Duskull. Confused about the whole ordeal, she looked left and right confused, seeing she was still where she was, and the duo was still there. She readied an attack before Douken grabbed her, saying, "Calm down. You just got out of a battle and he is now your comrade." Duskull gazed at the puppy confused, wondering why he was now a comrade when a minute ago he was an enemy.

Holding out the berries, he told her, "Eat. You will feel a lot better." She took the Sitris a bit concerned, thinking it was poisoned our something before slowly placing it under her mask to eat it slowly. However, she felt energy rush back into her and felt a lot better. Sure the other berry was safe, she took a bite of the rawst before making a lovely face and gobbled it down. "Looks like you enjoy bitter food," he chuckled as the ghost landed on his head, sending a huge chill down his back.

"Ah, thank you," echoed in his head. For the moment, he seemed unphased, seeing how he spoke to a Kurlia named Mercury though this method.

"Don't worry about it. I am sure you would feel better after --" It was then it hit him. "You can speak through telepathy?"

"Depends... What is telepathy?"

"What you are doing right now..."

"Hmmm, never knew I could do that..." She then hovered off his head before speaking more. "Duskull skull skull du."

I did not understand that part what-so-ever. Maybe she is limited to who she is touching... To test this, he signaled her to come back. Poking her back, sure enough, what would of been her repeating her name became words he could understand. "Well, it looks like you have telepathy though touch."

"Really?! Maybe its because our minds are connected, she chuckled.

"Well, either way, it does help to get to know you better. So, what moves do you know?" he asked as the two began to walk back to the place they were going to meet at.

"Well lets see... First, I can so such a frightening gaze, they seem to drop their defense."


"I can send a shadow of myself at them which seems to always to the same kind of damage."

"Night Shade."

"Oh and I can even lock away an opponent's attack!"

"Disable. I got worried when you tried that on us."

"[/i]And there is always my family's secret weapon!![/i]"

"And what is that?" As she described it, he got a few ideas on how to use it. "It seems like you got a great assortment of moves."

"But I haven't told you them all!

"We got time..." he said as the trio walked back to Govonnan.

Posted by: Kranic Apr 4 2010, 11:55 PM

The walk back was a tad bit annoying.
Twenty minutes may have passed since Castor first left the meeting site.
Castor was foolish enough to choose the one pokemon he had that held no ability in creating a light with his journey in the forest, so now he had to find his way through the forest with only moonlight to guide him. He sighed as he tried to recall his memory of what ha passed, but to no avail as he was so leisurely uncaring during the beginning of his walk. He tried to think harder and harder as he walked in the opposite direction he originally walked. Nothing was coming to him.

"Hey Azure, you remember the way we came?"

The blue ball looked over towards it's owner, halting it's conversation it seemed to have with the shroomish. She thought for a few moments and shook her head, she wasn't exactly paying attention either.

Castor only replied with a sigh.

"Guh, I wish Virva or Icuru were here, one of them would have been bound to pay attention."

Castor soon returned to his internal thoughts as he walked off in his straight line.

Fortune favored Castor during this night, as he say a familiar body standing about, seemingly waiting for people to return. Castor gave a happy and relaxing sigh as he realized that the man was Govonnan. It seemed that when walking off Castor went in a completely straight line and by turning around, he followed his path perfectly. Indeed how fortunate it is that Castor wasn't foolish enough to take a turn.

"Sup Giovan-Govan- Erm, hey what was your name again?"

Castor approach lightheartedly with his two pokemon cheerfully following him.

Posted by: Xal Apr 5 2010, 04:25 AM

"Govannon." He sighed as the second boy made his way over, handing the pokéballs back to the pair of them. Although he'd not been at all interested in this little game he was slightly curious about what they'd caught and how they'd battle, even if only for the comedy value of it. It wasn't long before Malcolm came back too, and it looked as if it would soon be time for the battle to get under way.

"So, what did everyone get?" Govannon asked. He could see that a Duskull and a Shroomish had been caught, but Malcolm had returned alone. Either he'd failed miserably, which wouldn't surprise him, or the new catch was in its pokéball.

"I caught a Togepi. I was really trying to find its home but it doesn't seem to have one, so I guess it's staying with me." Malcolm explained. He still wasn't sure about putting it into battle though. He didn't even know what type Togepi was. Their battle would certainly be 'interesting', to say the least. All the same he sent him out from the pokéball and let him wander about. Togepi didn't look shy about being with the pokémon, not even the Charmeleon which was towering over her, which Malcolm saw as a good sign.

"Your pokédex was a great help." He added.

"All right then. So, I guess its time for you to battle. How do you want to do this?"

Posted by: Douken Sota Apr 5 2010, 12:39 PM

It seemed Douken was the first to arrive at their campsite, followed by Castor then Malcolm, each person getting their team back as they came in. Duskull waved to the others, trying to hide her temptation to try and scare them away.

Looking at the others, he noticed the new addition of Caster's seeming to be the Grass Type, Shroomish. He wasn't all that worried, but what did worry him a little was the Togepi that was released. From what Duskull told him, all he had was one ghost attack and a normal attack which wouldn't be that effective on finishing off an enemy. Seeing the enemies, he began to write out a battle plan in his head.

"First off, we need to make sure everyone is in 100% condition, so a moment to let them recover would be good as we clear this area open. As for the battle, the conditions are there: a triple battle, last man standing style. Each trainer must use only one Pokemon, me with Duskull, Malcolm with Togepi, and... uh... what's-his-face other there with Scroomish, since these are all new catches."

How he named Castor made Duskull chuckle, saying, "You planned this out without knowing who everyone is?" even if everyone just heard her repeat her name.

"Well, he never did introduce himself," he replied back before looking at the others. "So take this time to recover your team and ready a strategy, cause this battle is going to be interesting to say at least..."

Posted by: Kranic Apr 11 2010, 01:37 PM

Castor growled as he heard his name intentionally skipped.

"Name's Castor!"

He boomed, insuring that everyone in the area could hear him, very clearly. He then turned back to his pokemon to consult them a little, a little bothered by the darkness, he released both his Charmander and Mareep to light the area a little bit more.

The two pokemon came as they naturally would and looked over to see a familiar Marill cheerfully playing with an unfamiliar Shroomish, they looked over to Castor confused.

"Yeah, that guy over there is a part of the party now, we will be calling his Kaize or just Kai for short."

The two pokemon greeted the Shroomish and took some time to get an understanding of what was going on. Once they had a pretty basic relationship, Castor proceeded to call over his mushroom pokemon.

"Alright, now, Kai you will be partaking in a battle soon, alright? It'll be against that Duskull and Togepi over there."
Castor pointed over towards the two respective pokemon. The shroomish just nodded along, curious to see how being under a trainer's command will help him in battle, after his embarrassing lost to the Marill and the shiny shroomish not too long ago. It was saddening to think back to his pass, he shrugged it off and looked up happily ot Castor.

Castor noticed the look of excitement in the pokemon's face, but furthermore, he also noticed that the pokemon had a lack of esteem, it seemed like he had a small doubt in mind.

"...he probably doesn't think he can win..."

Castor returned to look over to the two pokemon that his shroomish was going to fight. The original idea was that it would be an all out battle, a 1v1v1, however, it doesn't seem like this would help shroomish's confidence that much. Instead, he should fight both of them, one on one.

"Hey, guys!"

Castor boomed out again, interrupting any planning that may have been underway.

"I don't think we should do this battle."

Castor soon continued.

"Atleast, not in this way."

Posted by: Douken Sota Apr 17 2010, 07:53 PM

When Castor glared at him when he told him his name, Douken shrugged it off, saying, "Can't call you my name if we don't know it," Duskull chuckling afterwords in amusement. However, when the idea of the triple battle being shot down suddenly, he felt like he had to ask, "Oh? Then what do you have in mind then?"

Posted by: Kranic Apr 20 2010, 09:37 PM

"Well~I was considering a tournament type battle. We all fight each other one and one after each other, so I fight you and that guy over there, and you two fight. It'll still be three on three, but or pokemon will be able to have a little more spotlight against each other and some other stuff."

Castor went on with his thought, trying to keep his reasoning a little bit secret. He didn't want to let his shroomish think he was too soft.

"We can still use the pokemon we caught against each other to let them get some experience, but I think it'll be able to help them feel, erm. I think it'll be able to give them a little more individual experience."

He trailed on.

"So, my shroomish against your duskull and then my shroomish against his togepi, then the duskull and togepi can fight."

Posted by: Xal Apr 22 2010, 09:47 AM

"That sounds fine to me. What about you, Togepi?" Malcolm asked, looking around him for his new pokémon's approval.

"Togepi?" He asked, failing to find him.

During their discussion about the battle Togepi had disappeared from sight.

"He's probably gone home. You shouldn't worry about him, Togepi's lasted this long on his own so he'll carry on surviving. And anyway, you yourself said that you didn't really mean to catch him." Govannon said, trying to comfort him.

"No, he can't be going home because he doesn't have one. He was alone when he hatched and he's been lone ever since. I've got to find him." He said, but not entirely sure how he knew all that.

"I'm sorry you two, but I won't be battling you today." Malcolm said as he ran off into the woods.

"I'd better go with him. Who knows what's out there." Govannon said, waving before him and his pokémon followed.

"Togepi? Where are you?" Malcolm shouted into the darkness. It was no use, he'd disappeared completely.

"I have an idea. Take your pokémon out." Govannon said. He released two of his own, Pikachu and Raichu, and Malcolm sent out Pikachu and Pidgey.

"Oh? When did you catch... wait, is that Pichu? How come you never said she evolved?" Govannon asked, Pikachu grinning broadly.

"It just slipped my mind I guess." Malcolm said hurriedly. He wasn't in the mood to talk about stuff like that, he needed to find Togepi. "What was your big plan?"

"Send them to look as well. We'll have more luck than just us on our own."

Togepi slumped down next to a tall, wide tree. He'd wandered away from Green Top but was starting to regret it. He just wanted to go for a short stroll but soon realised there was no way of getting back since he didn't know the way. It didn't really matter that much though, he was quite happy munching on her berry. He'd have liked to see the green topped human again but wasn't going to lose any sleep over it.

"Pi?" He whispered out into the shadows. There was a rustling coming from the bushes. It couldn't be another attack, could it? Now he was really regretting leaving Green Top, he himself might be able to fight off a small attack but his pokémon could fight off even stronger ones.

"Rai!" The rustle-maker called back to him, climbing out from the leaves. It was an orange pokémon, which looked a little similar to the one that was with the human. It tugged at his hand, and before long the pair of them were walking back through the woods. A dull light started to glow through the leaves, and he soon recognised the fiery red pokémon that was with the group of humans.

"Togepi, there you are!" Malcolm said, running forwards and picking him up when Raichu returned with Togepi. Govannon called out for the others to return, and within a minute the two Pikachus and Pidgey were back with them.

"Come on you lot, it's probably time we got some sleep." Malcolm said, recalling his pokémon as Govannon did the same. The pair of them started walking out of the woods, heading towards the nearest pokémon centre.

Posted by: Douken Sota Apr 22 2010, 11:24 AM

*Thinking about what was offered, he only had one problem, fighting the Togepi. Either it would be a complete standstill, or Togepi knew another move to turn things in her favor, making Duskull block the move and stall for defeat. Either way, that match would of been a draw or loss for him.

However, when Malcolm realized the Egg Pokemon vanished, he decided to cut their time short to look for them. All Douken could say as they ran off was, "Take care..."

"That white guy must be important to that boy..." Duskull echoed into his head, seeing how she was still acting like a hat.

"Must be," he said aloud. "Same goes with me and all of you," he added. This made Duskull giggle and hug his head.

Turning back around to Castor, he told him, "Well then, looks like this thing can just be a one on one battle. Hope your Schroomish is ready..."

Posted by: Kranic Apr 22 2010, 06:21 PM

Castor shrugged as he saw that the boy with the togepi had to run off. It didn't really mean much to him, although it did slightly ruin his plan of boosting his pokemon's confidence, even though a single win would probably be great for the little shroomish. He watched quietly as he ran off.

He then turned to look at the remaining boy, to see him talking aloud to himself, he gave an odd stare, as the boy returned to talking to him. He quickly shook off his disgruntled face and quickly decided to just ask him about it later.

"Erm...Yeah, Right Kai?"

"Shroom, Shroom!"
The shroomish replied with a great deal of energy, jumping up and down with ever 'shroom'.

"Alright then, let's get ready!" Castor pulled his gloves on tighter and proceeded to point towards an open area in the forest. He and his shroomish walked, leaving his remaining pokemon to sit about, when the two finally got in their position, they noticed it was a little, dark.

"Ergh. You mind if I have my Charmander and Mareep Light up the battle field a little?"

He said, pointing over towards the two who seemed to be the main source of light, asides from the moonlight.

Posted by: Douken Sota Apr 26 2010, 08:14 PM

Douken followed the other boy to the clearing. Looking around, he examined the terrain, checking the trees around them and the light given by the moon. When he asked about extra lighting from his Pokemon, Douken shook his head, saying, "A trainer, like his Pokemon, must be able to adapt to any terrain. Just as these guys have dealt with the darkness, so must we." When that was finished, Duskull lifted from his head before hovering in front of the duo.

Taking off his glasses for a moment, he huffed on them before rubbing the lenses against his shirt. "Now then, to be sure of rules, it will be one on one. Last one standing wins. Recalling for recovery is out of the question. Now then, I will let you open the match off."

Posted by: Kranic May 14 2010, 08:10 AM

OoC (click to show)

"Whatever you say~"

Castor shrugged with his opponents request and proceeded to return his two light baring pokemon, leaving his Marill to watch the battle alongside him. His face looked over to his Shroomish and gave him a nod, the Shroomish gave a likewise nod back.

"Alright, just keep in mind the short talk we had before the battle … start out with leech seed!"

Castor yelled out his command and soon took his post to leave the rest of the work to the Shroomish. In response, the Shroomish acted as it should and shot a seed from the top of its bulby head directing towards the Duskull.

The seed landed upon the Ghost Pokemon's mask, opening up to wrap it with vines, slowly draining away at his energy. "Don't think a small attack like that would place some impact upon my attack. Now, Duskull, show him your Night Shade!" A dark energy formed around her before a shape that mimicked her body fired from the mask, heading for the Grass-Type Pokemon. "If you are unsure about Night Shade power, I will tell you its equivalent to her level. Which means I can deal a constant stream of consistent damage to your Shroomish. With that known, let's hope you got a plan to take care of that..."

"Whatever, whatever, Leach Seed does just about the same thing, except of course, Shroomish is healing~ let’s go Kai!"

The Shroomish took the hit dead on, not too hurt from the attack, but he did indeed feel the damage. The Shroomish then puffed up a bit of energy into its spore on top of its head and ran directly underneath the Duskull to use quick stun spore and then rolled into the bushes to hide away. The leech seed began to come into effect as some green balls of energy flew from the Duskull and fell into the ground, to fly back up under where the Shroomish was standing; both leaving the Shroomish hidden away from the Duskull, while still healing the shroomish and damaging the Duskull.

"I see. So you are going to try hit and run, then? Well, from what I saw, my Night Shade can pull of more damage than your little seed. However, standing in the open is one way to get hit. Let’s go, Duskull!" With that said, Duskull's body got covered in the dark aura once more, launching another mimicked shape at the small plant. However, it took longer to charge, showing signs that she got paralyzed. "You alright, girl?" he asked, the ghost nodding, showing that she would not give up that easily.

The green balls once again plopped from the Duskull and returned to the ground, healing the Shroomish again. The Shroomish took advantage of the moment of paralysis and quickly hide itself deeper in the shrubs, moving around as quickly as it could in the plants. The shrubs could easily be seen moving, revealing the Shroomish locate. Suddenly, the shrubs stopped, leaving one place for the Shroomish to be. A rock flew from this spot, directly at the Duskull, the shrubs then began to move again, in two opposite directions.

"Duskull, don't let it leave your sights! Use Foresight!" Struggling from the mist before, Duskull tried to strengthen her focus, her eye glowing like a dying flashlight as it gazed at one of the splits, and then back at the other before the beam broke, and the ghost dropping from her position thanks to what was going through her system. However, it still meant the Shroomish's chances of hiding were reduced, seeing how she now had a vague idea of where the little guy was.

The energy again flew from the Duskull returning to the ground, the Shroomish healed again.
Castor watched fearfully as he saw that his Shroomish wouldn't be able to easily hide from the Duskull, his plan wasn't working out too well. It was time for plan B.

"Not good, Not good, alright, Shroomish, go ahead and use absorb!"

The Shroomish was able to clearly receive his owner's request and jumped from the bushes, Shroomish was now glowing a bright green. The glowing light focused into a ray and flew towards the Duskull, hitting it directly. The green surrounded the pokemon and damaged her, then it recollected itself into a single ray and flew back to the Shroomish, healing him once again.

Douken sneered at the strategy he had going. As the seed tried to take away her health, he would try to take it away himself. And with Duskull paralyzed, hitting would seem a bit troublesome. However, if push came to shove, he had a backup move ready. "Duskull, Night Shade once more!" However, the paralysis she suffered from made it difficult for her to even conjure up her attacking mirage.

Shroomish prepared to be hit by the Duskull's attack, but was surprise to be unharmed by anything, he took a quick sigh and gained more health from the returning green energy he then redirected his attention to his trainer.

"Alright Shroomish, let's just give up on this little hiding war. Let's just fight full force!"
Castor yelled out to his pokemon in the shining moonlight. The Shroomish grinned as he heard the command.

The Shroomish once again began to glow green with him powerful pout.
The Shroomish then blew another blast of green energy to get more energy from his opponent.

"Duskull's health is getting low, but she told me to hold up on using that move... Flashing back, he remembered talking to Duskull about a specific move."

Posted by: Douken Sota May 15 2010, 02:13 PM

Duskull's health is getting low, but she told me to hold up on using that move... Flashing back, he remembered talking to Duskull about a specific move.

Before the battle (click to show)
Now could be the right moment, but she looks like she can still last a couple more blows... but maybe while I get ready, I can throw him off my tracks.

"Now Duskull, use Disable!" With the command, his eye glowed blue, surrounding the Shroomish's body, sealing away the Absorb skill he was playing with. "And don't think about hiding. We can still find you with Foresight."

Douken saw a mischievous grin grow on Castor's face.It was as if he was expecting it, as if he had something ready.

"Finally figured to use that move, huh," Castor stated with a smug voice. "Took you forever. Kai, you know what to do."

Another wave of green energy returned to the shroomish, healing him yet again. The shroomish replied taking a good step back from the duskull, focusing his attention towards the opposing pokemon. He gave a second quick taunt and proceeded to a collection

Apparently during his little hit and run session, the Pokemon had been picking up some small pebbles, as ammunition for when he wouldn't be allowed to use absorb anymore. Castor originally intended to not use the move at all, but it seemed that after the first absorb, Douken wasn't even considering using disable, letting him get a second attack in. All good for him to be honest.

"Alright Kaize, do your thing~"

To be honest, it was amusing to watch the small bulb try to attack by kicking the stones at the floating target. With no legs to give power, it looked more like he was rolling the stones, no where the height of to reach the Requiem Pokemon. Still, it seemed more like he was waiting out the clock that is Leech Seed, since it still kept draining out the energy of his Duskull. Now to give me an edge! "Duskull, I know you said not to rely on it, but you need it to turn the tables. Show that bulb your special attack! Use Pain Split!!" It was all or nothing here. If the paralysis worked, he would be too stunned to react and the seed would take the rest of her strength.

That was not the case. Duskull was surrounded by a green energy which shot at the bulb, grasping it, and surrounding him in the same energy. It was them, that Duskull transferred the damage she took. "Now I doubt either of us will be back to full health, but at least the field shall be evened up. As we speak, Duskull is giving your Shroomish the pain he gave her until they each feel the same amount of damage. And with your absorb out of reach, its pretty much over..." However, Duskull didn't seem all that well. That's right, she isn't fully used to using a move uncommon to Duskull. It must use a lot more energy than a Pokemon who knows it naturally.

His mind flashed back to when he was a lot younger, training his Croagunk and Seel with their unique moves, remembering how long it took them to adapt to the move so it would be natural. They used it many times, so they adapted. However, this Duskull told me she only used it once. She just can't handle it at her strength. "Duskull, I think that's enough," he said, calling the tired ghost back. She didn't look like she had the strength to move, though, as her body drooped lower to the forest floor.

Posted by: Kranic May 15 2010, 09:42 PM

Shroomish took the hit, but regained a little bit of his health from the leech seed, still retaining his advantage. He looked at the Duskull and saw that it was abnormally worn. Having experienced what it was like to be hit by a Pain Split before, he knew that was something wrong with the attack, but he understood that it wasn't his place to speak out at the moment. He looked over towards the two trainers as the duskull was called back.

"What are you doing!"

Castor yelled out to the boy, seeing that he decided to call back his pokemon. It was a little unreasonable to just call back his pokemon just because it became worn from it's own attack. He continued with his thoughts, as he spoke aloud.

"We are still in a battle, you can't really just send your pokemon back, just becuase they are a little tired. We have to keep fighting till one of our pokemon faint, that's the first rule to a pokemon battle!"

Posted by: Douken Sota May 15 2010, 10:01 PM

"And the first rule of a Trainer is to make sure their team members are alright!" Douken snapped back.

Taking a hold of the ghost, she said, "I told you I wasn't ready to use it..." but in Castor's ears, it would of just been like, "Duskull Du skull skull...."

"I know, I'm sorry. I just thought at the rate we were going, we could of used it as a turn-around. Looks like poor judgment on my end. Sorry about that." Once he finished talking to the Requiem, he looked at Castor and said, "Sorry, but things didn't go as I thought. She couldn't control that move all that well. Took too much energy from her and didn't perform to its fullest extent. If it did, then things may of been a bit different. Even if she is stunned, you would still have to wait for Absorb to kick back in, right? Otherwise, you wouldn't of had to resort to a back-up plan like that..."

He then got up and took her to his bag, which he opened up and searched around inside until he grabbed three berries, two Sitris and a Cheri. He tossed one of the Sitris to Castor and said, "I think we can call this your win for me surrendering," before he went to feed his Duskull the Cheri.

Posted by: Kranic May 16 2010, 12:04 PM

Shroomish let out a strong puff, realizing that the battle was done and he was apparently deemed victor. Victorious, the shroomish let the leech seed's effect die off and proceeded to turn to walk to Castor. When it finally turned it was quickly tackled by Castor's Marill whom jumped from her trainer's shoulders and went over to congratulate the mushroom pokemon. The two played for a little from that point.

Castor caught the berry, but quickly threw it back to Douken. He didn't bother in explaining what he had done and proceeded to walk away.

"Come on Kai, Azure."

The two pokemon stopped with their frolicking and readied themselves to follow Castor.

"Alright Douken, I'll be leaving now. Probably head off to Mt. Carello to train. See you around."

Castor began to walk off with his pokemon who were still happily playing with each other. He then stopped to say one final thing.

"You won't always be able to run away from scary situations, anyways goodbye."

Castor hadn't bothered to turn around and spoke while facing away from Douken. Castor then continued to walk, lifting his right hand up and putting his left hand in his pocket, signifying a goodbye.

Posted by: Douken Sota May 16 2010, 12:59 PM

Douken caught the tossed back berry as he watched Castor head off. His focus was kept on him until Duskull started to spazz out. "Too spicy!!" she complained, but only made him laugh.

"Well, you do feel better now, right?" Duskull thought about it before realizing she felt like her body could move easier with the paralysis out of her system before going to eat the Sitris. "C'mon, we should rest up. Come morning, we shall leave." Nodding in response after enjoying the juicy berry, Douken returned her to her Pokeball and rolled out his sleeping bag that rested on his bag before going to sleep, a curious Rattata or two popping up at night to sniff him curiously as he slept on.

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