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The PokéArt Superstore Thread #2, Workers: Please to be reading the top of the first post.
post May 21 2010, 12:25 PM
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his highness

It's been awhile since a few makers actually did anything here, so I'm pruning the list. If you want to keep your job here, just post by next Wednesday and be more active. I understand not getting any requests, but that doesn't mean you can't hang out in the threads.

I'm also revamping the thread during this time, so please bear with me.


Those posted and safe:
Wuvul-Not taking any requests until she gets a new tablet.
Chaos aka whatever the fuck she changed her name to

This banner was made by Chaos Rose, who refuses to make another like. :P
The PokéArt Superstore

Welcome to the ever-expanding PokeArt Superstore, the one-stop shop for almost all kinds of Pokemon art! Our store is always growing, suggestions for new departments are always welcome. Feel free to browse, request, and support the store. For those who don't know, Agent Arcanine started the first thread like this and handed over control to me.

Notice Board
- Each worker has a special icon. To request from a specific worker, please remember to put the appropriate icon in your request form. (We will try to get that artist to make it for you, but another artist may do it.) To make the icons for Pokemon(I'll be posting the codes for anyone that wants to use a Fakemon icon), type :(insert Pokemon):
For the Viperfish: (Did by Kajiek)
For Chaos Rose(Chaos):

For pokemonpuzzleleaugechamp(PPLC)-manaphy.gif / For Diablo Trapinch(PokabuBacon)-kirlia.gif / For Zeta of the Skies(Renee) ivysaur.gif / NismoZ(N&Ns)-lucario.gif / Firelugia(Emma)-lugia.gif / Mars Adept Enten(MAE)-entei.gif / Ultimate Meganium Fan(Megani)-meganium.gif / Absoleevee(Absol)-espeon.gif / Royolis(Royal)-sceptile.gif / Proddit(Poke andProd)-munchlax.gif /Karl3328(Karl or Shiny)-growlithe.gif /Weavile Luffer(Weavile, Weaves, etc....)-weavile.gif

A few rules:
-In order to help prevent all requests going to one employee, there will be a limit on the amount of requests one worker can take. The default limit is three, but an employee can have up to five slots if he/she asks. To make everything easier for me, slots for an employee will only be open when all requests in the previous list are finished.
-Don't harass a particular employee to finish and no attitude from anyone.
-If nobody takes your request in three days, you may repost it.
-If you'd like to make a request from a fan art you found online, please ask the creator for permission and give proof(i.e. let me ask them or something)
-Give creditz please.
-Unless you tell me about any situations before hand, I boot you from the employee list if you haven't done shit(post at least) in three weeks.
-The Viperfish is an idiot, bear with him.

You can find examples, applications, and such in the posts below.

This post has been edited by Tokoroten: Jul 29 2010, 05:13 PM

y'all kids can be edgy as fuck man
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Proddit   Oops. Better fix that up now   May 22 2010, 01:25 PM

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