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Some Minor Suggestions
post Nov 2 2020, 07:04 AM
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Obligatory Favorites

Small suggestions I thought of.

Specifying which Pokemon/Egg when hatching/adopting/evolving etc.
Rather than It only saying "this Pokemon" or "this egg" It would be very nice If It said the name so you know exactly what It Is you're doing to prevent any accidents. Yes, for eggs only If you've obtained It before.

Weather effect adjustments
Hail boosting Ice-types
Idk how weather actually affects Vs. Seeker battles but I suggest this because Hail literally only has negative effects right now. The only reason I can see for this being a no Is because two weathers would be boosting Ice but It's fine because they're both the worst weathers.
Aurora boosting Fairy-types
If Aurora doesn't already boost a type or something I think this would be fitting.
Fog boosting Psychic types
Adding Psychic would bump the amount of types boosted by Fog to 4. So additionally;
Cloudy boosting Bug- and Normal-types
Specifically I don't find Fog fitting for Bug-types. If not Cloudy then maybe Sunny? Clear seems the most fitting to me but I feel like Clear Is supposed to be precisely the "regular" weather with no effects whatsoever.
Make Fog lower Item find chances
And then remove that effect from Hail cus what? I never understood how Hail lowered the chance. Sandstorm makes sense, Fog would also make sense because you can't see. Rain Increases the chance, and Hail Is the closest thing to that so If anything Hail should Increase the chance. This would definitely be a plausible change If Hail can't boost Ice-types along with Snow.

Explain Multipliers on the Help page
??? Unless I'm extremely blind, when multipliers appear, the highest multiplier or basically anything about them at all Is nowhere on the Help page and that's kind of absurd. The most about them mentioned Is that It Increases egg batches when breeding and that there's days guaranteed to have one when a SWSH Is active. Otherwise I have no Idea when they actually happen. Sometimes one appears well after a new day has already started.

Change whatever this Is

This Is so weird I feel like It's unintentional. Wouldn't "Species" make more sense? Having two different "Type"s Is just awkward.

I'm sure posting this will end up futile but mm whatever. Feel free to call me out If my Ideas suck. And I have read the "Things not to suggest" post multiple times so I don't get murdered hopefullyyyy.

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