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Double Cross, A story of fading allegiance. (Closed)
post Jan 9 2011, 03:16 PM
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Cold as Ice

-------Later that day-------


"I said the rebels smashed the tablet in the cavern. There was nothing else to recover after that."

"I do hope you know that means you've failed another mission, right?" Vincent's boss retorted.

"Technically, I did as instructed: I brought back everything. Everything, being nothing."

"Get out of my office!" Then, sitting in his chair, the Administrator picked up the phone and began dialing a number. He made the hand motion for Vincent to vacate, so he did. Lanette was waiting in the lobby for him.

"How's Aerodactyl?" Vincent asked.

"Fine, healing slowly. Rocks don't bruise easily, so they don't unbruise easily. What about you?"

"Me? I'm fine. Boss classified the mission as a failure, not that it matters."

"'cause we're leaving."

"Right." Vincent took her hand and led her back to the room. When he got there, he found all of his pokemon were playing quietly, waiting for his return. They were so young; they deserved so much better than being thugs for a criminal. And that was what he was; Vincent was being a crook, a thief. It made him sick to think about it, but Lanette was a small comfort. "Everyone, start packing. We leave tomorrow."

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This is my story series. I'm done posting the second book! Read it!

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post Jan 9 2011, 06:34 PM
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Uprising Team

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Soon enough Daniel reached part of the cavern where there was the most light. Turned out that Kishk had been picking up the glowsticks so that nobody would follow. Daniel looked down and saw Kishk sitting on the floor of the cave with a pokeball in his hand and his Totodile doing a little dance in front of him.

"You alright there?" Daniel asked.

"Hmm? Yeah fine." came the reply.

It was obvious that Kishk was deeply engrossed in the pokeball in his hand. Daniel guessed that he must have caught a pokemon whilst he made his way through the cavern.

Daniel waked a bit closer to give Kishk a hand up and was a little surprised by Kishk suddenly jumping up and getting extremely close to him.

"Guess what..." Kishk said as he slowly moved his head forward.

Daniel was now beginning to get a little creeped out, the smile that appeared on Kishks face being one of the creepiest he'd seen in a while.

"What?" Daniel replied.

"I caught a Ghost type" Came the almost whispered reply.

Daniel, now being exceptionally creeped out pushed Kishk away from him using his face as the thing to push on. Kishk then began imitating his Totodile with a strange little Jig.

Daniel shook his head, it was one thing for a pokemon to imitate it's trainer but as for the other way around? It just made Kishk look like he belonged in a mental institution.

"Alright crazies, we've got to get out of here. We have a report to deliver." Daniel said. A few seconds later, Kishk had calmed down and they began to walk through the cavern until they came to a crossroads.

"Uh, do you remember which way we came from?" Daniel asked.

"Uh... Nope. I think we're just gonna have to guess and hope we come out at the right spot." Came the reply.

Daniel shrugged and took the path to his left, Kishk following close behind. Eventually they began to see light and each step they took made the light get gradually bigger and bigger until they reached the mouth of the cave. Daniel took a quick look around and noticed the car was parked just a short distance away. He realised they must have taken a different exit because they had to climb a hill before.

They walked to the car and shoved their bags into the boot before getting in.

"You better put the 4 point harness on, this is gonna be a rather short drive." Daniel said to Kishk.

Kishk put the harness on and held Totodile tightly in his lap as Daniel started the engine, reversed and took off at amazing speed.

"I tell you what, how about giving that Totodile of yours a nickname?" he suggested.

"Uh, like what?" came the reply.

"How about Jig? Considering he's always dancing around?" Daniel replied.

"Sounds good to me. Jig it is then." Kishk replied happily.

Soon, they had reached the base. Daniel parked the car round the back and they walked into the base. Daniel then went and had a quick chat with his CO about what happened in the cave.

"So do you have any idea what Aqua was looking for in there?" his CO asked.

"Not a clue. The Aqua that I fought smashed some sort of crystal there but I couldn't see where the pieces were because of the reflections in the water." Daniel lied.

"Alright. Good Job you two. You can have a few days off if you want." The Co turned around and walked into his office whilst Daniel walked back to Kishk and told him the good news.

"Oh that's excellent." Kishk said. he had a good long stretch before asking Daniel a question.

"Hey, you want to come and check out The Bungalow with me? I heard it's pretty sweet."

"Yeah, sure. What better way to relax than at a resort like that?" Daniel replied.

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