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Irooku Navias
post Jun 30 2012, 12:57 AM
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Navian Conquerors

Name: Irooku Navias
Age: 18
Hometown: Lavaridge Town

Appearance: Irooku is a light skinned adult male. He has Short cropped red hair cut to his earlobes that he always keeps that way with an occasional spike to it. He has deep purple eyes that he has yet to see on other people. He is about six feet tall and weights 185 pounds. He's got a heavily built body that reflects a lot of constant physical training. He has no scars or facial hair on his body. Irooku wears a black tee with a long black coat that almost goes down to the bottom of his feet (so he doesn't accidentally trip). He wears black jeans that are tight but not too tight for him to maneuver in. He wears black shoes and he wears black gloves that are cut short at the middle of his fingers. He likes occasionally wear a single diamond in each ear.

Personality: Irooku's personality is almost like a a heroic one even though he doesn't like/want to think that he is, he trys to have an intimidating attitude towards others to keep them pushed away, and he despises when people unfairingly team up on people ( he thinks battles should only be a one on one battle or a fair team battle not ten vs one or two, he hates people who steal pokemon and use deception to win battles and hurt people. He believes in the codes honor and chivalry. He is generally a calm person and tends to have a cool head in a troubling or hard situation. Unfortunately Irooku tends to loose control of his anger and feelings towards people who use their pokemon for evil, which is the only thing that causes him to loose the cool headedness that he has. He is always fair to his pokemon (he thinks of them as not just companions but as family) and the people around him. He tends to try to not judge people and give them the benefit of the doubt and likes to think that they are good minded people and not crooks until he gets to know them or sees the way they treat people and pokemon.

Biography: Irooku has had a troubled and dark past even though he's only 18 and doens't like to talk about his past with anyone. He likes to keep that a mystery. When He was just six years old his brother died during a battle by a hit from a pokemon's attack that was directed for him (with his brother pushing him out of the way and taking the hit for himself) protecting their home from thugs. Since then Irooku has never been the same, he went from a good mannered kid to getting in trouble a lot. When he was 13 he set out with the four pokemon that his brother gave him as eggs for a present one birthday, it was the last thing he ever had to do with his brother, to get his revenge on the thugs that murdered his brother and ended up succeeding. Irookuis usually calm in most situations but tends ot loose that when the memory his brother during a battle and ends up loosing control of his anger when he battles a person who causes anyone pain because they want to use their power to control any and everyone. After that he never forgave himself for the wrong he did to the people who took his brother away and devoted himself to a life of wandering alone and helping people from bad guys. For the five years that he has been adventuring, Irooku has traveled and lived among pokemon in the wild getting stronger by training so that he might be able to help all people in a time of need. Irooku tends to hide things like happines or even a smile in fear that he might build a bond with another person, which he made a vow to himself after his brother died to never feel that kind of pain again. His past is the reason he hates people like the ones who use their power to hurt people and pokemon in anyway and will stop at nothing if he comes across a person like that to help out the innocent. He wears all black clothing for the mourning of his brother and to carry the burden of his past and the bad things that he commited in rage of his brothers death for the rest of his days. Irooku gained his brothers love for fire type pokemon and tends to lean towards using them more than any other type although he loves all pokemon. The only thing people know about him is that he's from the Hoenn region. Irooku keeps away from his hometown mainly because of the memory that he has of his parents abandoning him and his brother when they were young, causing his older brother to take charge and raise Irooku. Irooku came to Furoh in hopes of new training to further his strength and the strength and bonds of his pokemon.

Class: Trainer

Starting Pokemon: Charmander (5), Ponyta (5), Growlithe (5), Cyndiquil (5)

Items: (x10) pokeballs, (x10) potions, poketch

What is the biscuit's name? Scheherazade
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