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DO NOT make any 'click my eggs/Pokémon' threads/posts or any 'what is this egg' threads/posts or you WILL be warned 10% instantly!

GPX+ Community Thread, Be sure to read the rules before posting!
post Dec 31 2020, 11:57 PM
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GPX+ Community Thread!

If you're new here then don't be shy! The community thread is the place to come and chat with fellow members of the site who share a common interest with you. Talk about whatever you want, whether it's GPX related or something going on in your personal life, just be sure to read the rules first before posting. There's always someone on the forums to read and respond to your posts, so chat away and maybe you'll meet some great people!

  • Regular forum rules still apply here. Basically don't double post. Don't ask for clicks every time you fill your party. Unless it gets out of hand*, I'm okay with you linking to an exploration Pokemon who needs a specific berry.

    *out of hand meaning I don't want to see Pokémon being linked just for leveling or if they need drinks for happiness. These kinds of interactions can be handled just fine by being in your parties and signatures.

  • Do not post your shinies here, there's a shiny thread for that. Discussing them is OK though! Just make sure you add content to your post.

  • Make sure your post contains worthwhile content. If you're posting an exploration Pokémon to be fed berries then be sure to add other content to your post. Same with discussing shinies. Find people to reply to or start a discussion yourself! Your post must, with the shiny portion and berry feeding hypothetically removed*, not read as if you're talking to yourself. To clarify, your post should not be an out-loud thought to yourself, and should contain more general discussion than just information on your current shiny luck.

    *if you were to read your post, skipping over any mention of shinies, the post should still sound like a good post.

    If any posts are found breaking this rule then they will be instantly deleted and handed a 10% warn.

  • Do not post your GPX+ gear grinders in this thread either. There's also a thread for that. This is mostly for raging at staff or site events that you don't like.

    Hopefully helpful examples! (click to show)

  • Do not litter your post with swear words.

  • Memes and Gifs are allowed, but don't overuse them. If the thread turns into nothing but meme and gif replies, I'll give everyone a 10% warn that was involved because it's just plain out spam! Make sure you put these in a spoiler tag.

  • No quote pyramids! Be sure to cut out everything that was before what you're replying to. They can get long and make a page annoying to scroll through, so be considerate to your fellow members!

  • A post must be AT LEAST one sentence long. If you’re saying hi or bye to someone be sure to add something more to your post.

  • If you'd like to advertise something, then be sure you put it in your signature. Youtube, Deviantart (No smut), Fanfication (No smut), Twitch, adoptable sites, your own minecraft servers are all fine. If you Live stream give a heads up that you're live, but be sure to add content. Don't just link dump. Send a PM if you have any questions about anything else!


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post Sep 14 2021, 03:41 AM
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Active Squad

Hoo, it's September already. I hope you all staying safe, warm and comfortable^___^ Time to hatch some shiny shrooms. I hope you all get your shinies asap=3 Good luck^__^
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