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EV/IV Training FAQ
post Jan 13 2008, 12:33 AM
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This is a guide thing that will hopefully cover everything you need to know about EV training. EV training can seem like a repetitive, arduous, tedious, and ultimately pointless journey. And for the most part, it is. Why not just get an Action Replay and Pokesav anything? Because you idiots have nothing better to do in your lives than spend time with pixels, that's why. Clearly. So for those of you who fall into this category, I, Black Ice, have organized a little guide for you guys.

We will cover all of the following topics in this portion of the guide:
  • Base stats
  • EVs / EPs (Effort Values / Effort Points)
  • IVs (Individual Values)
  • How to calculate IVs
  • Natures
There are more topics to look at, though. At the bottom of this post, I will have links to posts with more information on them.

If you still have questions or don't understand something then ask in this thread and I, or some other person with knowledge, will give you the best answer. Don't be shy to ask questions, because asking questions is one of the most efficient and obvious ways to get an answer.

Anyways, onto the guide.

Base Stat

A base stat is a statistical value on a Pokemon that stays consistent with all Pokemon of its species. All Tauros, for example, have a Base Attack Stat of 100 which somehow calculates to a raw attack stat of 205 by level 100. The only things that can change that are EVs, IVs, and natures, which can potentially change your final stat by more than 100. Pretty big gap, right? That's why it's so important to find a good nature, EV train, and possibly IV breed, to a lesser extent.

EVs / EPs (Effort Values / Effort Points)
A hidden value that helps determine a Pokemon's final stats. There are some general rules that EVs follow:
-4 EVs make up 1 stat point
-A total of 255 EVs can be invested into a single stat
-510 EVs is the max amount of total EVs for a single Pokemon.

Since 4 doesn't divide into 255 so easily, it's better to just give a Pokemon 252 EVs instead of the full 255 if you plan on maxing that stat out. Since 4 EVs equal 1 stat point, and you can invest a total of 255 EVs into one stat, that'll make 63 points (255 / 4 = 63.75, and it needs to round down).

IVs (Individual Values)
A hidden value that also helps determine a Pokemon's final stats, but not as much. The highest IV is 31, and the lowest is 0. For each IV you have, that's 1 stat point. Simple. So if you have a Garchomp with 252 Speed EVs and 31 IVs, you'll have 333 speed. If you have 0 IVs on that Garchomp, then your highest speed stat possible is 302 (333 - 31 = 302). Simple enough, right?

How to Calculate IVs
To calculate IVs in every stat but HP, all you have to do is follow a simple equation:

((Math.ceil(Stat / Nature) - 5) x 100 / Level) - 2 x Base Stat - Math.floor(EV / 4).

Math.ceil means to round up. Stat is your current stat number. Nature is the nature's effect on a certain stat (Adamant is 110% Attack, 90% Special Attack, so if you wanted to calculate Special Attack, you'd put .9). Level is your current level. Base Stat is a Pokemon's base stat of a certain stat (Shuckle, for example, has 20 Base HP). Math.floor means to round down. EV is your current EV investment (between 0 and 255). So, if I were to attempt to calculate my Lv. 100 Garchomp's IV in speed...

Garchomp, Lv. 100 - Jolly nature (252 EVs in Speed)
Garchomp has base 102 speed.
Jolly nature and 252 Speed EVs gives this Garchomp 333 Speed at Level 100.

((Math.ceil(333 / 1.1) - 5) x 100 / 100) - 2 x 102 - Math.floor(252 / 4)
((Math.ceil(302.72) -5) x 1) -2 x 102 - Math.floor(63)
((303 - 5) x 1) - 2 x 102 - 63
(298) - 204 - 63 = 31.

There you have it. My Garchomp has 31 IVs in speed.

To calculate IVs for your HP stat, you must use a different equation.

((Stat - Level - 10) x 100 / Level) - 2 x Base Stat - Math.floor(EV / 4)

Again, Stat is your current stat number, Level is your current level, and...I think 10...is a number. Base Stat is the base stat of the Pokemon (look around on Google or any other search engine for base stats of Pokemon). Math.floor means to round down. EV is the amount of EVs you put into that stat (in this equation, it'd be HP). Nature doesn't matter for calculating HP IVs.

So let's do Blissey with 252 HP EVs.

Blissey, Lv. 100 - 252 HP EVs
Blissey has base 255 HP.
With 252 HP EVs, this Blissey has 714 HP.

((714 - 100 - 10) x 100 / 100) - 2 x 255 - Math.floor(252 / 4)
((604) x 1) - 510 - 63
604 - 510 - 63 = 31

That Blissey has 31 HP IVs.

A nature increases one stat of a Pokemon by 10% and decreases another stat by 10%. For example, the Adamant nature increases Attack by 10% and decreases Special Attack by 10%, and Timid raises Speed by 10% and lowers Attack by 10%. The only natures that have no effect on stats at all are Bashful, Hardy, Docile, Quirky and Serious. They're generally not recommended for use.

I think that explains the basics.

MORE TOPICS___________________________________________________________________

These will link to more posts. Clearly.

~EV Training Items

~Table of EVs
~EV Training Hotspots: Wild Pokemon
~EV Training Hotspots: VS Seeker
~Table of Natures
~EV Training in Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness

If there's anything you'd like to see added, tell me and I'll consider it. For now though, I think this should cover all you need to know about EV training in the 3rd and 4th generation.


-Jorge Vergara (Alexcalibur) from GameFAQs for the VS Seeker hotspots
-Kenshin075 from GameFAQs for the list of Pokemon EV distributions
-Cherished Song from PIForums for helping me on a lot of stuff
-Me (Black Ice) for wasting 4+ hours of my life making this guide

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders. This FAQ is copyright of Black Ice. This FAQ may not be re-published or reproduced on any site other than GTS+ Forums without consult from the author. This FAQ may also not be sold for profit unless all proceeds are forwarded to my PayPal account or are sent to me somehow.



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