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DO NOT make any 'click my eggs/Pokémon' threads/posts or any 'what is this egg' threads/posts or you WILL be warned 10% instantly!

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What grinds your gears!?, GPX Related Only
Lemonado Girl
post Jul 11 2019, 01:55 PM
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Ice Ice Babies

QUOTE(utikeevs @ May 31 2019, 08:14 PM) *
It's so annoying how long it takes to complete exploration tasks, which require to have Pokemon in party fed a certain berry several amount of times.
I wonder, if it was easier some time ago, because it seems that in 2011, when the record of online users was set, there were much more active users.
Sometimes I wish, those requirements were lightened up a bit corresponding to current daily online :C

This. So much this. I groan aloud every time I run into one of these tasks, even if it's not a specific Berry involved, because it just grinds the Exploration to a screeching halt and ruins the immersion. I might care at first, but after long enough with a task like that I stop caring about the story and just want to get the Exploration done and move onto the next, which i think isn't really fair to the people who make the storyboards. Then again, it does seem like they write those stories with the task requirements in mind, so perhaps they have no one to blame but themselves.

Either way it is bar none the biggest roadblock to my actually enjoying an exploration because it takes my progress almost completely out of my hands, which feels unnatural and set up as an artificial barrier to the sort of natural progression that I feel like an Exploration should have. It's like your updater in a play-by-post RPG vanishing for a month out of nowhere with no explanation.

EDIT: I'm doing "King of the Temple" right now and it has perhaps one of the most egregious applications of this task that I've ever encountered. At the start, you hatch a Charmander. However, a ways after that, you are forced to get 150 berries fed to a hoothoot. In that time, with the assistance of "get these two pokemon at level 50" task making it an even longer time, that Charmander evolved even with my current dry spate of activity thanks to my summer class and work in tandem. Only for me to find, once that task finally resolved, that I now needed to Shelter-hunt another Charmander because of the fact that I evolved the first one, and after an hour spent doing that...I get another "feed the berry" task which i am now waiting to let itself complete, mass-clicking online users whenever possible. Lorewise, the Charmander whose egg I found and hatched should have been with me through the whole thing regardless of it having evolved: the storyboard is certainly acting that it's the same "Charmander". But I know it isn't, thanks to one task taking so much time as to void my eligibility for a future task that I had no idea was coming.

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post Jul 13 2019, 05:13 AM
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Digital Devil
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Element of Air

It's been only six hours since the SWSH started and I've already bred two shinies.

Neither of them are mine.

Congrats to the people who got them but it's like...I could have possibly gotten the Good Luck achievement if I had just chosen the right egg...


of the Azurite Affinity
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post Jul 15 2019, 07:48 PM
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My Favorites


Most Eggs Hatched (Total)

3) Jade Hatched 379 eggs

With no shinies hatched.

Every time... EVERY TIME.

P.S. But I got her just now LOL

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Follow Shay-Shay's flight and he will bring you to a place where eggs and Pokemon need much love.
Shaymin cares, do you?

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