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How did you Clear your Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald Game?
post Jan 24 2009, 03:27 PM
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True king
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The Runaways

(If there already is a thread like this then please close it mods.)

It has been quite some time since Ruby and Sapphire first hit the shelves, with Emerald following two years later. I still remember the day when I first purchased Ruby.happy.gif Since then many battles have been fought, contest have been won and many a Pokemon has been migrated over to D/P/P. I bet most people have at least played these 3rd Gen games at some stage over the years.

So why not share with everyone the epic struggle or easy victory moments during your journey to becoming the champion of Hoenn? I shall start.

Ah yes~ My very first GBA game was Sapphire, and so as soon as I purchased the game I rushed home to play it. Torchic was my starter, and I used him to make my way through the game. I remember struggling in certain gyms when the evolved little chick was fighting against the flying, psychic and water gym Pokes. For the second last gym, I had to catch a random Pokemon and battle the twins at a disadvantage. Many tries later I finally got past the psychic duo. I later used my one master ball on Kyogre (Which I later nicknamed Obelisk for some strange reason. I was nine at the time.) Obelisk became my second Pokemon to reach lv. 100. He helped me face down the last gym, then later helped me breeze through the Elite Four. I switched to Blazkien for the Champion, and beat him on my first try. Both Pokes are now on my Pearl game.

Ah, such sweet memories~


Software developer by day. Hermit writer by night.
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Stealth Rock
post Jan 24 2009, 05:01 PM
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Gym Leader
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Old Gen 4 Team

Ah, yes, the days of owning Hoenn with my ultimate combination: blaziken and rayquaza. I used ubers and I was proud of it. I trained the Pokémon I liked, not the ones other people told me were better. I ignored stats and had an ice beaming absol. I miss that time.


I spent hours training my blaziken to level 72. I loved the region, in its best and its worst, and I still love it today. Sadly, that save file is now gone, but both Pokémon reside on my Diamond. My blaziken is level 93 at the moment. I'm so proud of him. crying.gif

Still, blaziken can take out the psychic, flying, and water gyms easily by itself. All it takes is a lot of training.

Kyogre is awesome against the elite four. Rayquaza falls to Phoebe/Wallace, because they have ice beam. tongue.gif


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Living Arrow
post Jan 25 2009, 04:41 AM
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Team Rogue: Pidgeotto
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PANE: Darryn Kellor

Oh My God! How many years ago was this? erm... lessee....

If I remember rightly, I also picked Torchic but rather than uber-power my Blaziken I managed to balance it out with a Manectric and a Swellow. Those were the three that I used throughout the game but once I had Groudon, he pretty much took over as my E4-crushing poke. That save file has been deleted and replayed so many times now since I love playing through Hoenn happy.gif

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post Jan 25 2009, 04:47 AM
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Future GTS+ PL Rock Gym Leader
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The Team of Rock

I trained my blaziken, mightyena and gardevoir and cleared the game with those three.


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post Jan 25 2009, 08:44 AM
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Insert whitty phrase here
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For my first playthrough of Emerald, I chose Blaziken and used him and a Ludicolo most of the way through. I also used Raquaza against the Elite 4. On the second playthrough, I mainly used Pokemon from my Fire Red version like Kingdra and Scizor, although I made sure I starting using them at a appropraite time so they weren't too high level. I also used the Ludicolo from the first playthrough as well.


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post Jan 25 2009, 05:17 PM
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Pokémon Trainer
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Active Squad

I whored healing items to beat the Elite Four in Sapphire. (As opposed to Pearl, where I whored Perish Song and Explosion/Revives to do so. tongue.gif)

I really didn't take Sapphire as seriously as the other games. I mean, it's good, and I still regularly play it when I need to send something over to Pearl, but it wasn't really that memorable for me.
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post Jan 28 2009, 04:55 PM
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Three point one four one five nine two six...
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Pi's Posse

Well, Sapphire was my first Gen III game... which I had to buy myself since my parents wouldn't and my birthday was a ways away... so I ending up trading in my Blue version and my GBC and Pokémon Puzzle League and other etc. in at Gamestop for it. I had Mudkip as my starter, and if I remember correctly I used Swampert, Camerupt, Swellow, Electrode, and some other shit. I lost that. :'(

Then I got both Ruby and Sapphire that Christmas, which made me happy. But not even a year later I lost the Sapphire again. >_>

On Ruby I started with Torchic, and I used Blaziken, Walrein, Shiftry, Magneton, Dodrio, and Groudon (who replaced my crappy Mawile). I know Blaziken and Walrein survived and are on Pearl (both level 100), and Groudon survived (Level 51), and maybe Mawile survived, but I know that the other three did not. I actually named the character after my little brother, haha. I ended up losing Ruby too... Jeez I lose a lot of video games!

Then I got Emerald and I still have that one! I started with Mudkip again and my team was Swampert, Swellow, Magneton, Cacturne, Camerupt, and Gardevoir. I think all of them are on Pearl now, if I remember correctly (except for poor Magneton). That was the file where I caught my magnificent Kyogre.

Then I restarted Emerald, and that was the first file where I nicknamed Pokémon:
- Speedy the Sceptile
- Flex the Machamp
- Rockie the Golem
- Dody the Dodrio
- Viper the Seviper
- Chomper the Sharpedo

I know, extremely unoriginal. I have all of them on Pearl too, and now I just use that file for Ditto hunting and the like.

My friend code for Pearl is
My Friend Code for Diamond, my hack version, is 1805 5204 6808

Thanks sushikitty!
ludicolo.gif lickilicky.gif I claim Ludicolo and Lickilicky, because no one else will protest about either of them. lickilicky.gif ludicolo.gif
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The Lightning Al...
post Jan 28 2009, 11:54 PM
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radio kon the best radio station ever!!!
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Active Squad

good times (the first pokemon game i played)

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post Feb 9 2009, 08:45 AM
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Over 9000 levels of Win
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Active Squad

I remember That I got my emerald version from the Darkrai event last year. I bought it for $15 actually. So before I even beat pearl, I beat emerald. I used my Emerald version for basically catching my pokedex. Nothing more, So I rallied up every Legendary I could get my hands on before the Elite four so I can get the Post-E4 pokemon. There is one time in which I played for fun. Before migrating my swampert was a lvl 75. Ever since, it's been migrated I've been using it for EV training other pokemon. And now it's currently a lvl 100. I was never really the nostalgic type since I've always gotten the latest and greatest after everyone else.

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dark thunder
post Feb 9 2009, 03:59 PM
Post #10

right...there ^ would not be the best place to be right now
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Active Squad

i remember on my ruby how i only trained my blaziken, and whether it was a super effective type or not almost every battle ended quickly. he became lvl.100 over time of me training in the elite four to get highlevels/ evolved forms (it was before i knew about evs).I also remember mysteriously losing my groudon probably 2 months after i caught it. that game now has 999:59 as its total play time lol


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Some links:

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post Feb 11 2009, 11:00 PM
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Ada. Ada Wong.
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From: Wherever there be chocolate
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Epic Win Friends

I cleared most of the game, like beating the E4, but I could never catch the 3 regis. Still am. And I just quit I was getting so frustrated. I'm now only playing it to migrate stuff to Diamond. My first winning team was: Blaziken, Manectric, Groudon, Walrein, Flygon, and Pelipper(lol, just to fill up space!). laughing.gif


A huuuuge fan of Gwanom from the Zelda CDI series.
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post Feb 17 2009, 07:22 AM
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Back From Hiatus
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The Team

Wow, this takes me back xD
Started my sapphire game with my trusty Treecko and also caught myself a zigzagoon, poochyena, lotad and wingull to help me through the game =D
Had trouble figuring out what to do at mt Chimney, took me even longer to find out how to get there sweat.gif

By the Elite 4, I had my trusty Sceptile, Linoone, Mightyena, Ludicolo and Pelipper still with me, along with the newest addition of Kyogre, who actually never go used at all in the Elite 4 oh.gif
My Sceptile dominated the first leader, his dragon claw ripping through each and every one (he was lv 69 xD).
Phoebe was hard ._. she eventually fell to my Mightyenas Crunch.
Glacia ._. wow, this was the hardes on the game ._. she completely wiped out Sceptile, Linoone had to clean up after mightyena fell at walren xD
Drake was duely dispatched by sceptiles dragon claw, ripping through all his pokemon.
Steven proved no problem for my Sceptile, Pelliper and Ludicolo, the only three pokemon I needed to defeat the champion oh.gif

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Zero Chaos
post Apr 2 2009, 09:41 PM
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Pokémon Trainer
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From: Pennsylvania
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Active Squad

Ah, yes, the good old days with Emerald. I always raised a Blaziken and Azumarill together, they were a great team. That surf never failed me in those double battles, unfortunately now in D/P/P it hits even your teammate... but Ice Beam, Surf, Rollout, all those good moves and all, Blaziken and Azumarill got through everything. Azumarill's surf would destroy the Physchic's Solrock and Lunatone, Blaziken owning the Ice gym, those two were the perfect match... nothing they couldn't beat ^^ I'll miss that old game, that's for sure...

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post Apr 24 2009, 01:33 PM
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From: USA
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Diamond Roster

i got my ruby game in second grade, and lost it in fifth grade, i think. i had a lv. 96 blaziken in that game, and a liv. 72 hariyama. they were the main pokemon i used, but then i had to delete my game because i got trapped in new mauville. RIP Blaze and Mu. i really wish i didn't lose ruby, cause my two favorite pokemon are only obtainable in that game, Zangoose and Nuzleaf.

i got sapphire about two years ago, and sweeped the elite 4 with a Swampert, Raichu, Manectric, Altaria, Donphan, and Kyogre. sadly, my sister deleted that game on day, and they were lost forever. now, i'm trying to rebuild that team. and when i'm finished with them, they will be migrated to my permanent diamond game.


Future White Team


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post Apr 24 2009, 04:19 PM
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Pokémon Trainer
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Awesometastic :D

The first time I beat Steven on Ruby was pretty awesome, actually. >:D
I was down to Groudon and constantly reviving whatever other Pokemon was handy. (Probably Sceptile, that is.) I ran out of revives and Groudon somehow manages to beat Steven's second to last Pokemon. Then, conveniently, Groudon levels up and learns Fissure. XD

Steven sends out Metagross, Groudon uses Fissure, it miraculously hits for once, and I win. :D
I celebrated quite a bit. ;O
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post Apr 25 2009, 06:46 PM
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Pokémon Trainer
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Active Squad

I remember! ^__^; Good times!

I started with torchic because it was the cutest, of course.

*lightbulb* I was just typing about how I didn't remember my first couple pokemon, and now I remember them! I had a beautifly and a swellow! And I think a shroomish! xD. Plus my torchic, my zigzagoon, and my nincada. Woo!

I even remember the swellow was female. But I later replaced it with a swablu after realizing how cute it was. <3 Still my favorite pokemon to this day, and the one I caught is now my highest level pokemon, an altaria at 96. I also had a seaking, and later, a kyogre.

So... -thinks- I went into the elite four with a blaziken, a linoone, a ninjask, an altaria, a seaking, and a kyogre. Wow. Two water types? Not that smart. Oh well. <33
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post Apr 28 2009, 02:15 PM
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Pokémon Trainer
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Active Squad

I used to play emerald and still do these days. Really fun lol. Me, Blaziken, Groudon, rayquaza, salamence, metagross, and walrien are the best.
Right now my blaziken is at 81 phew takes alot to train him.


Please click my party, and I almost always click back. One clickers click the blue egg happy.gif Its a kyorge grin.gif

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post Apr 29 2009, 09:25 PM
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Tastes like AGONY
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Platinum Team

Hmm... Oh, on my first Emerald, I got a Swampert and Rayquaza combo. I could get up to Wallace by mostly only using Swampert except for some switch-ins for real good STAB and type advantage (I think I remember using Gyarados and Electrode) but than that Ludicolo would use Giga Drain on me ;~; Oh, I pwnd him so bad with Fly >:3

That Swampert and Rayquaza are both now on Diamond and at Lv. 100. With Effort Ribbons :D And most of the Swampert's kids and grandkids are on there too, so I have a MUDKIP ARMY 8D

On Sapphire, I pretty much rocked the house with an overtrained Blaziken. Yeah, I failed to catch Kyogre. I suck D:

On Ruby I lost the game before I beat the Elite Four ;_; My first Pokemon game ever... I couldn't get past Phoebe because I stupidly made my Sceptile learn two Normal moves and two Fighting moves.

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Noel Barretto
post May 1 2009, 04:03 AM
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Pokémon Trainer
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From: Manila, Philippines
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My Favorites

oh you used master ball at kyogre well my sister and i use ultra ball at kyogre but it is hard..we catch kyogre using ultra ball cuz you can catch rayquaza easier if you use ultra at kyogre using ultra at rayaquaza is harder than cayching kyogre with ultra..but well your good you finished the league in your firs try^^

me i first also purchased sapphire but i forgot how i cleared sapphire cuz i new gamed it many timesXD


Please click them i will 100% until they dont reset
Thank you for the helpful clicks!:)

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post May 6 2009, 12:50 PM
Post #20

The worst part of life? There is no dangerous background music.
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Active Squad

Definetely a good game, -sigh- Well for my starter I chose Torchic and he became the first pokemon in my game to reach level 100, then folloewd Rayquaza, that Groudon, then Sneasel, right now I have more than one team in level 100.

It was a really fun game to play, I think I played for days straight to beat it. When i sae the credits rolling and saw all the pokemon I had captured it was an amazing feeling...

I actually caught Graoudon with a Dive Ball... I don't know how I did it, the Ultras weren't working, so I started using all the other balls. I threw a nest ball and it trembled, then, I used the Dive Ball and it worked. I just stared at the screen for like 5 minutes before getting up screaming. XD


I am the Shadow on the wall.
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