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Why are Scatterbugs rarer than Noibats?
post Dec 25 2020, 06:18 AM
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So I see that Noibats are labeled as Pokeball (common) and Scatterbugs are labeled as Ultraball (rare) on the website... But in the main games, Noibats are rarer than Scatterbugs... So I wanna ask, why are Scatterbugs rarer than Noibats on the website???
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Ness 64
post Dec 30 2020, 05:27 PM
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I believe that in this case it's because of Vivillon. In the real games, the pattern you get depends on your console's region when you start the game. You must trade with people around the world if you want to have all of them, and some are rarer than others for pretty obvious reasons (and there's even one that's event-only).

That said, in GPX it really should be considered a Common pokémon, since the only thing that makes it "rare" in the real games is almost completely absent (and it's relatively easy to unlock all patterns, it just takes time).

Another one that always bothered me was Abra. In the real games, it's usually among the rarest encounters in the areas it's found at, and it's hard to catch since it tries to run away at the first chance. Some games sell it as a Game Corner prize and it's viable to obtain it that way. Sounds like a Rare pokémon, right? But in GPX it's Common. Not even Uncommon. What?

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Mr Spaz
post Dec 31 2020, 11:03 PM
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One of the other things (although it's kind of a retroactive justification) is that Scatterbug can only be found in 2 places (Route 2 and Santalune Forest, also Island Scan in USUM)
Noibat can also only be found in 2 places in XY (Terminus Cave and Victory Road), but later games have added more places to find it (USUM made it available pretty early in Verdant Cavern; SWSH puts it in Galar Mine 2, Bridge Field, and Watchtower Ruins) and its evolution (Resolution Cave in USUM; Bridge Field and Lake of Outrage in SWSH with the Crown Tundra adding in Ballimere Lake and Lakeside Cave)

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