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Zodiac signs
post Mar 3 2022, 03:35 AM
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QUOTE(Forget me now @ Jul 6 2012, 06:23 PM) *
Not that I care nor know too much about this stuff or anything.. But I think it's cool c: What is your zodiac sign? And does its description actually match your personality?



People falling under this sign are adventurous. They are generally self-willed and courageous. They may be seen as short-tempered individuals. They are often clever and confident. On some occasions they act impatiently. Their impulsiveness and quick temper can be their potential enemies. If they overcome these weaknesses, they can achieve success in life, owing to their confidence and clarity in thinking.

Those belonging to this sign are romantics. Their love for style and beauty is apparent in their way of living. They are warm at heart and prefer being secure in life. As friends, they are trustworthy and helpful. But they can be possessive about everything they have. This may translate to selfishness and greed. If on guard about these negativities, a Taurus can make a good company and an excellent friend.

People belonging to this sign are versatile and quick-witted. They are spontaneous in communication. They come across as intelligent people. Their love towards life is evident from their living! But they tend to worry too much on certain issues and fail in managing their stress. They form opinions pretty quickly and sometimes appear to look superficially at life.

Those falling under this zodiac sign form the sentimental lot. They are of a loving and a caring nature. They are cautious in their actions. They are very protective towards their loved ones. This nature makes them excellent and caring parents. Cancers often have an imaginative and artistic side to their life. They are subject to varying moods. Their overly emotional nature needs to be worked on. On the whole, they are good human beings.

Leos are generous and open-minded. They are quite caring in nature. They possess a dominating nature coupled with a knack of taking everyone along. This combination of traits makes them true leaders. They may be egoistic and bossy. They tend to easily lose their temper. They are both open-minded and openhanded and show deep love for magnificence and luxury. Leos are real kings!

They are very analytical. They tend to think overly on any given subject and base their conclusions on a long thought process and deep analysis. They have unidirectional talents. They are absolute purists. Their overcritical nature can become a cause of their troubles but otherwise they are intelligent and good decision-makers.

Their romantic nature is coupled with serenity. They are balanced in nature and know how to keep their cool at all occasions. At times, they find it difficult to express themselves. Though they appear aloof, they are attached to their near ones. They tend to get influenced by the views of others. It makes them indecisive. Apart from these lacunae, they are on the whole reasonable and thoughtful.

Scorpios are passionate individuals with a magnetic personality. They are forceful about going by their opinions. They have clarity of thought and expression. Due to their possessive nature, they become jealous quite easily. They are clever and courageous. They can be resentful and obsessive. They seek to take revenge of the wrongdoers. So be careful while dealing with Scorpios.

They are intelligent and philosophical. They know how to lighten up any atmosphere. They are fun-loving in nature. Sometimes their excessive optimism makes them behave carelessly. Their moods and whims can be bothersome but on the whole, they are intelligent people with a good sense of humor.

They are prudent and practical. Their ambitious nature does not allow them to ever give up. They are vigilant. They plan before playing any game of life. They may come across as sadistic individuals who are orthodox and rigid. Perseverance and tolerance are their greatest qualities. They are generally upfront in fighting whatever comes in their way.

They are among the intelligent in the crowd. A sense of humor, coupled with great intelligence and deep thinking make them stand out. They make loyal and honest friends. They are independent thinkers with great originality in their thoughts and actions. They may appear indifferent and less emotional. If you have an Aquarian around you, you may find it difficult to understand him/her.

They are sensitive and sympathetic. They are kind and helpful. They can go out of their way to help their dear ones. This makes them excellent friends. Opinions of others can easily influence them due to which they can easily get carried away. They are not very determined or courageous. They are often vague in thinking and behavior. But their idealism is their true differentiator.

- By Manali Oak


The Rat
You are noted for your charm, works hard to achieve goals and likely to be generous with someone you love, loves to acquire possessions as well. Usually very successful.

The Ox
A strong leader. Patient and quiet: Good listener and inspires confidence in others. Hates to fail or be opposed: angers easily. Tenacity brings great success in life.

The Tiger
You are passionate, daring, colorful and have a great sense of humor. Courageous, aggressive and adventurous to extremes. Sensitive and generous to loved ones.

The Rabbit
You are kind, sensitive, lucky and deft in business. Docile in appearance: articulate, ambitious and success. Wise and conservative in nature.

The Dragon
Displays power and boundless energy. On the outside, short-tempered and confident. Inside, gentle and soft hearted. Symbolizes long life and good fortune.

The Snake
You are seductively charming and mysterious, possessing great wisdom. Outwardly calm and quiet: Intense and passionate on the inside. Sympathetic, determined and self reliant.

The Horse
You are sexy and tends to fall in love easily. Cheerful and gregarious, popular and loves to party. Perceptive warmth, but hot blooded impatience leads to feisty anger.

The Ram
You are sincere, romantic lucky and spends alot of money. Pacifist at heart: strives for tranquility and harmony with nature. Elegant, Compassionate and kind spirited.

The Monkey
You are charming, warm, smart, likable and original. Mischievous, inquisitive and adventurous. Quick wit and versatility brings success. Strong willed and impatient.

The Rooster
Deep thinker, determined, busy and talented. A bit eccentric and self-centered, but always interesting and brave. Loner and often moody, but capable of being a loyal friend.

The Dog
You are intelligent, honest and a good friend. Born leader, honest, noble charismatic and loyal. Keeper of secrets. Can be emotionally cold, distant and stubborn. Playful and cares little for money.

The Pig
Studious and gallant with tremendous inner strength. Will not retreat from goals. Quiet, but always well informed. The Pig would be best in the arts as an entertainer, or possible a lawyer.


Seems that I'm a Sagittarius. It sort of fits, except the "optimist" part, I suppose I'm not really that much... I'm an Ox in the Chinese Zodiac. Also sort of fits, except the leader part, I guess.. I really try everything I can to not be the leader xD I do anger easily, though...

Aries - You are a natural born leader. You have a strong desire to succeed and to make your mark on this world. You are ambitious and driven by ambition. You can't stand being idle and would rather do something than nothing. You are always looking for ways to improve yourself and your life.

Taurus - You are a hard worker who loves to take care of business. You are practical and down-to-earth. You like routine and order. You are reliable and dependable. You are loyal and trustworthy.

Gemini - You are a free spirit who likes to keep busy. You love to travel and explore different places. You are spontaneous and unpredictable. You are curious about everything that's going on around you. You are fun loving and friendly.

Cancer - You are a sensitive person who cares deeply about others. You are compassionate and kind. You are caring and nurturing. You are protective and possessive. You are faithful and loyal.

Leo - You are a confident individual who knows what he wants out of life. You are outgoing and sociable. You are charming and charismatic. You are generous and honest.

Virgo - You are a perfectionist who strives to achieve excellence in everything you do. You are organized and methodical. You are detail oriented and meticulous. You are responsible and reliable.
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post May 24 2022, 09:34 AM
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i'm an aquarius and a tiger. i think i fit the aquarius stereotypes pretty well, being pretty eccentric and aloof, and also honest (sometimes to a fault). i'm constantly in my own head and thinking about something, whether it's serious or silly.
as for tiger, the first and third sentences of that description fit me pretty well, but that middle bit about being courageous and aggressive is not me at all haha

cloud | 24 | it/they
"i want to make beautiful things, even if nobody cares." - saul bass

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ugly cat sweater...
post Aug 2 2022, 02:07 PM
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My Favorites!

I'm a Leo Sun, a Taurus Moon, and an Aquarius Rising. My Chinese zodiac animal is the Snake. I wouldn't say I fit my Sun and Chinese signs, but I do think that the Taurus and Aquarius signs do fit my personality very well. happy.gif

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post Sep 23 2022, 06:22 AM
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You’re friendly. People gravitate towards people who smile and laugh easily. You give off a fun vibe and like being surrounded by positive energy. You’re happy going out with friends and having a good time. Birthday zodiac

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