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Erin Gardner
post Mar 23 2009, 02:29 PM
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Name: Erin Gardner

Age: 13

Hometown: Fidona

Erin is a rural-type girl, and as such, her appearance is quite ordinary. She’s just below average in height and weight, being 4’10 and weighing 82 lbs. If anything, her looks give off a slight air of cuteness due to her age, but little else. Her small eyes are a dark brown, contrasting against her light-tinted brown hair, which reaches down to her lower back and is tied at the bottom with a hair elastic to prevent it from falling out of place of getting in the way. Erin usually wears a loose pink jumper with a low neck that stops at her upper chest, revealing a bright white shirt underneath. She also wears white Jean-type shorts that stop just above her knees, with cotton trainer socks and white trainers. Her skin is quite fair, but not overtly pale, as she tends to spend a reasonable amount of time in the sunlight. Overall, her attire is mostly well kept and more-so clean, if she can help it. When things get cold, she wears a brown jacket with a white scarf.

Personality: Being a thirteen year old, Erin sometimes comes across as naive. For the majority of the time however, she is quite collected and gentle. Her attitude to any given situation tends to be enthusiastic, while not progressing out of her fairly quiet character. However, it doesn’t take long for her to warm up to strangers, but a considerable time to fully trust them. Partly due to her lack of ability to fend for herself sometimes, she enjoys working as part of a team or with others as opposed to herself, definitely preferring to be led over being leader. Her opinion on fighting is varied, usually depending on the nature of the situation, but she doesn’t fight for fun. If she does fight, she tries to refrain from getting ‘involved’, such as shouting at the top of her lungs or turning rigorous. Although, if she needs to defend somebody or prevent harm, she will act as soon as she can, regardless of her chances of winning. Erin’s temper is very dormant, and hardly ever appears. If somebody shouts at her, she is more likely to shirk away than challenge them. Sometimes this habit tends to confuse people when she tries to make light of an argument to avoid conflict.

Erin is fairly bright, but lacks common sense which tends to cancel out the former. Her knowledge of pokemon is average, but her battling skills are sub-par as she lacks the experience to properly judge a battle correctly. To pokemon, she is quite kind, but can also be intimidated by ones that are aggressive or large.

Biography: Erin was born and raised in Fushia City by both her mother and father. Her parents are still quite young, and therefore she spends quite a lot of time with them. However, while her mother was pregnant with her, they moved from the bustling city of Saffron , thinking that Fushia would be a more appropriate place to raise their daughter. Living just behind lush fields near the safari zone, Erin spent much of her childhood playing outside. However, she was strictly forbidden to go anywhere near the tall netted fences that separated the fields from the safari zone. Until she was 11, she never ventured out in the fields without her father, as they knew that her curiosity might lead her to investigate further. When she whined about not being allowed to enter, or to stray near the ninja Fushia Gym, her father got a Caterpie to entertain her and to appease her inquisitiveness.

Her and Caterpie bonded quickly, and sometimes they travelled in the fields together. However, she never even thought about a career as a trainer, let alone battling as one. This all changed when she saw her father leave the house one day dressed in strange clothing. Intrigued, she followed with caterpie in tow. She was shocked to discover he worked in Fushia’s gym, perhaps as an apprentice or a gym trainer. She witnessed a battle between her father and the Gym leader in secret, amazed at what she saw. Of course, she had heard about pokemon battles before, but she never knew that they were this intense... or exciting, she had to admit. Her mother was ignorant to the fact that her father worked there, as she said ‘Pokemon is not a career; it’s not stable.’ She herself worked as a business secretary, still involved in the company she worked for previously in Saffron city. Erin’s mother was under the impression that her father did maintainance work, as sometimes he was issued to fix up the gym. The gym leader there was happy to play along with the facade in order to keep the peace, and when Erin was caught by her father, was sworn to the same oath.

Much to the protest of her mother, Erin wished to undertake a pokemon Journey. Only after much discussion, failed persuasion and the promise that she would return at 16 to finish her education, Erin left to try and make it in the world of pokemon. Her mother recommended the Furoh region, as she had work associates in Petropolis that Erin could use to get immediate contact with her parents. Since Caterpie wasn’t the strongest of Pokemon, Erin managed to get hold of a Ledyba from the sarafi zone which had escaped and landed in the fields. Her father talked to the Warden, and he approved of her taking the Bug with her. With Caterpie and Ledyba in tow, she got the ferry to Petropolis, where she couldn’t help but feel the eyes of her mother’s associates following her...

Starting Pokemon: Caterpie: Lv6
Moves: Tackle, String Shot.
Ledyba: Lv9
Moves: Tackle, Supersonic, Comet Punch, Swift.

Items: Pokeball; 5, Potion; 3, Antidote; 3, Paralyse heal; 2, Repel; 1

What is the biscuit's name? The answer is... Bertha (I just looked at other’s profiles, can anyone explain this to me? XD)

Other Notes:
Erin’s dream pokemon is a clefairy.
She doesn’t have a favourite type of Pokemon, but instead preffers those with a tendancy for other factors over brute strength.

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Troy Bolton
post Mar 23 2009, 07:17 PM
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Approved. And shush shush, but the biscuit is just so people read the rules (and totally cheat off one another >_>).

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