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Your Sun/Moon teams
Mars Adept Enten
post Dec 14 2016, 02:56 PM
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Certified Psychotic Isaac Fangirl and Legendary Dogs Enthusiast
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From: Izumo, Weyard
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GS Crew

So, since I haven't seen any topics like this yet, what do you have for your current Sun/Moon team? This is my current one (in Moon):

Trainer Name: Luna ♀
Glitterlight/Lv. 44 Lanturn ♀
Held Item: Waterium Z
Thunder Wave
Bubble Beam
Signal Beam

Jormungandr/Lv. 41 Zygarde (50% Forme)
Held Item: None
Thousand Arrows
Thousand Waves
Land's Wrath

Salamandra/Lv. 44 Salazzle ♀
Held Item: Poisonium Z
Nasty Plot

Ganondorf/Lv. 53 Incineroar ♂
Held Item: Incinium Z
Fire Fang
Darkest Lariat (Malicious Moonsault)

Vyse/Lv. 47 Charjabug ♂
Held Item: Buginium Z

TelluraLv. 27 Lycanroc (Midnight Forme) ♀
Held Item: Rockinium Z
Rock Tomb

Note: You don't have to get all detailed about your team like I did. Feel free to list your teams however you like. wink.gif

This post has been edited by Mars Adept Enten: Dec 14 2016, 02:58 PM

I'm also known as Queen_Lugia on SPPf, and Queen-Articuno on dA, as well as a former aspiring trinketer on GPX+, a proud TheRunawayGuys fangirl, a proud participant of Extra Life, and proud supporter of TwitchPlaysPokemon.

I claimed Isaac from Golden Sun. Hands off mah bishie! tongue.gif And Capt. Linebeck, too!

Follow Isaac-kun to get to my party. I appreciate and try to return clickbacks! happy.gif

Thanks, xJesstheMess!

My shop! I appreciate requests! cat.gif

Entei stuff! (click to show)

Other stuff... (click to show)

Credit to: (click to show)
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post Dec 14 2016, 09:58 PM
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Metal Gear?!
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Joined: 17-August 09
From: Scotland
Member No.: 57 547

SS Party

Currently training up a bunch of Pokémon so my favourite team is separated (missing my Mimikyu tbh) so my team consists of:

Serj (Alolan Geodude)
Lv. 29
Ability: Galvanize
Held item: None

Thunder Punch
Rock Throw
Smack Down

Manaia (Kommo-o)
Lv. 46
Ability: Bulletproof
Held item: None

Clanging Scales
Sky Uppercut
Iron Defense
Dragon Claw

The Rock (Incineroar)
Lv. 50
Ability: Blaze
Held item: Incinium Z

Blast Burn
Darkest Lariat

Bowie (Primarina)
Lv. 54
Ability: Torrent
Held item: Primarium Z

Sparkling Aria
Hydro Cannon

Jared (Decidueye)
Lv. 59
Ability: Overgrow
Held item: Decidium Z

Grass Pledge
Leaf Blade
Spirit Shackle
Brave Bird

Spencer (Silvally)
Lv. 63
Ability: RKS System
Held item: Psychic Memory

Crush Claw
Iron Head
Double Hit

I might get rid of the Kommo-o though. IDK. Just really experimenting with the different available Pokemon!

My regular team (the Pokémon I tend to use the most) are under the spoiler tag:

Usual Team (Pokemon Moon) (click to show)

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Click the less-than-dazzled Nazi colonel for my party.
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Shadow Fennekin
post Feb 5 2017, 11:39 PM
Post #3

Elite Four
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Group: Members
Posts: 1 493
Joined: 21-April 09
Member No.: 14 137

Platinum team

This is my Sun Team.
Incineroar, my starter. Equipped with Incinerium
Lycanroc Midnight

My Moon team is still in progress

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post Mar 12 2017, 04:05 PM
Post #4

Pokémon Trainer
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Group: Members
Posts: 67
Joined: 3-May 09
From: Somewhere...
Member No.: 18 814

Platinum Roster

Still working on getting the slackers caught up, but my team in Moon consists of:


Please trade Trinkets with me! If I refuse, I already have it or someone made me a better offer. Bold trinkets I have to get through trades.

October Trinkets: None
December Trinkets: Litten Ornament, Shiny Xmas Rowlett Doll, Shiny Xmas Litten Doll, Salmiakki, Claw Turquoise Birthstone, Shiny Christmas Hat, Golden Mistletoe Heart
February Trinkets: Love for Gardevoir Print, Vapcargo Sticker, Old Picnic Cloth, Sordid Kimono, Sapphire Valentine Heart, Drive Amethyst Birthstone, Sweet Kiss Plush, Oshawott's Love Pokedoll, Red Dancing Shoes, Alomomo Ring, Cupido Clefable, Heart Shaped Electrode, Entei Heart
April Trinkets: Easter Egg Garland
July Trinkets: Firework Dud
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post Mar 24 2017, 02:18 PM
Post #5

Son of Jupiter, legacy of Minerva
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Group: Members
Posts: 1 902
Joined: 28-July 09
From: The United States of America
Member No.: 51 123

Still catching 151

E4+ Team (click to show)

Kanto x Alola Competition Team (click to show)

Team I'm Currently Working on (click to show)

"I see now that the circumstances of one's birth are irrelevant.
It is what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are."

"We do have a lot in common. The same earth, the same air, the same sky.
Maybe if we started looking at what's the same instead of what's different...
Well, who knows."

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YoRHa No9 Type S
post Mar 26 2017, 09:59 PM
Post #6

Glory to mankind.
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Group: +Donors
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Joined: 14-August 09
From: Washington state
Member No.: 56 857

Here's the teams I used in-game!

Moon Team (click to show)

Sun Team (click to show)

Battle Tree Team (click to show)


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post Apr 9 2017, 06:13 PM
Post #7

Pokémon Trainer
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Group: Members
Posts: 13
Joined: 31-March 17
From: Australia
Member No.: 248 731

Active Squad

Decidueye, Primarina, Toucannon, Salazzle, Silvally, Mimikyu, Drampa, Kommo-o, Lunala, Kartana.

I got Kommo-o after the champion since I couldn't find a Jangmo-o.
Drama was the placement before Kommo-o because I couldn't find one.
Primarina was my starter, and was very fun to use.
Toucannon was a very useful Pokemon, with Beak Blast. Unfortunately, it didn't have Skill Link.
Salazzle was a rare find, since the female was rare.
Silvally. When I got the Type Null, I tried breeding it to give one to my friend. Unfortunately, it is unbreedable. Doesn't make sense, since Porygon was manmade, and it can breed.
Mimikyu is one of my best Pokemon, but it is under levelled, since I am training in the route before the Battle Tree.
Lunala. I decided not to use it, since it has many weaknesses, but it is very powerful. The ability would be better, though.
Kartana was traded to me by my friend for the Shiny Charm. He had Sun, while I had Moon. I wanted to use it for my Battle Tree team, but either it was weak or the Battle tree is hacking. The nature sucks, but it is reliable.
Decidueye, it was from a wonder trade, from a Japanese dude, and it was used for my pokedex. I threw False Swipe at it, and it was my best Pokemon. I didn't want to use it, since it would break my Water Type starter thing that I do.
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post May 9 2017, 03:39 PM
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Pokémon Trainer
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Group: Members
Posts: 20
Joined: 6-May 17
Member No.: 249 376

Active Squad

Alalan Raichu


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post May 9 2017, 03:39 PM
Post #9

Pokémon Trainer
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Group: Members
Posts: 20
Joined: 6-May 17
Member No.: 249 376

Active Squad

Sorry for the double post

This post has been edited by dededo1: May 9 2017, 03:40 PM


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