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Global PokÚdeX Plus Forums _ Bug and Errors _ Glitch moves Pokemon to another box if I try to rearrange it

Posted by: pumpkinking0192 Nov 5 2019, 03:57 PM

I am having an issue with one specific Pokemon, I have my Pokemon arranged by National Dex order, so this Raichu should be in the second slot of my 025-048 box. It has been there correctly for many years.

However, I recently took it out of the box to breed it. When I was done breeding and went to return it to the box, I saved and left the screen, but when I returned to my PC it was instead in my second box (which is designated for mass-abandoning shiny fails). After some experimentation, I have determined that this seems to affect only my Raichu, not any other Pokemon, and it only happens when I try to place it in one of the first six or so slots of that box.

For now I have left it in the last slot of the box and locked the box to ensure Raichu doesn't accidentally land in one of my mass-abandon boxes again, but I would greatly appreciate a solution that would allow me to place it in National Dex order in the second slot of the box.

Posted by: PokeNOM NOM NOM Nov 6 2019, 07:15 AM

How mysterious.

I mod-viewed your PC. I found your Raichu in the correct box, as you said. I was able to move it around in the box just fine (though I didn't save the changes, won't do that without your consent). I don't know what could be going on though. Did you unlock the box before trying to move Raichu through the box?

Posted by: pumpkinking0192 Nov 6 2019, 04:12 PM

Yes, I make sure to unlock the box. Then move Raichu around into the spot I want it in. It appears to stay there while I'm on the page, but then I hit save changes, leave the page, come back, and it's in my abandon box instead.

Posted by: pumpkinking0192 Nov 17 2019, 07:50 PM

Update: After filling the release box, I was able to move Raichu to the proper spot without it jumping into the release box. I then released the trashmons in the release box and experimented a bit with moving Raichu around, and it never jumped into another box again. So somehow the problem is solved, but I have no clue how or why.

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