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Theory on the final Pokemon movie, Ho-oh | The Blastoise Bunch | An Army of 103 | Ash's Father
post Apr 16 2016, 04:50 PM
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I am also planning on making a YouTube video on this theory and subtheories.
Here's a list of all legendary Pokemon, and which movie(s) they were featured in, if any:

Legendaries (click to show)

As you can see, almost every single legendary Pokemon has been featured in a movie, with the exceptions of Ho-oh (G2), the Lake Trio (G4), Cresselia (G4), and the Kami Trio (G5). Except for Ho-oh, all legendary Pokemon from generations 1, 2 and 3 have been featured. It took recently until Raikou (G2) or Groudon (G3) were featured in a movie, indicating that past generation Pokemon are not completely out of the realm of possibility for being featured in movies.

However, Ho-oh hasn't even appeared in TV episodes (apart from the two glimpses), as many other legendaries have, including the Lake Trio, Cresselia, and the Kami Trio.

In Pokemon Crystal and Pokemon Y, Ho-oh's Pokedex entry reads "It will reveal itself before a pure-hearted trainer..." Ash, the protagonist of the Pokemon universe, saw the magnificent bird as he left Pallet Town; before Ho-oh was even confirmed as a Pokemon. If other Legendary Pokemon trust Ash so much, and if he's saved the world so many times, is he not the pure-hearted trainer these dex entries talks about?

The Pokedex entries from Pokemon Sapphire, Emerald, DPPt, BW, B2W2, and ORAS all say that Ho-oh will bring happiness to trainers that see it. After losing at the Silver Conference in Johto, Ash again saw Ho-oh, and that "encouraged him to get over his depression at his loss and continue his journey. (taked from Bulbapedia)"

With these two encounters in mind, and once more in Hoenn (May identified Ho-oh before Ash could), I have a theory.

Since every single Pokemon has been featured in either a movie or one (or several) anime airings, my theory is that the very last Pokemon movie, whenever it may be, will feature Ho-oh as the main Pokemon. Ho-oh was one of the first Pokemon Ash encountered, and the first legendary he encountered. Of course there will be other Pokemon featured (most likely Lugia, Entei, Suicune, Raikou), Ho-oh will be the main Pokemon of the final movie. It would bring the anime and movies to a full circle close, being one of the first of Ash's encounter and the final protagonist Pokemon movie.

One of my sub-theories about this theory is that this movie will also feature some of Ash's past partners. The biggest possibilities in my mind are listed below, with some explanations as to my thinking.
Possiblities (click to show)

Now, here’s my biggest claim

Ash’s father.

Not much about Ash’s father has been released. All we know is that he is a trainer on his own journey (like Ash’s grandfather, who is also unknown to us). He was not registered in the Pokemon Trainer’s List, so it is impossible for Ash to track him down. Perhaps he is a Pokemon Professor of his own, or a master Pokemon Trainer.
In either case, I believe that, during this last Movie with Ho-oh, something happens that disheartens Ash so much he loses his will to be a trainer. I theorize that Ho-oh will appear at this time, flying down and landing in front of Ash (this would be unusual, because multiple Pokedex entries state that Ho-oh never stops flying around the world), with an unknown person on its back. This person steps off, with a very old Raichu on his shoulder, and explains to Ash that not all is lost, and explains (cue dramatic flashback) his own hardships starting off as a trainer. He wasn’t given a Pokemon to start, but rather caught a Pichu in the nearby forest. Through friendship he evolved his Pichu into Pikachu and eventually a Raichu, and caught and befriended many other Pokemon along his journey. In his fighting through the Pokemon Leagues and Frontiers, he was eventually victorious in every League. However, he started using his Pokemon as tools instead of as his friends, becoming a terrible trainer in the process [Two official books printed in 1997 and 1999, “Pocket Monsters: The Animation Volume 1 and 2”, state that Ash’s father wasn’t the best of men]. He then retroactively erased any knowledge of himself, whetherby asking Gym Leaders and Frontier Brains to never speak of him again, or deleting his records as Hall of Fame Champions, because he wanted his son to believe that he could succeed and would not have to live knowing his father was a tyrant. In hopes that he could become a better trainer and his Pokemon would live better lives, he released all of his Pokemon, one of the hardest things he had ever done. Although his lifelong partner, Raichu, stayed by his side. Ho-oh, as it is said to bring happiness and joy to whomever is graced by its presence, then confronts the man and is touched by his change in heart. The man promises to be a better trainer and to bring happiness wherever he can, at which point he forms an unbreakable bond with Ho-oh. Near the end of his story, the man relates one particular flight he had on Ho-oh, in which he flew by his hometown on his son’s tenth birthday, hoping he would catch a glimpse of him starting his Pokemon journey. “And to my delight, I did see him. I saw him leave that town and start his journey as a trainer. And I couldn’t be happier that the Professor just so happened to give my son a Pokemon so similar to my own first Pokemon. The Professor gave him a Pikachu,” at which point he looks at Ash’s Pikachu, and the realization sets in on Ash and Pikachu that the mysterious man is his father.

However he would be introduced, he would undoubtedly have ridiculously strong Pokemon on his side (potentially Ho-oh and Raichu) that he had befriended. His past Pokemon that he released may also come into play, when they realize their first trainer, now sworn to protect people’s happiness, is in danger.

I understand that this is an extremely bold claim, and that it may never happen; we may never know who Ash's father is. But, this is nothing but my theory in a sea of countless others.

Let me know what you think!
Did I miss anything? Misrepresent something?
What do you agree/disagree with?

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post Dec 20 2016, 05:44 AM
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Yeah! Ho-oh! Awesome!

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