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GPX+ Competition, A brother to the "Shimmering Competition"
post Jan 31 2010, 07:10 PM
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Welcome to the GPX+ Competion. Where you can race to get certain Pokemon, Mini Events and Items! We are a brother to the Shimmering Competition (I did get promision from Kari BW to make this) The goal is to get something before the person your racing does.
Remember- You are not racing for a shiny pokemon, you are racing for a pokemon. Example- You and a friend want a legendary or a certain novelty, so you have a race to who can get it first (you can't race for Common, Uncommon, and only certain rare eggs) Or you may want a race to see who can get a Little man or save enough money to buy a silph scope.

-First and foremost, you must follow the Forum Rules. Especially no spamming, no double posting, and no mini-modding.
-There is absolutely NO asking for clicks in this forum. However, if you want to start up a race but want someone to compete against or want to invite others to compete, you can post it here.
*You don't have to be a member to post asking about the above. Nor do you have to me a member to be in a Race.
-We, as a group, will only support friendly competition. Which means I will not stand for any races were competitors bash one another (non-playfully) on their race to the finish line.
-You may not race for shiny Pokemon please go to the Shimmering Competition for a shiny Pokemon race.

Joining (click to show)

Also, if application is PM'd to me I will probably not respond, just check here if I accepted you.


aaronaaron96/luke39/Kari ShadowWolf/Rocky Raccon/binderboy23/kingdomheartfan11/cuty 93/ArcticStar/Professor X/djkuik/Blazestorm/pokeballer5457/TheNoveltyHunter/Neko of Death/richkid50000/Daimean

competition (click to show)

Some Other Information
If you ever decide to just end a race because you and your friend(s)/race partner(s) don't want to do the race anymore then please tell me. There is no need for exes races that no one is doing anything with.
I wouldn't like to create a banned list. I hope that everyone here is mature enough to not get in fights with users or do anything against the rules. But if a banned list is needed then I will create one.

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