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Sophia McCoy
post Feb 10 2013, 10:04 PM
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Sophia McCoy's Squad

Name: Sophia McCoy
Age: 13
Hometown: Port Barley

Appearance: Sophia is 5' even, weighing 102 pounds (About 1.5 meters, 46.3 kg). She has a fairly bony face, with a well defined pointed chin. She has natural rosy pink lips, and doesn't show any dimples when she smiles. She has cold, European eyes that change color depending on where you're looking, but if you look straight at them they are an emerald green. She has a fairly small, girlish nose at tips up a little at the end. She has dark chocolate shaggy hair that comes down to the base of her neck in an upside-down triangle, and bangs that come down to just above her eyes. She is fairly proportional for a 13 year old girl. She has sharper shoulders for a girl, but normal arms in terms of thickness. She has smaller than normal hands, which are always dry and cracked, and bleed from time to time. She's not skinny, but not chubby either, and she wears an A-cup.

Sophia wears a loose pale green t-shirt and denim shorts that come past her knees, and comfortable black tennis shoes without socks. On her hands she has black fingerless gloves cut off a half-inch past her knuckles, and on her neck she wears a loose black scarf. Her bag is a black messenger bag with a green pokeball on the edge.

Personality: Sophia's personality is tough to describe. She can go from happy to sad in seconds. When she's happy, she's very talkative, with a fairly deep voice. She loves making friends, and making people laugh and smile. However, when she’s sad, she hates people knowing, so she’ll wear the best smile she can and keep moving. If anyone catches her being sad, she’ll instantly perk up and act happy again. But any emotion, she’s loyal to the people to she loves and cares for. Her family, her friends, her pokemon, she’ll do everything in her power to keep them safe. She also likes to sing and sketch, and in her free time will often be doing on of the two. She’s very smart, so far as her teachers labeling her “gifted”, but despite this, she’s very impulsive and usually doesn’t think things through. Her battling style is also very impulsive, she does what she thinks would be best, without thinking.

Biography: Sophia was born the oldest to loving parents. She learned to sit up, then crawl, then walk as normal children do, but started picking up on english quicker than most children. By 18 months, she had learned more words than most children her age. At two, she started learning how to read. Her little brother Caleb was born a couple days past her 3rd birthday, adding another member in her family. By this time, most children had friends and lived near them. This was not the case for Sophia. She didn't have many friends, and the few she did she only saw once a week. At 4, she read a whole chapter book, and was understanding math easier than most 4 year olds. At 5, her parents enrolled her into a basic elementary/pokemon school. This was the first time Sophia was multiples people on a daily basis. However, when her fellow students saw how easily she was picking up on concepts that didn't make sense to them, many tried to stay away from her and excluded her, most of them girls. One boy didn't care about that difference and made friends with her anyway. Sophia spent almost every day with that boy, until the two were close friends. One day, the boy moved away, striking a blow at her emotional strength. And so it went- until about 3rd grade, most would avoid her, one person would become her friend and get close to her, then they would move away, and Sophia became emotionally weaker.. The year before 3rd grade, her teachers officially labeled her "gifted academically", giving fellow students more opportunity to dislike her.

After 3rd grade, an opportunity opened up to go to a special school for "gifted" students. Scarred by people constantly moving away, she reluctantly agreed. At the school (still an elementary/pokemon school), she met many people like her. However, this school took people from around the city- and she was the only one who lived anywhere near her area. Nevertheless, she finally felt like she was somewhere she belonged, even if it was only partially. During 6th grade, however, she fell for a boy who, in time, broke her heart once, and twice a few months later. During 7th grade, she attended a high/pokemon school in another "gifted" program. On her thirteenth birthday, she decided it was time for her to embark on a journey, as all young people do. She asked her parents, who already knew she was leaving soon. They gave her three pokeballs- one with a ralts, one with an cyndaquil, and one with a buizel. They also handed her a Sinnoh type pokedex, a pokegear, 3 potions and 5 pokeballs. She thanked her parents, and ran off with a smile.

Class: Trainer/Coordinator

Starting Pokemon:

Pokemon: Ralts
Nickname: Taylor
Gender: F
Lv: 6
Moves: Shadow sneak (egg move), growl, confusion
Ability: Trace

Pokemon: Cyndaquil
Nickname: Jarreth
Gender: Male
Lv. 6
Moves: Tackle, leer, smoke screen
Ability: Flash Fire (DW ability)

Pokemon: Buizel
Nickname: Taylon
Gender: M
Lv. 6
Moves: Sonic boom, quick attack, water gun, growl
Ability: Swift Swim

Pokeball x5
Potion x5
Town Map x1
Sinnoh-style Pokedex x1
Pokegear x1
Sketchbook x1

What is the biscuit's name? not Scheherazade, of course.

Other Notes: She's really good at sketching and singing. Since she practices. A lot. And she's a bit scatterbrained... and is easily distracted by shiny objects.

She's a tomboy, and dislikes girly stuff. Fashion has no meaning to her whatsoever. She dislikes clothes that have a lot of sequins.

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post Feb 11 2013, 03:35 PM
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I'm dying to see how this one ends.
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