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DO NOT make any 'click my eggs/Pokémon' threads/posts or any 'what is this egg' threads/posts or you WILL be warned 10% instantly!

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May Community Thread, Be sure to read the rules before posting!
Yami No Yuugi
post Yesterday, 06:41 PM
Post #321

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Where is Yamask?

STILL need that shiny, also am taking advantage of Aurora weather and picking up Defense Deoxys. Also hoping to place in the Pokehunt and get that last box (plus the achievement since I've always placed third.)

You are now reading my posts in Dan Green's voice.
(Actually Kazuko Himura)

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Current Pokemon game goal:
All-ribbon Smeargle
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Synx Itax
post Yesterday, 07:58 PM
Post #322

A learning vessel of several lessons to make me more clever.
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My Loves

QUOTE(Jade @ May 25 2017, 04:48 PM) *
Any of y'all con-goers? If so, which ones do you like to go to?

I'm not a con-goer, but I totally would be if 1) I kept remembering when/where they are and 2) actually felt like spending the money/time to travel there. I've actually been to San Japan once (along with a few other prominent GPXPlus people), and it was kinda fun. The only thing I'm really into is the artist alley, so otherwise, there's not TOO much in it for me. Cosplays are cool, though. I guess I'm more of a PAX person... hm. Should go to that, actually. oh.gif

We have a few cons in Houston, but I just... never bothered. I think part of it is that a lot of other people are a bit... overexcited about them, and I'm just like "eh, yay cosplays and art~"


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Interested in a commission? PM me.

Wymsy may have left the site, but she's forever in my heart. <3
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post Yesterday, 11:17 PM
Post #323

Malachite pride~
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Team Nando!

QUOTE(Jade @ May 25 2017, 05:48 PM) *
Any of y'all con-goers? If so, which ones do you like to go to?

I haven't been to a con before, but I would really really love to. As soon as I can put together a decent cosplay. If only I weren't a lazy cheapskate. And had basic knowledge of sewing. And were about 10 pounds lighter.

My friend went to an anime con (don't remember the exact name) and dressed as Rose Quartz from Steven Universe. She sent me and my other friend photos of the sushi menu. So many fish puns were made that day.

I FINALLY completed Death of the World Run #3, got myself a Grass Arceus egg, and booted up the Deoxys explo for the first time in 4 years. And got my fourth Sky Shard from the pokehunt. And a Houndoominite. Still no shiny Alolan Sandshrew, but Honey+ should fix that.

Things are looking up.


i dream in verdant and emerald
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Doctor Octopus
post Today, 12:11 AM
Post #324

Just your friendly neighborhood supervillain.
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The Sinister Six

sidles in


dunno if any y'all will remember me since i haven't been consistently active in... years? at least two or three, probably more?? either way my activity's kind of been "play for 3 days, drop it for 3 months, rinse, repeat" for a good long while.

figured i might as well come in and say hi on one of those upticks though. i still have a lot of fond memories of gpx/gts; picking gpx back up feels a little like coming home, in a way. weird, i guess, but when you spend every bit of your spare time for a couple years on it... /shrug

to contribute to the conversation re: cons tho
i've never personally been to one, although there's one that happens relatively local to me that i should probably hit up at this point. i've missed my chance for this year since it starts uhhhhh tomorrow, but there's always next year. i've even already got a pretty good dr. horrible outfit that i could wear to cosplay if i wanted to.

in a dream world, i'd go to rtx in austin but uh. haha. sweat.gif


GTS/GPX+'s resident inactive supervillain.
I go by Doc, Otto, and Doc Ock, whichever strikes your fancy.

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post Today, 12:56 AM
Post #325

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Active Squad

Never been to a con, but would love to go to one!

Also, E3 IS SO CLOSE. I'm extremely excited too see all the games shown off at the event, and really interested in seeing the Scorpio.

The Arceus exploration is gonna be the death of me noes.gif Hopefully the multipliers help over the weekend.


Thnx Moonlit

Proud Member of the KotRt & Shiny Lovers Redux! & Blue Moons!

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post Today, 01:27 AM
Post #326

Pokémon Trainer
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Some Favorites

I've never been to a convention yet, even though I would like to.
But than again.. imagining I'd dress up as the Dark Magician Girl from Yu-Gi-Oh.
I think I'm more comfortable staying at home, reading and watching reviews of conventions. angel.gif


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