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Second Characters Application, Want one?
Troy Bolton
post Jan 10 2011, 12:15 AM
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UPDATE: Due to Bogart's absence, feel free to ask any of the other PANE mods questions. We will be happy to help wink.gif

Have you ever thought, 'I like PANE so much that I want to experience it twice as much?' Well then, this is the thread for you!

Second characters have come to Furoh, but first, some ground rules. Not everyone will be able to have a second character, if only because you must prove your worth as an RPer to have it considered.
  • You can't have your characters in the same RP. Never the twain shall meet, and such is the case here.
  • There has to be a palpable difference between the two characters.
  • There's a maximum of two characters. No ifs, ands, or buts.
  • I reserve the right to deny any profile for any reason. Maybe because it's Monday. I hate Monday.
The process of applying for a character is simple, but places a fair burden on the RPer himself. The first thing you must do is complete and have graded at least two (2) RPs in which you've received a 10/15 grading or higher; sorry, but I can't consider RPers who haven't shown a modicum of dedication and given us an example of their roleplaying skill with others of the forum. If the RP dies partway through, it must at least have been of decent length by then to be considered as fulfilling this step. Please link these in your post.

The second bit is where this thread comes in. We've got an example of your first character in action, but now you've to prove that you can clearly roleplay two different and distinct personalities. When trying to earn a second character, chances are that you've got that character in mind already. You've got to demonstrate the differences between these two characters: begin with a non-combat situation and write at least three (3) good sized paragraphs for each character, demonstrating their different personalities and thought patterns - I'd suggest playing up internal dialogue, chances are it'll help a bunch. But, seriously, don't make this about battling, cause I'll outright reject you for even a bit of that - your characters are different even when there's nothing to fight (or they should be.) Remember, you don't need to post your profile here, just your credentials and your differences.

Once that's done, I'll consider your post, and either allow or disallow your second character. Of course, I'll try to work as fast as possible, but any post in the thread / any PMs to the effect of hurrying me up will count as an automatic rejection for the heckler. If you're rejected, you must complete another graded RP to re-fulfill step one and then try again.

Assuming that you're approved, however, you have full right to post a second profile in the profile forum for approval, and may roleplay freely with that character. However, that character must be start at basic levels - 20 levels to spread between two to four Pokemon.

Now, this is a trial. After four months, we will take stock of the situation, and make a ruling on whether or not to make second characters permanent, or to extend the trial period. Anyone who is in the middle of an RP with their secondary character when the cut-off time for the trial is through is allowed to finish that RP. Pending our decision, they must return to their original character afterward

Don't message the other mods with questions, or post questions in this thread. PM me with questions. This thread's only to be used for applications.

This post has been edited by 2gamers: Apr 30 2011, 01:55 PM

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