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Mason Castro
post Feb 10 2013, 02:50 PM
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Name: Mason Castro

Age: 17

Hometown: Slateport City, Hoenn

Appearance: He’s tanned having grown up near the beach. He has chestnut brown hair, being in the sun has made it appear more red than it actually is. He has side bangs that cover one of his emerald green eyes slightly, but his hair curls at the ends. He has very light emerald green eyes. He stands at 5’8”. His build is lean, but he does keep himself in relatively good shape. Also he has some freckles spread out across his face. He has right ear pierced, with a stud on his lobe and another on the upper ear.

For normal clothes, he generally wears loose-fitting jeans, and t-shirt-jacket combo. The jacket is usually a normal forest green with several pockets he uses for the storing things, the t-shirt usually grey or black. He wears a regular pair of black high-tops. At night, he wears a loose fitting t-shirt and either shorts or sweatpants, depending on the temperature. Swimming, regular black swim shorts and for formal occasions, he’ll get decked out on a nice black tux, white shirt and green tie. He carries around a green and grey backpack to hold the rest of his things.

Personality: People, upon seeing him, always consider him the classic beach boy, thinking he’s very outgoing and fun. In truth, he doesn't do that well around people, so he’s more of a loner. He has trouble socializing, but he really does mean well. If you can get past his shyness, he’s a real sweetheart. If he were to run into someone who was sad or looked down, he would try to go out of his way to find what’s wrong and see if he can help in any way. If something dangerous were to happen, at first he would be very hesitant to get involved if it didn't concern him, but he would definitely get involved head-first in the end. Mason likes to go out for long walks and enjoy nature. Most people he meets or know him never really do find out why he’s so shy and hesitant about things. The reason for this is because he’s afraid that people would treat him differently or reject him all together if he were to say why. He shows his confidence on the contest stage, transforming almost into a completely different person, which really surprises people. His Pokemon really understand his ‘awkwardness’ and they really try help him get through it.

Biography: Mason grew up in the Slateport City relatively normal. He had normal loving parents, and an older sibling who looked out for him very well. He was a very well loved child, the neighbours also growing fond of him. A few years after his parents had his little sister, and he was the perfect older brother for her. A few more years passed and he enrolled in the local Pokemon school, scoring well on everything overall. That’s where he met his best friend Hayden. Those two became like peas-in-a-pod, becoming near inseparable. The close-knit friendship lasted throughout the years, growing stronger as it went year by year. A couple years later, when it was Mason’s 15th birthday, his two siblings gifted him with Pokemon. Jared had gotten him a Treeko he named Edge while little Sierra had managed to get him a Ralts she named Zelda. Mason was overjoyed with his two Pokemon and thanked his siblings full-heartedly. As for his parents, they had both chipped in for tickets to go see a contest performance. While watching, Mason was mesmerized by how well trainers worked with Pokemon to bring out the beauty in them. It was then that Mason decided he would be a coordinator so he could do the same thing. Then it was the start of high school and the boys were both 16. Mason had mate a confession to Hayden that he had been keeping hidden for a year. He told Hayden that he was bisexual. Hayden immediately broke away from Mason, rejecting him and saying he wouldn't be friends with him if he swung both ways. Mason, torn apart, stayed home for almost a month, wanting to stay away from school and Hayden. In that time, he had decided that he would try not to get close to anyone again, for he didn't want to go through this all again. His parents tried to comfort him, saying that they loved him all the same, and that Hayden would perhaps come around, but Mason refused to listen. Finally his older brother Jared came up with a suggestion.

“What about a journey bro? It’ll give you time to think and get away from here. In the meantime, he could come around with you gone. I’ll talk to him.”

Mason hesitated. “What about mom and dad?”

“I think they’d agree. Give travelling a chance. We’ll be here for you no matter what you decide to do.”

This had settled it. A week later, he had his backpack packed and his two Pokemon ready. He said goodbye to his family and set off for the airport. To get to the Furoh region.

Class: Coordinator

(Edge) Treeko - Lv. 10 – Male

(Zelda) Ralts- Lv. 10- Female
-Double Team


Potions: 10
Super Potions: 3
Full Heals: 3
Miracle Seed: 1
Poke Balls: 5
Escape Rope: 1
Repels: 3
Good Fishing Rod

What is the biscuit's name? The Biscuit's name is Scheherazade

Other Notes: Occasionally Mason likes to take pictures of Pokemon as a side hobby. He’s a good swimmer coming from Slateport. He is single, so if anyone’s interested you gotta get to know him first. Oh and he really likes Vanilla anything. Mostly milkshakes.

Pm for Rps.

I Always Return your Clicks Back

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post Feb 10 2013, 04:10 PM
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I'm dying to see how this one ends.
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Taggarty Lee

Approved! Post in current levels and have fun! So happy to see another lgbt character!


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