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Things We've Learned from Questions as They Come, Read This First!
Troy Bolton
post Dec 27 2010, 01:57 PM
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Bet On Me
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Nobody wants to slog through that many pages to find an answer that might not even be there.

So I did it.

Here are almost all of the questions answered, excepting those of a specific nature (like, can my Shroomish's Leech Seed hit two targets).

1. Gym leaders are actually played by the mods. Essentially, the leaders are going to be the mods' characters.
2. Towns and other sorts of places can be added with moderator’s permission.
3. Trading Pokémon will be handled by the players of the two interested parties.
4. To catch a Pokémon, ask for it in the Pokémon Capture Thread.
5. Mod is short for Moderator. When used around the RPs, it refers to people like me, Living Arrow, Master Houndoom, 2gamers, and Umbr- I can never spell that :[, who inherited control of this RP and run pretty much every aspect of it. We approve profiles, grade profiles, answer questions you may have, and various other things.
6. As long as it is reasonable for a Pokémon to learn a move, they can. There is no 4-move restriction.
7. Levels are assigned by the mods in grading after the RP has been completed.
8. Level-up evolution is done at the discretion of the player. All others need mod permission.
9. Shiny Pokémon are handed out in RP contests.
10. If a Pokémon evolves via trade, simply treat it like a happiness evolution.
11. Due to the energy and stress inherent to evolution, a Pokémon can evolve only once during the course of one RP, though there is no limit to how many Pokémon can evolve.
12. Boosted experience from trading is to be nullified, or is not a factor.
13. Every Pokémon capture needs to be Okayed by a moderator.
14. In battle, Pokémon cannot be revived by any means.
15. The official currency of Furoh is the dollar. However, due to the odd designs on the bills, the common slang term is Poke.
16. Characters can come from anywhere in the Pokémon world.
17. A "Mary sue" is a character who enters into a storyline and is about 10x more awesome than the main characters in the story. It's not as prevalent in Pokémon stories, since every character is usually an original character anyway, but they still can be sorta way cooler than Ash yupes of characters. Not all original characters are Mary Sues (or Maury Stew, for men), but they sometimes tend to be.
18. Battles can be handled either in a turn based posting system, or in PM/IMs. It's up to the battlers.
19. A character can be a Pokémon Ranger.
20. One can make a solo-RP, but it is not eligible for levels. :[ That's a fan-fic. Those go elsewhere.
21. If you’re in a dead RP, and are pretty sure the other characters are not coming back, submit it for grading and move on.
22. Learning a move outside of a Pokémon’s usual move set almost always requires a Move Tutor, where the Pokémon is left behind for a period of about a week.
23. You can’t play as a Pokémon, Pokemorph, Pokeguitar, Pokerina, Pokerface.
24. Updating one’s profile is a-ok.
25. There are no stupid questions except those which are unasked.
26. You may edit your original post after a moderator has denied it from approval, then post again to notify the moderator that it has been fixed.
27. There is no order to the gym leaders; fight whichever one you want in whatever order you want.
28. NPC Pokémon is A-Okay with most pokemon species. It you plan on using something stronger like a NPC Dragonite or other pseudo-legend, ask a mod.
29. Most psychic and ghost types (and a few special other ones) can establish a mental link with a trainer. Pokémon who have intensively trained in English (or another language) can speak it – this requires a period of several years 2G says: You need mod permission for this. Even then, don't bet on us saying yes.. It is impossible for a human to speak the Pokémon language, but an interpreter Pokémon may act as go-between.
30. Roleplays may begin wherever a player wishes.
31. Shadow Pokémon may be captured and encountered on a moderator-consent basis.
32. All Pokémon, with the exclusion of legendary Pokémon, may be captured.
33. Many trainers are sponsored in a crippling student-loan sense by the Hastur Dynamics Group, which sponsors the Trainers Association.
34. Profile ‘reboots’ – in that, one wishes to change the appearance / personality / biography of a character – are allowed, but please run them by a moderator first.
35. The total amount of levels accrued for a character is divided by two when transferring them to a new character.
36. Fan fictions go in the Writing Forums.
37. Water type Pokémon that can be classified as ‘fish’ have the ability to ‘swim’ through the air, but prefer to battle in water. When swimming through the air, said Pokémon do not gain immunity to Ground-type attacks.
38. Pokémon do not have to evolve.
39. Sorry, but we’re not going to provide exceptions to the starting Pokémon list. It’s pretty expansive already.
40. There is no higher-age cut off. If a player wishes, their character can be 80 (though what an old man would be doing playing Pokémon is beyond me). However, the physical capabilities of such a person are to be realistic.
41. Vehicles can be used in Furoh, although there are groups who rally against their use.
42. Albinism is A-Okay with moderator consent.
43. Most evolution causing items – fire/thunder/leaf/water/dawn stones – can be purchased at a high end department store (or found in the Underground), but others – Upgrade, Protector, Magnemizer – can only be found at specialty stores. Others, like the Dubious Disc, are even rarer.
44. Most eggs take a while to hatch – at least two RPs from being acquired.
45. The limit to egg moves is one or two.
46. When using the moves Counter and Mirror Coat, the damage from the other Pokémon’s move is taken, and then dished out two-fold.
47. The level of the Pokémon’s skill is initially dictated by its evolutionary stage. For example, a basic Ralts might only be able to communicate words or images but not long sentences until it is around level 20. The more the Pokémon evolves/gains levels, the more improved its telepathy will become. If in doubt, pm a mod with an example and we'll let you know.
48. Yes, it is possible for a trainer to transmit messages to a psychic Pokémon. This, however, can occur in one of two ways. 1. The human has some sort of psychic ability. 2. The psychic Pokémon has already "opened a connection" between minds, allowing a response from the human (this method requires the Pokémon contact the human first).
49. Mind-reading is a touchy subject (i.e. the Pokémon needs to be VERY powerful to pull this one off). We don't want any god-modding. Emotion-reading, however, is perfectly legal and probably just as useful.
50. Metronome can become any possible move, but its power is scaled down to the level of the Pokémon performing the move. A level 10 Togepi using Flamethrower would be equivalent to an Ember.
51. Pokéballs are opaque, and when returned to a Pokéball, a Pokémon enters a type of stasis. This stasis is still affected by any status a Pokémon has been afflicted with.
52. Hidden Power is one type, chosen by the role-player. It does not change.
-For Pokémon that learn moves that they their evolution would not ordinary learn (i.e. Shroomish and Spore or most of the Pokémon that evolve via a stone) would it be okay for them to learn their pre-evolution's move, despite that fact that they can't in game?
53. I would have to say no. If it learned it as the pre-evolution, it may keep it when it evolves, but the reason for some of that happening is sound: The evolution has grown in different ways, and cannot gain abilities it didn't have before it evolved. The capability to gain that move is gone. Kind of like what some scientists believe are vestigial tails: we have them, but we no longer have the ability to grow full tails (if you believe that kind of thing).
54. The drinking age is 18.
55. Team Deception is smart enough to not announce their presence, but an astute soul will be able to infer.
56. Levels obtained in one RP can be applied to a Pokémon caught in that RP.
57. Fifth gen move sets, but not fifth gen Pokémon (with exception to those with official English names), can be incorporated into your Pokémon’s movesets.
58. No Fakemon, please.

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post Dec 27 2010, 08:48 PM
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And a Golurk

Nice work. I edited a few things for clarification. If there's a contradiction between this and any other rule, PM us so we can fix it wink.gif.


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