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Baylee Garnet, WIP
post Dec 27 2011, 09:35 PM
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Name: Baylee Lilian Garnet (Usually goes by "Bay")
Age: 13
Hometown: Port Barley

Appearance: Bay is slightly taller than average for her age, standing at 5'6". She has tan skin and dark eyes, and her wavy black hair falls to her waist. She has several scars on her hands, and is rather self-conscious about them, usually wearing black fingerless gloves to hide them. She is almost always smiling, and she can never stay still. She is nearsighted, but always seems to lose her glasses, so she just stopped wearing them. As such, she can't see very well at long distances.
For clothing, Bay tends to wear cool colors, such as her favorite lime green shirt and blue jeans. She almost never wears anything dark except for her black gloves. She carries a purple backpack for her supplies, and a loose belt around her waist holds her Pokéballs. She wears light gray boots, which she tucks her jeans into to keep them from getting dirty. Around her neck she wears a light blue ribbon loosely tied with the ends hanging down. When asked why she wears it, she usually just shrugs and says it's for fun.

Personality: Bay is full of energy, always bouncing around all over the place. She has ADHD, and has trouble sitting still or focusing on one task for too long. She's very optimistic and likes to stay positive, but she's also very honest with herself. If there is no way to win at something, she'll give it up pretty easily. In battles, however, she's completely different. When controlling her Pokémon in a battle, she'll become calm, focused, and determined. Pokémon battling is the one thing she can stay focused on, and the one thing she's determined always to win at. However, she cares a lot about her Pokémon, and always tries to win without causing them too much pain.

Biography: WIP

Class: Trainer, but might change.

Starting Pokemon: Kya, ♀, Hoothoot, Level 6.
Endor, ♂, Pidgey, level 5.
Lark, ♀, Shuppet, level 5.
Khaos, ♀, Purrloin, level 4.

Items: 3x Pokéball
2x Potion
2x Oran Berry
1x Pecha Berry
1x Chesto Berry

What is the biscuit's name? The answer is... Scheherazade
Other Notes: It's hard for her to distinguish different people and Pokémon from more than a few feet away. Use that how you will.

NOTE: Sorry about the History being blank. I have trouble thinking up histories for characters and I'm not feeling so great right now. I'll get it up as soon as possible, though. Let me know if anything needs fixed.~
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post Dec 28 2011, 07:23 AM
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And a Golurk

Please finish this.


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