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Gifting Pass Powers?
post Feb 27 2016, 08:46 PM
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I'm unsure if this counts as a trading (I believe it isn't) but Would being able to gift Pass Powers to other people be a thing? Sense I Believe you cannot As Of Now.

I'm thinking as it'd work Kind Of Like This:
    Person A gifts Person B A Pass Power. Gifted Pass powers would cost the same as Regular pass Powers, and act the same too.
    Person B Would get a Thingy at the Top, letting them know they have received a gifted pass power. It would Be where the Pass Power notification usually is, just have Everything gray scaled. Like This:

    When Person B Gets the pass Power, the notifcation that Pops would be something like "You have been gifted a Pass power! Would you like to use it now?". If B Is using a pass power, an extra notification would Come Up asking if Person B wants to cancel their current pass power, which would cost 2 Pass Orbs as usual. Person B has Until the Nightly Server Reset to Activate the gifted power, otherwise It Goes Away.

    Maybe Person B could Not Know If Person A Gave them A Pass power; Only Person A Knows?

    To Avoid this being Exploited; Person A Is only allowed to Gift 5 Different People Pass Powers During a day (And have to Wait an Hour before gifting More people maybe?) and Each person is only allowed to receive two different pass power gifts a day, Regardless Of the Tier
    Example Being: If Person B got a Defog Tier 1, they couldn't receive any other Defog Powers At All until Server Reset, regardless if they use it or not.

    Maybe not have Anything that has a Daily Limit be an Option to gift?

The only Big Cons of this Would be stuff like People Nagging for others to Give Them Powers for free, and I Feel As if this Should be A Bit More Restricted (Like you can Only give Pass Powers to other people who have the Same Affinity), But that's about it?

idk Thats all the Ideas I Really have with this Suggestion.

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Synx Itax
post Feb 28 2016, 12:54 PM
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This is a neat idea in that it follows the mechanic in the video games (or I guess I'm more thinking of O-Powers nowadays), but there are some issues.

For one thing, it makes the game unnecessarily easier; a friend with thousands of Pass Orbs could easily make things easy for their newbie friend, for instance. About the only way to circumvent that would be to prevent someone who's obviously ahead in the game to give Pass Powers to people who barely did anything on the site.

Second of all, yeah, you'd have nagging probably, although that's something that wouldn't be allowed on the site anyway. It's not any different from begging for clicks or berry feedings or anything like that.

I also don't understand this part:

"If Person B got a Defog Tier 1, they couldn't receive any other Defog Powers At All until Server Reset, regardless if they use it or not."

The "regardless if they use it or not" part sounds very problematic. It'd really screw someone up if they planned on a friend giving them Defog Power at a certain time of day but had a random person (or someone else) give it to them earlier without their using it. Someone should be able to cancel any requests to receive a Pass Power without repercussions.

It's an interesting idea, but it'd have to be very limited.


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post Nov 24 2019, 08:26 AM
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Ohh wow its a great idea no doubt, it will attract gamers to avail these offers.

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post Dec 14 2019, 02:22 PM
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I would absolutely love this kind of feature! I'd definitely gift a lot of Pass Powers to people.

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