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Suzanna Elciro
post Feb 21 2009, 10:27 AM
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Name: Suzanna Elciro, better known as Suzi.

Age: 14

Hometown: Eterna City

Appearance: She has a very heavy tan due to her outdoorsy lifestyle. She has ice blue eyes that make for a stark contrast against her short black hair. She wears camouflage patterned pants, khaki runners and a grey shirt that reads 'Metallic Mistress' in glittery text. On her back is a backpack styled like a Spinarak. Another thing is that she is relatively short and light, at four foot seven and thirty five kilos.

Personality: Suzi is rather... unique. She finds it almost impossible to stay still for long periods of time. She often exclaims random words that have nothing to do with the current situation. Despite this, she is a rather capable battler. Her ever active mind allows her to come up with unique strategies. And while her friend are few and far between, she knows the ones she does have better then probably even they do. Because she considers her pokemon to be her closest friends, she knows what they can and can't do, when they're starting to get sick and when they're keeping something from her. She has a strong dislike of being inside, and usually sleeps in a sleeping bag on the floor, even when there's a bed nearby. In her mind, there's no such thing as strong and weak pokemon and plans on building a team based on strategy rather than power.

Biography: Until she was nine, Suzi was an average girl. She had lots of friends, a nickname, which she still uses, and was relatively popular at school. Then, for reasons unknown to most, she started to drift away. In reality though, she had found a badly injured Treecko near the forest. She devoted every second of her time for about a month to helping it recover. During this time, Suzi discovered that the Treecko was Female, and thereby dubbed her Danielle, or Dani. Suzi's parents, impressed at how well she took care of Dani, gave her a pokeball and told her that she could keep Dani as long as it was OK with her. Dani, who had been standing nearby, leaped into the pokeball and allowed herself to be captured.

This event caused irreversible damage to Suzi's social life, however, and she was never quite the same. During recess, she would pace around, waiting impatiently for it to end so she would be that much closer to going home. During class, she spaced out and drew Treecko all over her work, just barely passing. After school, she would go straight home to play with Dani. At first her schoolmates tried to get her back to what she had been like before, but every time they approached her she moved away. Eventually, they decided to leave her alone.

Six months later, on Suzi's birthday, her parents showed even more trust in their daughter by giving her an egg. Suzi dedicated every waking moment for the next week on hatching the egg. Then, on a moonless night as Suzi was brushing her teeth the egg hatched into a Riolu. On a spur-of-the-moment decision, Suzi pulled her toothbrush out of her mouth, held it over the Riolu's shoulder and said "I Dub thee, Luke!" The Riolu tilted it's head and said "Ruuuuuke?" Needless to say, the name stuck (and Suzi was eternally grateful that the Riolu turned out to be a boy).

Four years later, Luke found a poster advertising the Furoh region. All three, eager to go on an adventure, rushed home to ask if they could. They barged through the front door, ran around the back, peeped through a window and jumped down some stairs before finding Suzi's parents. For about a minute, no legible sentence was formed. Suddenly, Danni ran into the room holding the poster, which she had felt the need to grab for some reason, and a pen. She laid the poster out on the table and pointed to the image of Furoh. She then turned it over and wrote, to the best of her ability, 'can we go?' Suzi's parents agreed without question and gave Suzi some items and pokedolars to help her get started on her adventure.

Starting Pokemon:

Female Treecko
Level 8
Dani is rather timid. She will generally jump whenever something she wasn't aware of moves. She can also be naive at times, doing things because she wants to know what would happen if she did. There have also been times when she was hastily did something because it seemed like a good idea at the time. She love to battle though, so much so that Suzi believes this is how she got into trouble in the first place. The only pokemon she refuses to battle are Murkrow.

Male Riolu
Level 7
Luke was Suzi's second pokemon. As he see's Dani and Suzi as his parents, his personality is somewhat of a mix of theirs. With Suzi's tactical mind and Dani's love of battle, he's a force to be reckoned with. Like Suzi, he's a bit of a loner and can find it hard to communicate. He also has Dani's naivety. He's the most excitable of the trio and often reacts to things that make him happy to eagerly. As he was raised mainly by a human with little interference from other pokemon, he is about as fluent at English as a four year old child.

Items: Five Pokeballs, Five Potions, 500 pokedolars, the Furoh promo poster.

What is the biscuit's name? Bertha
Other Notes: Suzi's favourite types of pokemon are Steel and Bug, but she's willing to raise any kind. Her favourite colour is Khaki.

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Troy Bolton
post Feb 22 2009, 06:16 PM
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That was a nice read. I'm approving this, but you can give one of your Pokemon a +1 level boost, 'cos the max is 15.

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