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Broken Stars, rt117, 7eeveelutions, and Kamaitachi
post Apr 24 2014, 12:07 AM
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I'm dying to see how this one ends.
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Had Francesco Rojas been born a cat, his ears would've perked at the sound of "Co-ordinator". He listened more intently as Scott spoke about a Leafeon growing wings and flying around. He made a mental note to capture a Psychic Pokemon, and to teach one of his other Pokemon the move Aerial Ace. Perhaps it had been done before, but not by this co-ordinator.

Scott went on again about euthanizing, and Cesc sincerely hoped that they wouldn't put down the poor creature. In all honesty, it had just been doing it's master's bidding.

While the young Ranger-in-Training set about attending to his wounds, Cesc found himself surprised that he hadn't tended to them sooner. As he looked at the scars on Scott's body, Cesc found himself impressed at the young man's high pain tolerance.

Either that, or he was just a klutz.

Then, Scott offhandedly mentioned capturing the winged Absol. Problematically, it wasn't winged now, and Cesc had no idea how to activate aforementioned wings. Were there magic words? He had seen the extra-evolutions of a Manectric and an Ampharos back in Petropolis, but he still had no clue as to how these Pokemon were evolving an extra time.

Nevertheless, simply partnering with a Pokemon that could take that next step seemed like a good start. But, Scott was right; it was stealing. It was stealing not a possession, but a living creature. Ultimately, that part won Cesc over.

Also, who knew how the Absol would take to being forcibly removed from its trainer? Though, if it was that or euthanization, Cesc would opt for the former every time.

As Scott took a well deserved rest and snack, the co-ordinator moved over to the cage where the Absol lay. On the ground, the Disaster Pokemon looked quite peaceful, despite having earlier been a raging monstrosity on the battlefield. Even as a 'normal' Absol, he noted that it was quite a handsome Pokemon.

It was really tempting.

"I'll catch one on my own one day. Properly." Cesc said aloud, to no one in particular. But perhaps saying it out loud reaffirmed his belief in doing the right thing here. He wasn't anxious to hang around, waiting for the sketchy Rangers to arrive, but he was tied down by a sense of obligation.

Perhaps his obligations could change.

"Oh, you know, Scott; Why don't I go check on Tikal?"

He moved over, pulling out his notebook and scratching out some details.

"Here's my phone number, and my address in case you need to get in touch with me about all of this. I'll check on Tikal and head home. You're welcome there any time, my friend." Cesc smiled charmingly, extending the paper to the seated Scott. He wasn't keen on handing that information over to the Rangers themselves, but Scott seemed a decent person, at least.

"So. Farewell, sir. Until we meet again."

With that rather sudden departure underway, Cesc left the clearing, heading back up the steep incline and towards the Ranger cabin, where, presumably, Tikal was still waiting. He had no desire to remain around while the Rangers did their thing, and besides, helicopter rides weren't his thing anyways. Not when he spent so much time traveling by air.

"Today's not a complete waste though." Cesc grinned, holding out the pokeball for Valentine and speaking softly to it. "I mean, we wanted to get in some training for the next contest...but I think this worked too, no?"


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post Apr 24 2014, 01:20 AM
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Scott looked for a moment at the piece of paper with Cesc's contact information, then stuck it in a side pocket of his bag- and in the process found the envelope that the Staraptor had given him earlier. He had nothing else to do but wait, so he opened it to read it.

It was from the Loch family, his former neighbors and the owners of the best-known and largest day care in the Furoh region.

The content was short and to the point, which was rather odd for the Lochs but Scott didn't mind. Essentially, a request they had put in a few months ago to have a Ranger station built near their home had been granted by Ranger Command- and the location had been decided as well.

It would be located next to the ruins of Scott's burned-out house, in the center of the fruit and berry farm that had once belonged to his parents and was now technically owned by him.

The construction workers that had been contracted out to build the station wanted him to review the plans and see if there was anything he wanted to add. That, and they needed him to convince his parents' last remaining Pokemon, Braviary, to let them onto the land without getting torn limb from limb.

In other words, he was finally going to return home, for only the second time since he had started Ranger training nearly seven months ago.

"Well, this was unexpected......" Part of him wished Cesc had hung around to share some of the happiness about getting a home again, but the other part was worried he'd cry...... and he didn't want anyone to see that.

Scott smiled, and then suddenly passed out from his injuries.


When he came too, he was lying in a hospital bed, and there was a familiar and quite pretty girl sitting in a chair next to the bed.

"Oh, looks like you've woken up, Fox."

"...... Wolf. Where am I?" Scott slowly pushed himself up so that he was sitting.

Amber Harrison was one of his two classmates during Ranger school. Due to the oddness of their instructor, known only as "Boss" or "Master," each of the three cadets had been given nicknames related to some series of games he'd never even heard of. Due to his team of foxes, Scott became "Fox" while Amber became "Wolf due to her own team of a pair of wolves. Their third teammate had been given the nickname "Falco" for his use of birds, but he was transferred to a different region halfway through training.

Amber was about as tall and even thinner than Scott was, and also matched most of his style of dressing, although that was a pure coincidence. She had long, light brown hair, and most of the guys she had met would count her as a very attractive women. At least, when she wasn't biting you......

He wasn't sure how much he liked being called Fox, but only Amber and his instructor called him that so it was okay...... he didn't know what he would do if Cesc learned about it. Scott was already pretty sure he didn't have the best opinion of the Rangers, so what would he do if he knew they all had silly nicknames? Would he lose faith in them entirely?

"You're in the general hospital in Arasam. You've been here about...... four hours now. The doctor seemed busy, so he said that when you woke up you could leave," Amber told him.

Scott looked at his shoulder. "How many stitches?"

"65. Which, by the way, is about quadruple your score for teamwork for this event. You should have waited for me to arrive at the Ranger station before you set out on your own to take down all those poachers!"

Scott cringed, expecting that he might need more stitches by the time the day had ended, due to himself being bitten. "Wait, I didn't go off on my own! There was another guy, Cesc, who went with me! He actually did most of the battling!"

Amber didn't seem to believe him, probably due to the fact that Cesc had left on foot before the helicopter arrived. "I swear! See, I have his contact information right here...... please don't bite me, I have enough injuries as is!" Scott nearly cried.

"Sure. Whatever. You still failed, and those cute little foxes of yours got all beat up in the process. You know that makes me a little mad...... but at least you're still in one piece. Now come on, let's get out of this hospital."

She may seem mean, but Amber was luckily a person with a good heart, so she helped Scott stand up and leave the hospital. The pair made a stop by Arasam's main Ranger Station so Scott could file the official report, which took about another hour.

After that was finally done, Amber asked one simple question. "So where are you headed next?"

Scott paused for a moment and looked up towards the sky. The sun had just dropped below the horizon, and the stars were beginning to become visible.

After a moment of staring at the stars, he answered.


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