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Hunter Price vs Tikal Faylen, Field F-12. Sky Arena.
post Jun 1 2013, 04:07 PM
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I'm dying to see how this one ends.
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Taggarty Lee

The Preliminaries and First Round matches of Hunter Price and Tikal Faylen.


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post Jun 1 2013, 11:08 PM
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Hunter's Party

It was a warm, sunny day as Hunter Price made his way towards the Grande Stadium, the place where the matches for the Petropolis Grand Invitational had entered. Stationed at the peak of a peninsula, the stadium was a sight to see. Trainers from all over the world had come to partake in and observe the festivities, and as a result a makeshift town had sprung up around the area, complete with stalls, food carts, and even a PokeCenter and PokeMart. Hunter, sporting a bright red basketball jersey with the name "Petropolis Pelicans" spread across the front and the number nine across the back, paced his way through the area, observing the vendors and trainers crowding the dirt streets of the area. At his side was his Pokemon and trusty companion Elekid, who walked along side of him, keeping a close eye on his trainer to make sure no one did him any harm. Hunter ran his hand through his jet black hair as the beams of the bright sun shone in his eyes. A boy, about thirteen years old with dark brown hair and accompanied by a Rattata , ran up to Hunter, prodding him in the ribs until he was forced to pay attention to him.

"Hey, guy! Want to battle me? My name is Riley! I'm the best trainer ever! I want to be in the Petropolis Invitational and I know I can win!" Hunter sighed as Riley continued to go on, "You see my Rattata here? It's in the top percentage of Rattata!" the child boasted as Hunter gave him an uneasy smile.

"That's real nice kid, but I'm kind of busy, I'm on my way to battle in the Petropolis Invitational myself." He shrugged slightly and turned around and headed towards his destination. The streets were crowded and just looking over the crowd and into the distance at the stadium was the only way that Hunter was able to make his way through the enormous crowd. Vendors calling out "Get your Tauros kebab's here!" and "Buy a Magikarp, only one million PokeDollars!" could be heard in the distance as he slowly made his way to the stadium. Before he knew it, he was at the doors of the huge stadium, the height of the structure just as intimidating from up close. The sliding doors opened as he approached them and shortly closed behind. A desk with a woman behind it stood directly inside, a sign displaying "Tournament Sign-In" hanging above it from the ceiling. Hunter approached the desk and got the attention of the woman sitting behind it.

"Hi, my name is Hunter, Hunter Price, and I'd like to sign in for the tournament." The woman quickly scanned a list and found his name.

"Alright... Hunter, you'll be in Field C-12. If you could please just go over to one of our nurses, they will prepare your Pokemon for their battle." Hunter nodded and whispered his thanks before heading over to one of the available nurses behind the counter.

"The process is very simple," the nurse explained. "We put your Pokemon in the machine, and they will go up or down to our predetermined level. They will learn new abilities and moves, or lose abilities and moves, depending if they go up or down in level. So may I see your Pokemon?" Hunter nodded and handed over all three Pokeballs after returning Elekid to his. "Just a moment." The nurse returned shortly after and handed him a paper along with his three PokeBalls. "Have a nice day," she said, grinning. As Hunter walked away, he scanned over the paper. It described the new moves that each of his Pokemon had learned. "Elekid - Electro Ball, Light Screen, Thunderpunch, Discharge. Skorupi - Night Slash, Scary Face, Crunch, Cross Poison. Hitmontop - Counter, Feint, Agility, Gyro Ball, Wide Guard, Quick Guard."

"Hm," Hunter muttered to himself. All of his Pokemon had learned quite a few moves, especially Hitmontop. With that done, he made his way over to Field C-12, which was a stone terrain. Rocks protruded from the ground, littering the field in what could make battling hazardous, but they could also be used to his advantage. It had stone bleachers which were carved out of the rock surrounding the field. A large screen was on the wall above the stadium, waiting to be filled with information about the contestants. Already waiting across the way was a relatively older trainer, who Hunter assumed to be at least 24 but no older than 28. He had short black hair with a pair of sunglasses covering his face and he wore a smirk on his face along with a red shirt and cargo pants.

"Hah!" the opponent busted out, laughing. "I have to face this weakling? This will be a cinch!"

"Don't be so sure." Hunter called out, confidently. "You don't want to get too confident, do you? It will make it even harder to swallow when I wipe the floor with you." The opponent grinded his teeth and was getting ready to fire back before the referee interrupted him.

"Alright everyone, its time to start the battle. Hunter Price," the man motioned to him, "are you ready?"

"You betcha."

"Ben Peterson, are you ready?"

"To destroy this kid, you know it!"

"The battle will be one Pokemon at a time. Standard battle rules apply. Begin!"

Ben was the first to move, immediately tossing a PokeBall up in the air as a flash of light revealed a Graveler.

"Oh come on Ben," Hunter smirked. "I wouldn't think you'd be as foolish as to call your Pokemon out first. Now I have the easy type advantage. And I have the perfect answer for that. Come on out, Hitmontop!"

Hunter threw his PokeBall in the air and with a flash of light, Hitmontop appeared, looking as confident as ever.

"Alright, Hitmontop, use Triple Kick!" Hitmontop nodded as it launched himself towards the Graveler, which dodged the first two kicks as they flew past but managed to catch a mouthful as it send it flying back and into a rock. The rock type Pokemon got back up and launched a Rollout attack at its trainer's command. Hitmontop was able to dodge the effort as it rolled past but the Graveler was easily able to redirect itself and come at Hitmontop from behind.

"Hitmontop! Behind you!" But it was too late for the fighting type, which was hit by the mass of rock and was knocked forward, skidding across the floor of the arena.

"Hah! Advantage my ass!" Ben said, getting his confidence up as Hitmontop rose to its feet again.

"Quick, Hitmontop, use Revenge!" The Hitmontop turned around with fire in its eyes and hit a powerful blow to the side of the Graveler, hurling it into one of the rocks projecting from the ground. The Rock Pokemon broke through the obstacle, reducing it to stones as it laid dazed on the floor as Ben's smile slowly drifted away. "Graveler, get up! Get up now!" The trainer pleaded as his Pokemon slowly got to its feet.

"Alright, back in business! Use Stealth Rock!" The Graveler summoned several large stones from the ground and used it to surround Hitmontop.

"Rapid Spin, Hitmontop!" Hitmontop spun on its head, knocking away all of the rocks summoned by the Stealth Rock attack. Ben's smirk didn't stay for long as his plan had failed.

"Now, use Rock Throw!" The Graveler picked up several sizable rocks and chucked them at Hitmontop, who was pummeled by several rocks and thrown backwards a few feet.

"Hitmontop! Use Rolling Kick!" The Handstand Pokemon launched itself into the air spinning as fast as it could, and came down on the Graveler, delivering one, two, three kicks right on the forehead of the rock type as it tried to shield itself from the barrage.

"Graveler, use Rollout again!" The Pokemon obliged as it launched itself at the Hitmontop at incredible speed.

"Dodge, then Counter!" Hitmontop nodded as it coolly sidestepped the attack and as it started to redirect its movements launched a fury of kicks straight to the defenseless Graveler, sending it flying towards the wall, where it crashed in a cloud of dust. When the debris cleared all that was left was a whole in the wall and knocked out Graveler on the floor. You could practically see the blood rush to Ben's face as he recalled his Pokemon and sent out his next.

"Go, Magmar!" The fire type appeared after the flash of light subsided, breathing fire as it did. "Magmar! Use Flamethrower!"

"Hide behind the rocks, Hitmontop!" The Magmar launched an intense blast of fire at Hitmontop who, at the last second, ducked for cover behind one of the huge rocks.

"Use Quick Attack!" Hunter commanded as Hitmontop sped forward with such speed and agility that he couldn't be seen by the naked eye. Suddenly, he appeared directly below the Magmar, driving his foot into the chest of the Fire type and sending it into the air. The Magmar crashed to the ground and slowly got up.

"Damn it! Magmar, use Smog!" Ben shouted as he covered his mouth. "I'd advise you do the same, Hunter," his muffled voice called out.

The Spitfire Pokemon exhaled a cloud of gas which flew over as engulfed Hitmontop. As it evaporated, Hitmontop was coughing violently and cringing, poisoned from the attack. Hunter cursed under his breath as he thought about his next move.

"You alright, Hitmontop?" The Spinner Pokemon nodded in between cringing from the effects of the poison. "Alright, then use Gyro Ball!" Hitmontop charged towards the Magmar, who stood there without direction.

"Wait for it, Magmar!" The fire type stood still as the attacker grew closer. Moments before Hitmontop hit, he cringed, providing a window for attack.

"Now!" Magmar raised its fist as it engulfed in flames and launched a powerful punch right to the vulnerable fighting type, sending it flying backwards, skidding and rolling as it flew across the floor. A smile crossed Ben's face as the Pokemon laid unresponsive on the floor. Hunter recalled his Pokemon to its ball and pulled out his next one.

"Go, Elekid!" Static electricity flew from the Pokemon's body as it was summoned on the field. "Use Thunderpunch!"

"Magmar! Fire Punch!" The two Pokemon charged at each other at full speed and tossed a punch at each other, their fists colliding and causing a small explosion, sending both Pokemon flying backwards out of the cloud of dust it created.

"Elekid! Electro Ball!" The Electric Pokemon created an orb of yellow and orange electricity and launched it at the Magmar. The attack exploded on impact, surrounding the fire type with a cloud of dust and smoke. When the smoke subsided, Ben's Magmar was on one knee, panting heavily as it recovered from the last attack.

"Smokescreen!" Ben called out, to which his Pokemon spit out smoke all over the arena, taking away the visibility for the whole stadium. Elekid stood tense and still unaware as to what to do. Suddenly, a hand appeared out of the smoke, punching Elekid in the back and sending him forward a couple of feet. Then again. And again. The electric type was getting pummeled from each direction and couldn't fend off the attacks.

"Elekid, use Discharge!" Between strikes, yellow static began to jolt off Elekid before it discharged, firing bolts of electricity from his body in every direction as the barrage of punches stopped. The smoke soon cleared to reveal Ben's Magmar laid unconscious on the floor, knocked out for good. Ben muttered something to himself before releasing his last Pokemon.

"It's all up to you! Go Heracross!" With a flash of light the bug Pokemon was revealed.

"Heracross! Use Fury Attack!" The bug type flew forward and started to jab and swipe at Elekid, connecting with nearly every attempt, sending the electric type skidding backwards until he slowed down next to the wall.

"Elekid, use Thunderbolt!" A large bolt of lightning was summoned from the sky as it crashed down on the field, narrowly missing Heracross as it flew off the side to avoid it.

"Heracross! Stone Edge!" Heracross's eyes started to glow green as three chunks of grey stone formed around its body as it held its arms outwards. The bug type then closed its arms, launching the three stones at Elekid, which dodged the first two as they crashed to the ground but was hit by the third, launching him into the wall once again. Elekid fell to the ground once again and struggled to get up before collapsing, knocked out.

"Skorupi, you're my last hope!" Hunter said as he recalled Elekid and sent out his last Pokemon.

"Go under ground, Skorupi!" The poison type burrowed into the ground, not visible from sight and adding suspense to the battle.

"Hmph!" Ben smirked as he watched on. "In case you haven't forgotten, Heracross can fly!" The bug type spread its wings and started to hover over the battlefield in wait for the Scorpion Pokemon to show.

"Don't think you're too smart, Ben. Skorupi, now!" With its orders, Skorupi launched itself from the ground and into the air, gripping on to the leg of the flying Heracross. Poison leeched into Heracross' body as it desperately tried to shake off the assailant, but it was of no use, the poison had already been injected. Skorupi released its grip and easily landed on the ground as the Heracross slowly lost its strength before having to land to take a rest.

"We're not giving in that easy! Use Take Down!" The Heracross flew up again, and flew towards Skorupi at full speed, ramming the poison type as hard as it could, hurting itself a little in the process. Skorupi skid backwards to a full stop as the Heracross flew back and landed in front of its trainer, both of them sporting the same smirk.

"Keep your distance Skorupi! Use Pin Missle!" Hunter ordered as his Pokemon launched several projectiles at the Heracross, connecting to the chest of the bug type.

"Heracross! Come back with an Aerial Ace attack!" Heracross flew at the opponent, flipped in the air, before it became engulfed in streaks of white light and flew into Skorupi, hitting him into the air. Skorupi landed on a rock and rolled down it, hitting the floor hard.

"This Heracross is a heavy hitter. I need to put him away. And quick." Hunter thought to himself.

"Use Hone Claws, Skorupi! Prepare yourself!" Skorupi raised its accuracy as it sharpened its claws on one of the jagged rocks protruding from the ground.

"Ha! What a waste of time! Now I can put you away sooner! Heracross, use Megahorn!" The Pokemon once again flew towards the Skorupi and landed before swinging its horn down on Hunter's Skorupi.

"Dodge it! And use Cross Poison!" Skorupi jumped to the side as the attempt crash to the ground and raised its pincers as they started to glow purple. He slashed the Heracross in a "X" formation, leaving behind a purple after image as the bug type was tossed across the room, skidding and spinning as it tumbled across the arena, before smashing into a rock and laying out across the floor.

"Heracross is unable to battle," the referee announced, "Hunter Price wins!" A small applause arose from the measly crowd as Ben Peterson sulked over his loss. The referee approached Hunter and announced. "Get your Pokemon all well and rested, because your next battle is in the F-12.

"Do you know what kind of terrain that is?" Hunter asked, already getting ready to strategize for his next battle.

"Let me check... it's a sky arena. Good luck!"

"Thanks!" Hunter said as he headed out of the arena. He needed to visit the PokeCenter before his next battle.

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post Jun 2 2013, 01:24 AM
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It had been some time since Tikay had gotten herself separated from her friend Tyson, who had claimed that he was going to go out to 'train'. This had been about a week ago, and after searching for her companion with no luck, decided to continue on with her journey. Heading back to the mainland was the easy part, but after that she had little clue on where to go to continue with her journey. Her almost aimless journey southward eventually led her to the largest city of Furoh: Petropolis.

The city was bustling with excitement, as chatter was almost entirely focused upon an event known as the Petropolis Grand Invitational which was supposed to be held just north of the city. Never before had the young trainer participated in a competition, and with only one badge under her belt it almost seemed like something that the girl would have been better off passing on. After all she was almost certain that there would be countless other trainers, who were much more powerful and well-trained than the beginner. Such an event however might have been a draw for her missing friend, and so upon examining a flier that outlined the approaching event, found that to her surprise any Pokemon could be entered, whether it was strong or weak. There had been some apparent breakthrough in the city of Daioh, which evened the playing field when it came to the strength of different Pokemon. This would force the trainer to rely on a combination of strategy and luck in order to come out triumphant.

Tikal never expected to win anything, rather her intentions were to give things her best shot, so that she could possibly improve as a trainer, as well as have a bit of fun. Noting the location of the Grande Stadium, Tikal proceeded to make her way north of the city (after taking a small lunch break to rest her feet), before arriving at the small village that seemed to have sprung up almost overnight around the stadium. While there were a number of gifts and treats to draw in customers, the girl instead kept her focus upon the registration booth. Even if she did not find her friend Tyson here, she could at least have a bit of fun.

A small crowd had formed around the registration booth, as the registration process took a bit of time for each contestant. When it finally came to be Tikal's turn, she was asked to hand in her Pokemon, for the power-tweaking that had been mentioned in the flier that she read. She watched as the Pokeballs disappeared into a machine, before rolling out the other end, a printer proceeding to spit out vital information about each Pokemon that went through the process. After having received her Pokemon, printouts, and a copy of her registration, the girl thanked the receptionist before making her way to her preliminary battlefield, designated on her registration form as 'C-6'. On her way the girl read through the list of moves, which listed the following:

Charmeleon (Male) :
Scary Face
Fire Fang
Flame Burst
Fire Spin

Croconaw (Male) :
Ice Fang
Chip Away
Aqua Tail*

Jigglypuff (Female) :
Body Slam
Gyro Ball
Wake-Up Slap
Hyper Voice

Nidorino (Male) :
Fury Attack
Horn Attack
Helping Hand
Toxic Spikes
Poison Jab
Horn Drill*

Glancing up and down the list of new moves, Tikal's eyes stopped at the words 'Horn Drill'. The listed move was supposedly notorious as a one-hit knockout, though the attack had to be precise to have any sort of effect on the target. It would certainly be tempting to see the move in action later in the day, but before she could get any ideas with any of the new moves, she would need to do some research to understand how each attacked worked. Nothing was better than being prepared after all.

Upon reaching her designated battlefield, she saw that her opponent was already waiting for her to arrive, looking annoyed at the fact that he had to wait for the girl to arrive. Tapping his sneakers against the ground, man looked to be only a couple of years older than her, dressed in a black tank top and red shorts. Between him and Tikal was their battlegrounds, a rugged terrain complete with towering pillars of stone, which broke up line of sight between the two competitors.

"Took you long enough. Let's get this over with so I can advance onward!" the young man sighed, arms crossed in an almost exasperated look. Perhaps it was the fact that she was a female, but something about his tone made the girl frown, as he seemed incapable of taking her seriously. Did he expect her to have some sort of all-female lineup?

"This match will determine who advances toward the First Round of the Petropolis Grand Invitational. Each trainer will only be allowed to use one Pokemon, and the battle will go on until either trainer forfeits, or their chosen Pokemon is unable to battle!" the judge announced, standing at the edge of the field as he watched both of the trainers, to give them a moment in deciding which of their Pokemon would be used.


Tikal's competitor was first to make his pick, not leaving a moment to waste to show off his powerhouse of a Pokemon, and releasing the red and white orb from his grasp, he unleashed the fighting Pokemon Hariyama, who also appeared eager to show off, slamming a fist into a pillar and crushing it to dust. Tikal blinked at the display of power, furrowing her brow. She needed something that could outspeed the opposing Pokemon, who while appeared to be rather well-built physically, looked as if it couldn't keep up to something quick on its feet. Both her Croconaw and Nidoran were nimble, but not quite enough to keep out of the way of Hariyama's fists. And sending in Jigglypuff would likely result in a knockout from a single hit. That only lead Charmeleon, who was capable of fighting in both close combat and ranged battle.

Pulling one of the Pokeballs from her pocket, she unleashed her fiery lizard, who upon being released from his confines, found a new power surging within him. It was almost as if the Pokemon had trained for years in a matter of moments, the sheer feeling almost overwhelming him at first.

"Charmeleon! Focus on your speed instead of attack! Hariyama looks pretty slow, but it might not be as nimble as you!" Tika called, watching as her opponent had already begun the fight after ordering a Force Palm, with the intention of paralyzing an otherwise nimble Charmeleon to gain the upper hand. Thrusting its arm forward, the Pokemon unleashed a white wave of power, which rushed through the battlefield toward the Charmeleon.

Fortunately for Tikal, her Pokemon was able to dodge out of the way just in time, the missed Force Palm leaving a wave of destruction in its path. Rising to his feet once more, Charmeleon let out a small huff of smoke, ready to stop playing around and get down to battle.

"Use your Smokescreen to cover the battle area!" Tikal called, having only now realized that the opposing Hariyama was capable of ranged combat. Jumping up to an undisturbed pillar, the fire Pokemon let forth a large cloud of smoke, which soon fell upon the battlegrounds, blinding both the Fighting Pokemon and its trainer. Upon seeing a lack of response from the Hariyama, Tikal quickly followed up with the order of using Fire Fang to try and burn the opponent. Leaping from his place on the pillar, the Charmeleon dove down, jaws open and flames pouring from his mouth as he collided with the blinded Pokemon, digging sharp teeth into wherever he could wrap his mouth around.

Stumbling back, the Hariyama fell out of the smokescreen, the male trainer soon seeing the attack that had taken place. "Hariyama, get rid of that little lizard with Arm Thrust, then use Belly Drum to show it real power!" The man called, obviously not thrilled with the oversight of Smokescreen. In response the Hariyama struck back at Charmeleon with a flurry of punches, dislodging the Fire Pokemon and sending it across the field, where after a couple of tumbles landed back onto his feet. Following the strike, the Hariyama's hands began to tap its stomach, its entire body glowing red as it sacrificed its health to greatly increase its power.

Blinking, Tikal bit her lip, causing the man to smile as he pointed a finger at Charmeleon. "Knock it out with your Tackle!" he grinned, watching as his Hariyama began to bulldoze through the field, ignoring the pillars of rocks that stood in its way with its sheer power.

"Use Flamethrower while maintaining distance! It might be powerful, but it's still slow!" Tikal reminded her companion, as he jumped from pillar to pillar, aiming spouts of flame at the advancing juggernaut that was Hariyama. The attacks did not seem to do too much to slow its advance, and as Charmeleon continued to move backward, lost his balance upon one of the pillars, leaving him open to be struck down by Tackle.

The resulting collision sent the Charmeleon flying into the rocks, and as he began to get back onto his feet, found the overpowered Hariyama standing over him, cracking its fists.

"Let's end this now Hariyama. Use Seismic Toss!"

Grabbing the Charmeleon by his neck, the Hariyama leaped high into the air, proceeding to spin around in circles. It almost seemed as if the battle were over at this point, when Tikal noticed a twinge in the eyes of Hariyama. The Fire Fang attack it had taken had caused the Pokemon to suffer a burn, which had been eating away at its already-reduced health, thanks to the effects of Belly Drum.

"Burn...that's it! Charmeleon, focus on the Hariyama and encase it in a Fire Spin!" Tikal called, hands balled into fists as she hoped with all her strength that her plan would succeed. Still struggling in the grasp of Hariyama, Charmeleon managed to open his mouth, letting forth a twister of flame that engulfed the pair, forcing the Fighting Pokemon to release his grasp upon Charmeleon. Falling to the ground, the rather battered Fire Pokemon managed to get back onto his feet, watching as the failed Seismic Toss came to an end, the Pokemon falling to the ground in a heap. With the tables turned and the Hariyama struggling to get back on its feet, Charmeleon stood over the Pokemon, upon one of the few remaining pillars that had made up the battlefield.

"It's our turn to end this now...Dragon Rage!"

Charmeleon's tail flame began to grow to an incredible size, several times larger than it normally was as the Pokemon's eyes began to glow a pure white. Opening his mouth, a ball of flame began to form in front, growing more and more as the Pokemon's tail flame had. Craning his head back, he then thrust the ball downward, releasing the built up power in the form of a large ball of fire, causing an explosion upon contact. As the dusted faded, all that remained was an unconscious Hariyama.

" Hariyama is unable to battle. Charmeleon is the winner!" the judge called, raising a flag in the direction of Tikal. Upon hearing the news, the girl raced toward her battered Pokemon, hugging him close to herself as she found herself unable to conceal the smile upon her face. Not only had she won her first battle in the tournament, but had also shown off the rather smug trainer, who had been so sure he was meant to win.

"We did it bud..." the girl smiled, patting her Charmeleon on the head as well, before digging out her Pokeball to recall her friend. He would need quite a bit of rest until their next battle. Rising to her feet, she made her way over to the judge, who filled out some more paperwork on her registration sheet, before informing her that she had half an hour to prepare for her next match, which would be announced over the PA system. Thanking the judge, the girl offered her former opponent a smug wave, before heading off to the nearest Pokemon Center to have her Charmeleon treated.

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Hunter's Party

"Would Hunter Price and Tikal Faylen please report to the Sky Arena, your match will be starting shortly," The voice of an older man boomed over the speakers as Hunter exited the PokeCenter. "I repeat, will Hunter Price and Tikal Faylen please report to the Sky Arena for your match."

"Hmm," Zach thought out loud," Tikal Faylen. So that's who my opponent is going to be." He paused to scratch his head and wipe the sweat from his brow. "Not exactly sure if that's a boy or a girl," he wondered, turning to Elekid with an uneasy smile.

"Well, there's only one way to find out... to the Sky Arena!"


The spectators calm, hushed voices turned into a loud uproar as Hunter took his place on the platform adjacent from his opponent. Tikal Faylen, who appeared to be in her upper teens, was wearing a pair of jeans which were tattered at the end of the legs, along with an orange shirt under her red vest. Her messy, brown hair blew in the wind as she nervously looked towards the judge, anticipating the start of the match.

"This match is between Hunter Price and Tikal Faylen. Hunter, which battle type would you like?"

"Singles," Hunter said calmly as he looked across the arena towards his opponent.

"Tikal, is that okay with you?" A simple nod confirmed.

"Alright then, may this battle between Hunter Price and Tikal Faylen... begin!"

Both trainers wasted no time in calling out their first Pokemon, simultaneously bringing out their first Pokemon as the match started. Elekid ran forward from the platform as a flash of light revealed Tikal's Croconaw. Hunter smiled as he ran his hand through his jet black hair. A type advantage was the perfect was to start the match.

"Alright Elekid, use Electro Ball!" Elekid nodded as it formed an orb of yellow and orange electricity with yellow electric sparks around it in its hand and launched it at the Croconaw. The sphere connected, hitting the water type straight in the chest and exploded upon impact, sending it flying from the cloud of dust and smoke it created. Hunter couldn't help but to be impressed as his opponent's Pokemon landed straight on its feet and slid back, kicking up dirt as it simply brushed off the attempt. Maybe Tikal wasn't as weak as she looked? That would teach Hunter to never judge a book by its cover.

"Nice one, Croconaw," Tikal encouraged her Pokemon. "Now come back at him with an Ice Fang attack!" The Big Jaw Pokemon rushed forward with its mouth wide open, a thin layer of ice forming on its teeth as it snapped down on Elekid's leg, a mist coming from Croconaw's mouth as shards of ice dug themself into the electric type along with the razor sharp teeth. Tikal's Pokemon took Elekid and started swinging him around by the leg before using all its momentum to toss Elekid across the arena. Hunter cringed as his Pokemon hit the steel floor, tumbling and tossing as he slid to a halt in front of his trainer.

"You alright, Elekid?" Hunter's Pokemon nodded as he was slow to get to his feet. "Alright then, keep your distance, and use Shock Wave!" Elekid clamped its hands together, sending a bolt of lightning straight at the opponent, zapping it with a powerful shock of electricity. The Croconaw dropped to one knee as the attack subdued, taking a moment to recover as the static electricity continued to course throughout its body. A cloud rolled through and past the arena, temporarily blocking the view across the battlefield for a moment before vision was restored once again. But something was different. Tikal’s Croconaw was surrounded by a light blue aura as its eyes flashed a light blue as well.

“That’s torrent, Croconaw’s special ability,” Hunter warned his Pokemon. “Watch out for the water-” Before he could complete the statement, at the order of its trainer, a powerful jet of water launched forward from Croconaw’s mouth, with the water gun attack connecting with Elekid and hitting him backwards several feet as Elekid struggled to maintain his ground against the powerful force of the water. As the attack subdued, Elekid was quick to regain its form and strike with another attack.

“You see that aura, Elekid! That means he’s weak! Let’s finish him off with a Thunder attack!” The electric type nodded as it rotated his arms at a fast speed and yellow sparks appeared around his horns. He then fired an impressive bolt of yellow electricity at the opponent from its body straight at the opponent’s Croconaw, while cried out in pain as the bolt of electricity continued. The light from the attack expanded before subsiding, revealing Tikal’s Croconaw unconscious on the floor of the arena. Hunter clenched his fist as his Pokemon celebrated. Meanwhile, Tikal recalled her fallen comrade as the referee’s voice boomed out once again.

“Tikal’s Croconaw is unable to battle! Tikal, you may call out your next Pokemon now!” The female trainer brought out her next Pokemon, a Nidorino, who was all business when he came out of the Pokeball. This time, Tikal was the first to attack as her Nidorino charged forward towards the weakened Elekid and connected with its horn to Hunter’s Pokemon’s chest, sending it flying back and to a halt as he once again struggled to get to his feet.

“Elekid, use Thunderpunch!” His Pokemon struggled as it ran forward, tripping over its own feet before regaining its composure and launching its spark covered fist at the Nidorino, who dodged the swing before its eyes glowed blue and Elekid’s body was surrounded by a light blue aura, similar to the way Croconaw did when its Torrent ability was activated. Elekid stood still in its punching pose, unable to move as Nidorino’s Disable attack left any efforts completely useless.

“Poison Jab, Nidorino!” Hunter could do nothing but watch as Nidorino’s horn started glowing a light purple before it slammed it into Elekid, which was released from his vulnerable state and was sent flying towards his trainer’s side of the arena. Elekid slammed hard into the ground, kicking up dirt and rubble before stopping to a halt right in front of his trainer’s feet, knocked out and unconscious

“Hunter’s Elekid is unable to battle!” The referee called out as Elekid’s trainer recalled his Pokemon. “Hunter, please send out your next Pokemon!” Running his hand through his jet black hair and mopping the sweat from his brow, Hunter decided his best bet would be to send out his fighting type Pokemon.

“Come on out, Hitmontop!” Hunter cried out as he threw his Pokeball up in the air, revealing his next Pokemon on the battle. A Hitmontop icon went up on the screen of the arena, which showed a big red X over both Tikal’s Croconaw and Hunter’s Elekid, along with an icon of his opponent’s Nidorino.

“Alright Hitmontop! Elekid’s done for, now its your turn! Use Rolling Kick!”

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Having her Pokemon knocked out so quickly was perhaps not the most surprising thing she had seen today. After all, the type disadvantage could work strongly in one's favour, and with the Elekid's ability to maintain distance, Croconaw could have only done so much. However Nidorino, who was more experienced in his current form, was more capable of standing a chance against the baby Pokemon, lasting long enough for the knock out. This Hitmontop however, as experienced as it was, would find itself under the disadvantage of Nidorino's abilities.

"Nidorino, deflect with Fury Attack!" Tikal called, seeing the oncoming flurry of kicks from the advancing Hitmontop. Digging his claws into the ground, the Nidorino brandished his horn like a sword, swinging it about in a feverish swathe of stabs to push back the spinning Hitmontop. As the heat of the attack reached its climax however, Nidorino broke away, jumping back to avoid the rest of the attack.

"Let's see... a Hitmontop is a fighting type, so Nidorino should resist its best attacks..." Tikal thought, watching as the Hitmontop ceased to spin and hopped onto its feet to face the trainer. "It is quite fast however, so we'll need to slow it down first before using Peck and Confusion."

A quick glance down at the printoff listed Nidorino's new moves, the words 'Toxic Spikes' catching her eye. Perhaps using the ability would force the Pokemon to slow down, unless risk getting hurt by the spikes. "Nidorino, use Toxic Spikes to slow down the Hitmontop!" Tikal called out to her Pokemon, watching as the opposing Hitmontop readied itself for another attack.

A ball of purple energy formed in the Nidorino's mouth, which it soon shot upward. The ball seemed to grow, before exploding out into a rain of small magenta orbs, which sunk into the ground out of sight. The Hitmontop stumbled for a moment, catching itself from stepping on one of the traps. Unless it were to pay attention to the location of the spikes, it would risk poisoning.

"Good job Nidorino! Use Focus Energy!" Tikal called, the poisonous Pokemon halting in its tracks, to focus upon the opposing Pokemon and where to strike. Watching her Pokemon prepare itself mentally, she glanced up to hear her opponent calling from the other side. "Hitmontop, don't let Nidorino focus! Use Rapid Spin to make a path, then follow with Triple Kick!"

"Rapid Spin?" Tikal questioned to herself, unsure what he was planning. Sure enough, the Hitmontop began to spin quickly, and as it dashed toward the Nidorino, the orbs of purple that had been embedded in the ground were tossed aside, the speed of the Pokemon's attacks kicking them away. Tikal blinked in surprise, watching as the Pokemon caught up rather quickly to her still focused Nidorino, before slamming into it with a flurry of kicks from the following Triple Kick.

Knocked aside, the Nidorino had successfully completed its Focus Energy, though still taking the brunt of the blow. Zach's Hitmontop stopped spinning however, beginning to look rather ill.

"Yes! Poison Point made it through!" Tikal grinned. Being a Pokemon that would focus mostly on physical attacks, it was inevitable for the Hitmontop to become poisoned by her Pokemon's ability, which would slowly sap away its health. Zach however refused to let the poisoning get to the best of his Pokemon, instead wanting to finish off the Nidorino before the status effect took its toll. "Hitmontop, Rolling Kick!"

"Nidorino, get up and use Confusion!" Tikal replied quickly, watching as the opposing Hitmontop attempted to shake off the poisoning effect to trudge on with another attack. The Nidorino's eyes snapped open, a blue light emitted from its eyes. With the use of Focus Energy, the Pokemon had become capable of unlocking the full potential of its egg move, and as the Hitmontop closed in, the poison Pokemon knocked it back with a blow of psychic energy, further adding to the dismay of the trainer by confusing it. Now back on hits feet, Nidorino stomped the ground lightly, readying its horn like a bull.

"Let's finish this: Peck!"

Charging forward, the Nidorino collided head-on with the confused and poisoned Hitmontop, sending it flying to its own side of the field, where it was knocked out shortly afterwards.

"Hitmontop is unable to battle!" the referee announced, glancing over to Zach to call out his third and final Pokemon. Removing the final Pokemon from his belt, he called out Skorupi, the board that showed each trainer's progression updating to reflect that only one of Zach's Pokemon were left.

"A Skorupi? I think Nidorino might be in trouble..." Tikal frowned, trying to recall the type of the Pokemon. The combination would only leave Peck as a useful move, for Nidorino's poisonous attacks would do very little, and the bug side of the Pokemon left Confusion out of the question.

"Nidorino, we need to wrap this up. Horn Drill!"

Lowering his head, Nidorino's horn began to spin menacingly, before charging forward toward the new challenger. However the nimble Pokemon jumped over the charging Nidorino, avoiding the attack with ease.

"Skroupi, Bite!" Zach called, watching his Pokemon barrel down from the air, clamping down onto the halted Nidorino, which had left himself open to attack after the Horn Drill. Nidorino tried to buck off the opponent, though at the Bite began to flinch from the attack.

"Finish it with Night Slash!"

"Nidorino, watch out!" Tikal cried, watching as the opposing Skorupi jumped high again, before coming down hard, one of its claws turned crimson as it swiped at the flinched Nidorino, quickly ending the conflict.

"Nidorino is unable to battle! Tikal, call out your last Pokemon!" the referee announced, the image of Nidorino on the score board fading out with the knockout.

Frowning, Tikal recalled her unconscious Nidorino, before calling out her last Pokemon for the fight: Charmeleon. The fire Pokemon stood firm, smoke drifting from its nose as it looked at the bug Pokemon, suddenly hitting a nerve. The Charmeleon had a bad history with bug types, and the Skroupi was no exception.

"Charmeleon, use Flamethrower, and stay away from the Skorupi!"

Opening his maw, the Charmeleon proceeded to breathe a hot stream of fire toward the opposing Pokemon, which dodged and avoided the oncoming fire attacks.

"Skorupi, use Venoshock and get up close!" Zach called out, the Skorupi firing out globs of green gunk at Tikal's Charmeleon. "Charmeleon, use Metal Claw and deflect the oncoming attack!" was Tikal's reply, as the Pokemon's claws began to shine, slicing through the oncoming attack with the Steel move, using its property to defend against the poison-typed attack. However as Charmeleon sliced through the last attack, the Skorupi seemed to come out of nowhere, following up its attack with a Poison Fang. Digging its teeth into the tail of Charmeleon, the Pokemon failed to shake it.

Gritting her teeth, Tikal knew there was no choice but to retaliate in kind. "Charmeleon, show it who's boss with Fire Fang!" Fangs glowing red with heat, the Pokemon proceeded to bite down on its opponent with fiery hot fangs, the two Pokemon locked in each other's mouths. However before Zach could respond with another command, Tikal followed up with: "Fire Spin!"

The flames in Charmeleon's mouth only seemed to intensify, as the two were engulfed in a typhoon of flame.

"Skorupi, use Night Slash and get out of there!" Zach called out, his Pokemon disengaging before swinging with the glowing red claw that had knocked out Nidorino, flying out of the twister of flame. Badly hurt by the attack, the Charmeleon wasn't ready to give up yet, not against a Bug Pokemon. At this point it was obvious that both attackers were considerably weakened and tired from the fighting.

"Charmeleon, finish this up quickly with Flame Burst!"

The twister of fire quickly burned away, only to reveal the blast of flame that was to come from the attacking Charmeleon. While Skorupi tried to dodge the oncoming attack once again, the sheer range of the resulting blast of flame caught the Skorupi, finishing the fight there and then.

"Skorupi is unable to battle. Trainer Zach has no more Pokemon. The winner is Trainer Tikal!" the referee announced. At this point the female trainer quickly rushed onto the battlefield, hugging her exhausted Charmeleon with a smile. "We did it!" she grinned, pulling out her Pokeball before recalling the tired lizard. With that, she returned to standing at full height, before looking at her opponent with a smile. She walked across, offering him a handshake before adding:

"You did great out there! I hope we can hang out sometime later."


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