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Warstory of an great battle.
post Sep 8 2009, 03:37 AM
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Used in battles a lot

Well this battle took place over at a different forum, but it was a great battle. Long...but great.

The team that I used.(The opponents team will be revealed during the match to make it more exciting)

Alright, so it started out like this. *My moves, and stuff will be this color* my friend, whom shall be called lazorz(His forum name on the other forum is SuperLAZORZ), his color will be *THIS*
My thoughts between turns will be displayed in *THIS* color(Sorry if any of these conflict with the skin you are using)

Go! Claydol

Go! Swampert

Hmm....I wonder what this swampert is going to do....it's either going to lead off with stealth rocks, surf, or ice beam....let's just see.

Claydol uses stealth rock

Swampert uses waterfall

Claydols HP(After leftovers) - 186, just above half.

Hmm, well since I can see it's phyiscal, I see no harm in switching into something that can take the hit for not very effective damage.

Claydol return! Go! Shaymin!

Swampert uses stealth rock

Hmm, well I guess my prediction was wrong, he got free SR up, though it didn't make much of a difference as I got a free switch in.

lazorz returns swmapert, and brings out magnezone.

Shaymin uses seed flare

Magnezones HP is less than half, one more hit from seed flare and it's gone!

Magnezone uses flash cannon

Shaymin uses seed flare, the foe's magnezone faints!

Score so far 6-5

Shaymins health 102/322, around 1/3 health left.

lazorz sends out arcanine!

Errggg.....he's trying to revenge kill me now....well let's not let that happen grin.gif

Shaymin return! Go claydol!

Arcanine uses extremespeed

Claydols HP, 132/324(Less than half, around 1/3)

Alright, now that I have something in that can take arcanines hits, time to spin those rocks away!

Arcanine uses hidden power, claydols levitate makes ground type moves miss!

Claydol uses rapid spin, and blew away the stealth rocks!

LOL, I'm guessing he thought his hidden power type was either water, or grass. Time for arcanine to take a bit of damage I guess.

Lazorz withdrew arcanine, and sends out latias

Claydol uses earth power. Latias' levitate makes ground type moves miss!

*Claydols HP 172/324(above half)*

Alright, he must have seen that one coming. So now it's time to surprise him a bit

Latias uses calm mind, it raises it's Special attack, and special defense!

Claydol uses ice beam

*latias' HP is about 2/3 or so.
Claydols HP 192/324*

Latias uses surf.Claydol faints!

Alright, now it's time to get in some damage with swellow and u-turn, just to get rid of this latias.

Go, swellow!

Swellow uses u-turn, Swellow returns to zippo. Go, Shaymin!

Latias uses calm mind, it's special attack and special defense increase!

*Latias' HP is about 1/6th*

Latias uses dragon pulse, shaymin faints!

Alright, now it's time for a swift revenge kill.

Go, swellow!

Swellow uses u-turn, latias faints!

Go, ursaring, ursaring was badly poisoned by the toxic orb!

Lazorz sends out swampert!

Ursaring uses facade!

Swampert uses stealth rock

Oh noes, I could have used swords dance, with quick feet activated, and facade boosted from being poisoned, I didn't think last turn irritated.gif

*Swamperts HP is around 1/3rd*

Ursaring uses facade, swampert faints!

lazorz sends out arcanine!

Alright, I know this arcanine has extremespeed, and he wants this ursaring dead, so I know if I try for the swords dance now, I will never be able to pull this off, but I know if I stay in and take the extremespeed I have a good chance of survival.

Arcanine uses extremespeed!

Ursaring uses facade, arcanine faints!

*ursaring is at(after toxic damage) 108/321, about 1/3rd*

Lazorz sends out shiftry!

Alright, I know this shiftry. And this is going to sucker punch, and if I swords dance, toxic is just going to get rid of me anyway, so I might as well stay in and get revenge killed.

Shiftry uses sucker punch! ursaring faints!

Go, weavile!

Now he's in trouble, weavile is more than fast enough to outspeed shiftry, and sucker punch won't do hardly any damage to me, so now it's time for my best friend, named REVENGE >:D

*Score so far....I FORGET! lol such a good battle o.o*

Weavile uses ice shard, shiftry faints

Lazorz sends out feraligtr

Alright, like all feraligtr, this ones going to use dragon dance while it takes my hit, even then it won't outspeed my weavile, but I know I have no move that will 1hko this.

Weavile uses night slash

Feraligtr uses earthquake, weavile faints!

*Feraligtrs HP is just under half from leftovers*

Go! swellow!

Swellow uses u-turn, swellow went back to zippo. Go absol!

Feraligtr uses ice punch

*Absol's HP, 106/272, a little more than under half*
*Feraligtrs HP, about 1/4th after leftovers*

Alright! I've so got this win right now, he's most likely going to try to predict an sucker punch, so I'm going to go ahead and night slash. and at worst, I'll lose absol, and still have swellow to finish this thing off with brave bird.

Feraligtr uses dragon dance!

Absol uses night slash, feraligtr faints

Zippo wins the match!

GREAT GAME LAZORZ, hope to battle you many more times in the future buddy grin.gif

Lazorz team -

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post Oct 22 2009, 11:47 PM
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Yayz for Zippo!
*hip hip hooray* *hip hip hooray* ugh.....I'm tired bysies


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