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jellybean chi
post May 16 2013, 07:36 PM
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i honestly can't pick a side in this debate. what sickens me the most is how we ended up in such a culture or society where we are actually being forced to pick between a human's right to live and a woman's right to her own body. no matter how you look at it, no matter if you're "pro-life" or "pro-choice," there's always gonna be something immoral about it (i don't mean that in a sense where people realize it's immoral, mind you). what i mean is, if someone says they're pro life, all they're saying is that they believe the unborn child should be taken into consideration. however, others look at that person as if they don't care about a woman's rights and that she should be forced to go through the pregnancy, or whatever. the same goes for someone who is pro-choice. they believe a woman should have the right to control her own body and make her own decisions, but others may look upon that as if people who are pro choice don't give a care about the fetus and don't have any value of human life.
no one should have to make a decision between a baby and a woman in this way. it's sick and awful and even if a woman is completely and totally pro choice, if she's ever faced with actually having to make the decision, i can only imagine how hard the decision actually is. i honestly can't look at anyone who states so radically where they stand in this debate and believe that they have ever been faced with this decision for themselves. i can't even imagine it, actually. but maybe that's just me and my stupid soft heart. there are too many different situations and circumstances for me to take a side, too.
and, i mean, if you think about the abortion itself, it's really not all that less traumatizing than giving birth. they're both pretty awful sounding. sure, it's a lot less than nine months, but the whole procedure seems totally barbaric (i mean, you know how freaking tight the cervix is during pregnancy?? i ache just thinking about it...). all of them do, even the pills. however, it should be a woman's right to choose that for herself and her own child. i won't say it's right or wrong, because maybe that woman found out her child would be born with some kind of horrible handicap or disability. what if she thought what she was doing was right in the best interest of her unborn child? or what if the mother's life was in danger? my own mother almost died when she gave birth to me, and again when she gave birth to my brother. but everyone is different. so we can't judge. no one can. not on either side. that's just what i think though.
i do think that the unborn baby is a human right from the beginning. there's nothing wrong with thinking that. honestly, i used to be completely pro choice until i studied embryology in my anatomy/physiology class, and now i just won't make myself pick. i do hope that anyone and everyone would at least take the baby himself (or herself) into consideration when making this decision. i respect and understand that this is an incredibly hard decision to make, and it is so unbelievably permanent. that baby...once it's gone, it's never coming back. it will never have a chance to live. that could either be a fortunate thing, or not quite so much. i cant imagine having that on my conscience my whole life, personally, but like i said, i really can't say much about it. im fortunate enough to have never been faced with a decision like this. but imagine, think for a moment. you literally have that baby's life in your own hands. you can choose to not let it live, or to let it live, when unlike a murder victim, the fetus can't actually speak for itself or fight for its life. it's so vulnerable, and completely innocent. how ironic is it now, that one of the most dangerous, deadly places to be now is one's own mother's womb? that is kind of scary, to me. such power over life itself. it just seems a bit...unnatural. well, mankind and our culture is kind of in a rut. there's absolutely no completely right and completely wrong side here. ok i think i'm done ranting.
i hope i made sense though...i mean i was kind of rambling...sorry ^^"

Morals are completely subjective and depend upon a person. Pro-life folks act like pro-choice folks are going to abort every child ever sometimes, which is ridiculous. Pro-choice is nice because it gives a person a choice, a choice depending on the situation. Being able to make decisions based on a situation is generally healthy.

(oh i'm so relieved, i was hoping no one would misunderstand ^-^ this is probably the first time my point was made clearly, i'm so happy...unless i'm misunderstanding you...) likewise, there are some pro choice people who have this idea that every single pro life person would force everyone to go through pregnancy, which is equally ridiculous. i mean i can totally see where people would generally get that idea, but to argue so radically with that idea still in mind shows a lack of understanding and a crapload of bias on their own part. and likewise again. sigh.

Oh, no, I understand your point fine.

I feel like people would think that because pro-life folks in general attempt to make abortion completely illegal. There are many many cases in which abortion doctors were harassed and had their lives threatened in the more religious areas of the country. Pro-life instead of pro-choice feels more like "No, this child has to live. There is no choice."

i know, that makes me so sad. so many religious people are so hypocritical. i've heard all these things about "christians" who have bombed abortion clinics, and that's just as sickening as some of the more cunning doctors actually talking their indecisive patients into getting an abortion. i myself am a huge jesus freakl, but i can't pick a side. if someone was truly "religious," though, they would understand that it's wrong to judge others and not let them control their own lives and bodies. most pro choice people i know, though, would do everything in their power to try and counsel someone out of getting an abortion, but i've never actually met anyone who would radically say "you can't have a choice, that baby has to be born."
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