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post Oct 11 2014, 05:58 PM
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Just wondering, what qualifies Pokemon poaching? How is poaching any different from catching wild pokemon legally? Thanks in advance!

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post Oct 11 2014, 07:25 PM
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I would imagine that poaching is essentially using underhanded or unfair techniques to catch significant numbers of Pokemon. Think of Team Rocket in the anime using a giant net to capture a bunch of wild Pokemon or something.

In my view, a "fair" or legal capture is one that many Trainers make every day, challenging a wild Pokemon to a battle and then capturing it once they win, or leaving it alone if it wins. Or you could befriend the Pokemon, that works too.

An "unfair" capture made by a poacher could involve the use of things such as traps, nets, and tranquilizers, or it could use Pokemon with wide-area moves that cause effects that do not allow any Pokemon caught in the move to properly resist (such as Stun Spore or Sleep Powder dispersed over a wide area), or any mix of those. There's also the problem of catching Pokemon in protected areas (like a national forest, although I don't think we have any in Furoh) or catching Pokemon that are protected by law (legendaries?) or stealing other people's Pokemon. One last possibility would be to capture a baby Pokemon and use it as leverage to capture the parents, or to otherwise threaten harm if the wild Pokemon doesn't give itself up.

Generally, if the Pokemon had a reasonable chance to fight back the catch was legal, but if it didn't have a chance it was illegal. That would be my view on what makes a poacher different. Many poachers probably use a mix of legal and illegal captures to keep themselves in business.

Of course, there are fine lines sometimes, since using Stun Spore or Sleep Powder during a capture doesn't make it illegal, but using the move right away or using it as the opening move during an ambush might be considered unfair. And of course, there are probably people in cities who use traps or tranquilizers to remove unwanted Pokemon (like Zubat) from places like homes or schools who do things legally, although they probably release the Pokemon after they trap them.


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post Oct 12 2014, 07:16 AM
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Interpretation of poaching is left to the players, as we don't exactly have a specified legal system for this RP. If it were me, I would use real life as an example. In general, captures can only be done with pokeballs and the help of pokemon already owned (as opposed to guns). Trainer ID cards could work like hunting licenses: you're allowed a certain quota on certain species. Something common (like the aforementioned zubat) won't have quotas while something like a starter may.


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