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Pokemon Contests, for the budding Co-ordinator in you!
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post Jul 18 2009, 04:38 AM
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Like Hoenn, Kanto and Sinnoh (and now Johto!), Furoh is now home to its very own series of Pokemon Contests that culminate in the Furoh Grande Festival. Unlike the above, however, Furoh has its own series of rules and regulations that make Contest Battling that little bit more special than previously seen!
Below are the rules and regs that any roleplayer with a Co-ordinator should follow to get their ribbons and reach the Grande Festival.

Stage One - Prep

Co-ordinators may register themselves at any Contest Hall in Furoh. To do this they must simply go to the reception desk of the Contest Hall and sign up with three separate Pokemon (reasons for this are summarised later).
This must be contained within one post and the Co-ordinator is required to pass over the following information:

1. Details of their background as a Co-ordinator for the opening ceremony.
2. Details of the 3 Pokemon that they wish to register for the upcoming Contest.
Name, Species, Style of contestant i.e. Smart/Beauty/Tough/Cool/Cute

In return, the Co-ordinator will receive a pass and a number for their entry on stage.

Stage Two - Appeals

In this, the Co-ordinator has a single Pokemon use a combination of up to four different moves to create a dramatic display which shows off the Co-ordinator’s Pokemon at its best. Getting past this round is judged by how well the performance is written and the verdict given by a Mod. Essentially, the RPer writes the performance and the Mod replies with the scores. Normally, only one Co-ordinator is picked from the many to have a Contest Battle with the Hall Leader but if he/she takes a shine to more than one, he may challenge them also!

Stage Three - Contest Battling

The Battle Round. In this, the RPer and Mod take part in a battle in the same way as a Gym match. Again, throughout this the Mod will judge how well combinations are being used and as a result decide if the RPer wins the contest. The Mod will this time take part as the “Hall Leader” for the battle. All battles are double battles and only registered Pokemon may take part. An appealing Pokemon may not take part in the Battle round. For writing purposes, battles are timed for 5 minutes and the RPer may NOT remove points during their post - that is godmodding and is the responsibility of the Mod.

The Hall Leaders

Carmen – Female - Aged 20-25 - Electric/Ice – Fidona – Sparkflake Ribbon

Personality: Fiery, excitable type. Very bubbly and happy but extremely eager to battle. Her style of battling is based on evasion and barrier-type attacks (like Light Screen, Barrier, Mirror Coat and Thunder Wave) followed by long-distance moves like Ice Beam and Thunderbolt. For the purposes of the match, the Hall is arranged as floating platforms on a pool of water.

Rio – Male - Aged 30-35 - Normal/Ghost – Petropolis – Mirrormist Ribbon

Personality: Rio is a secretive sort, very nerdy and into reading anything and everything about "the divide" so that he can utilise his Ghost type's abilities to their maximum. He's a calm battler who makes the most of the normal/ghost combination with moves like Explosion, Hyper Voice, Earthquake and Shadow Sneak. For the purposes of the match, the Hall is arranged as a darkened Library with many bookcases and candles dimly lighting the arena.

Diana – Female - Aged 55-60 - Bug/Poison – Gigarte – Exotoxin Ribbon

Personality: Diana is the oldest of the Hall Leaders but uses her vast experience to the max while re-living her old experiences on the battlefield, telling her opponent where she picked up old tricks. She is a delightful older lady who will often invite Co-ordinators back to her sitting room for tea and a scone once the match is over. As for battling, her style is haphazard and changes fluidly to suit the situation but more often than not she uses a Physical attacker and a Special supporter to make the most of moves like Fury Cutter, Poison Sting, Sleep Powder and String Shot. For the purposes of the match, the Hall is arranged as a lush paradise of shrubbery and trees.

Troy – Male - Aged 18-22 - Steel/Ground – Arasam – Metalliclaw Ribbon

Personality: Troy is a confident young man with a love for life and seeking new experiences to truly say "I've done it all!". He is a welcoming host within his Hall but he'd sooner be at the latest trendy wine bar, kicking back with his friends and taking to the dancefloor. His style of battling is all about the "Wow!" factor, using mighty attacks that take the beholder's breath away with their glitz and power. As such, he uses some of the most powerful moves in the Pokemon world like Hyper Beam, Earth Power, Metal Burst and Giga Impact. For the purposes of the match, the Hall is open-roofed with floodlight illuminating an immaculately polished dancefloor. (Other notes, he is romantically involved with Darryn Kellor, so NO TOUCHY)

Darryn Kellor ~ ~ PANE Moderator ~ ~ Lori Pardare
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