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Roleplay Content Rules, From captures to egg moves!
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post Sep 4 2010, 04:26 PM
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Greetings one and all, veteran roleplayers and uber n00bs! Here you can find a consolidated rules page, collating all of our built-up guidlines that have come into place since the formation of the new moderation team. This particular page shall cover the below four sections, providing links to key pages and is a *must read* for all players before they start posting in our Questions Thread (reserved for anything not covered on our rules board).

A. General Rules
B. Capturing Pokemon
C. Non-Player Characters
D. Partners

A. General Rules

1. Solo roleplays are not permitted. You must arrange to play with other members by posting a joining thread in the Global Trainer Station.
2. Minimum number of players in a roleplay is two.
3. Your character may only take part in a single roleplay. Once they leave a roleplay, they may enter another. Please note, any characters leaving a roleplay early will not be graded until the entire roleplay is concluded and submitted for grading.
4. When a roleplay is complete, submit it to our Grading thread and wait for a mod to reply with their grading response.
5. If you want to create a town or other location, please contact a mod first for permission.
6. After you capture or evolve a pokemon, put a spoiler tag at the end of your post, detailing the particular event. Do the same for any TM/Tutor/Egg moves learned.
7. Killing of characters in roleplays is not permitted. Period.

Now, we suggest reading the following pages to get a better idea of how to plan out and post a profile your own character, get an overview of the Furoh region and read more about the local celebrities and villains who you are bound to meet along the way:

B. Pokemon Capture

Every trainer needs to catch more Pokemon if he/she wants to be a successful Trainer/Co-Ordinator/Pokeathlete/Breeder etc. As such, below is a set of rules that must be followed when capturing a Pokemon in Furoh.

1. Make sure the location you are in makes sense for the capture. We don't want to see Caterpie in volcanoes, Sharpedo up a mountain or Pidgey in a cave.
2. The level of the Pokemon that your character is capturing is set at the average level of his/her active team. If you would like a higher level, it can be requested but is likely to be turned down.
3. There is a two Pokemon capture limit per roleplay per character. This is reduced to one if a mod deems the initial captured Pokemon as "rare".

C. NPCs - Non Player Characters

NPCs: Temporary filler characters used to advance the plot of a particular RP. This can be as simple as a cashier working in a pokemart or a family member making an impromptu phone call. Other times, it can be a minor villain acting as the main antagonist in an RP. Usually, these NPCs are around for one RP, but they can reappear in another later RP. Unless otherwise noted, you shouldn't need permission to create an NPC.

NOTE: Player-created NPCs will require permission from the creator to use (unless otherwise noted). NPCs like the various Nurse Joys/Officer Jennys do not require permission.

1. Maybe be created by any member.
2. There is no limit to how many NPCs can be used in a single roleplay but bear in mind that over-complicating roleplays can result in docking of points from the skill portion of a grading.
3. NPCs are NOT designed to take over from your main character. Don't forget that your main character should carry the spotlight to earn all of the points given out at when roleplays are graded.

D. Partners

Do you think your character could use some company on his/her adventure? Not impressed with the human PCs? Do you have a character in mind? Look no further, for "Partners" are now officially added to the PANE RP!!!

The newest addition to PANE is quite old, introduced by Master Houndoom. These are different from NPCs, as described below:
Partners: Characters like Meiko Omura, these characters are a mix between PC and NPC. They act as a frequently recurring character, often accompanying the main character in his or her travels. These partners tend to be good friends, advisors, slaves, or even significant others. Other times, they are rivals to the main character, appearing often throughout the story. Partners are free to pursue their own goals (example: main goes for gym battles, partner for contests, etc) and share level average with the main. Permission is required before acquiring a partner; this means that a mod will have to approve a profile for the partner.

1. Only one partner per main character
2. The partner must be within the same thread as the main character. That is, the partner can't participate in another RP different from that as the main character.
3. A partner serves as a supporting character, while the main usually has the majority of the spotlight. You can't play solely as the partner.
4. Partners are different from major recurring villains (like Team Deception), though both require permission from a mod.
5. Partner's pokemon team shares the level average of the main's team. Upon creation, they can have any pokemon under the sun (except legendaries, pseudo-legends, and fossils) and can obtain more (make requests in capture request thread as you would your main character). Evolved pokemon are also allowed, so long as the total levels remain in the level average.
6. Post your partner's profile in the Partner Request Thread for approval.

Darryn Kellor ~ ~ PANE Moderator ~ ~ Lori Pardare
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